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  1. Shot803

    Dead Simple

    Just want to thank everyone who has posted some advice on how to complete this level. I will just run my ass off until I get them all. No cheats, have gotten this far without them. Again thx all. The Shot
  2. Shot803

    Dead Simple

    I am having one hell of a time getting past the 4 Arachnotrons on the "Dead Simple" level. If anyone has any ideas give me a clue. Thx.
  3. Shot803

    Locking up

    I am using Win98. and the Doom2 95. thx for any help.
  4. Shot803

    Release Date

    Hi, The release date was indeed Dec 10. I know because I am reading the Book "Masters of Doom." A very good read by the way about the 2 Johns. I remeber the first time I played Doom. Those were great days, I was in College at CEU in Price UT. We were the computer bums always in the lab. I would play all night until they threw us out. Then I would realize I had not done my Accounting homework. Great memories from that time in my life. The Shot.
  5. Shot803

    Locking up

    Hi, My machine is locking up on the 3rd level. After you retrieve the blue health supercharge. The next thing you do is cross the new bridge in the main area. Once in that area I cannot get past the Health before my machine locks up, EVERY TIME!!!! Anybody have a clue what is gointg on I would appreciate it. The Shot