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  1. Matias

    Good Mechanical Keyboards?

    Majority of them are good. It's all about switches and what you like
  2. Matias

    What browser do you use?

    Firefox with DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials is a really good and simple combo. I used to use chrome but now everytime i accidentally open it i'm amazed how bad it looks compared to Firefox. Edit: I take that back, new version of Firefox (89.0) looks like trash.
  3. Matias

    Question regarding forum rules

    Doomworld hates green frogs so don't post pepe Also creating and maintaining up-to-date forum rules seems like it would be the easiest part about running a forum, and clearly in demand since threads about rules are quite frequent or atleast too frequent here
  4. Matias

    How To Like Electronic Music?

    @hybridial Okay, fair enough! I just wanted to be sure people don't take my comment the wrong way. Always great to have other perspectives
  5. Matias

    How To Like Electronic Music?

    @hybridial I never said that it would be true to all people who only like metal and i never said that there is anything bad for liking one specific type of music. I even mentioned that i have a type of music i like to listen to most of the time. It's just observation of myself and many of the metalheads i have interacted with, i also know many people who only like metal music and are nothing like an elitist. Never suggested that either I thought these were obvious from my original comment, maybe i used wrong wording or something
  6. Matias

    How To Like Electronic Music?

    I used to be a metal elitist and held a very similiar view points of despising other genres as you do, the problem (talking from my experience) is that most or atleast many metalheads have very narrow and closed-minded view on music even if they are not to the point of elitism. If you go to music thinking you are going to hate it you are never going to like it, taking a more open minded approach to music, especially from different genres you usually listen to is crucial. Also different music styles are judged based on different qualities, if you find yourself comparing two completely different types of music to each other you have completely wrong mindset. It's good to understand that you don't have to like something but you also don't have to hate it. You can also appreciate music that you would never listen to your own time, do i find myself listening to classical music? no... but i sure as hell am impressed by it everytime i stumble upon it. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong disliking something or even hating specific types of music or bands as long as you gave it a fair chance, it's also important to not hate a entire genre because you didn't like the first artist you heard in that genre. I rarely listen to metal nowadays and mostly listen to underground/indie rap artists. That might sound weird that i went from exclusively listening to metal to listening to metal handful of times a year. I still like that stuff but i found something i generally enjoy more, but i still consider Judas Priest one of the greatest bands of all time. as for electronic music it's just like every other genre, extremely wide and you are going to find subgenres you like and others you hate. You have gotten some good recommendations already such as igorrr, drumcorps and Dance With The Dead. I'm going to throw couple here myself
  7. Matias

    Modern gaming isn't fun

    Just don't buy new AAA games. Preordering or getting a games on launch day is at this point just idiotic and you can only blame yourself if the game is dissapointing. It should be pretty obvious at this point that most games are completely broken, incomplete or atleast buggy at launch. It's better to wait year or two so you know exactly what you are getting and for cheaper. Not a single game is good enough that you have to play it right now, especially when there are thousands of other games you could play
  8. Looks very cool. Is there a reason you went with GZDoom instead of a modern 3d engine? to me it seems this look you are going for would have been better done with something else. Of course i'm making an assumptions based on one screenshot, but i'm very curious of the reasons why some devs would choose to use GZDoom
  9. Matias

    The Button in the Pillar in E1M1

    If the normal price is too high you could wait for a sale. I think i paid 0.9€ for udoom and 1.4€ for DoomII+final doom on gog couple years back.
  10. Matias

    Doomworld International thread

    Are people really not aware of this? https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/finland-does-not-exist it's kinda cool that my comment referencing an old meme has turned into foreigners telling things about Finland they know or what they know my country for.
  11. Matias

    Are Game Awards Pointless?

    Industry awards, yes they are all pointless and no one should put any value on them. This is talking about media industry as a whole movies, games, music etc. it's nothing more than a circle jerk and marketing. Community awards like cacowards and competitions that are not completely subjective are different from this and have value
  12. Matias

    I'm worried about the future of Doom.

    newDoom sucks and there hasn't been a single good game in any id franchise in over a decade, so for me personally id software might as well not exist anymore. Obviously i'm in the minority of people who don't like newDoom, i feel i got ripped off when i paid 7€ for it, but other people seem to like it and that is all that matters, not every game is made for everybody. As for the future? they are going to make whatever sells the most, that's how companies work.
  13. Matias

    Looking for a new gaming mouse

    @Gez i don't mean rgb as a something i really really don't want since you can just turn it off, it's just not a selling point for me. Buttons is bigger issue tho, i don't mind couple side buttons but that's it. I really need to look at how they are laid out to see if it's something i might compromise on. I will keep that specific logitech model in my radar since it looks to be very similiar shape to the razer one i was looking at earlier
  14. Matias

    Looking for a new gaming mouse

    @Vorpal That is a very good point, i completely ignored that for some reason. I knew razer software was bad but what i found with a quick google search is a complete deal breaker for me. And yes indeed the steelseries software is very nice, it's a shame they don't really have any interesting mice that are currently available. Maybe the Rival 600 It sure is @Gez , how is the g502 hero? That one seems to be pretty popular.
  15. Matias

    Looking for a new gaming mouse

    I have to disagree with this one. i was actually looking at the Steelseries rival 310 earlier but it's sold out on all the local online retailers here and none of them are expecting to restock. G203 is not the right kind of shape i'm looking for. Good suggestions tho @Gerolf This is exactly what i'm asking for, experiences by other people. You also point out the reason why i don't want to deal with wireless mouse. It's just unpractical for my use and adds an unnecessary point of failure. My hands are small so i don't have the same issues as you with hitting the dpi switch by accident etc. but also looking at the non gaming mice is good suggestion