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  1. Matias

    Lighting Effects

    That is a default GZDoom feature so you don't need anything extra. You need to have the "load lights" checked in the GZDoom resource settings in the startup, thats all i think. It adds the GLDEFS to the original stuff
  2. Matias

    Steele Computer Lab [my first WAD]

    Pretty good stuff This has higher monster density than wads i usually like but had lot of fun playing this At first i tried to conserve ammo but i quickly realised that was completely unnecessary And all the areas look and play really well, always enough room and cover and none of the fights felt unfair Nothing to really complain, except maybe the amount of ammo and health but that can be used to promote more reckless run&gun type of gameplay so you might wanna pay attention to that in your future projects I also used m8f's IDCLEVer Starter for forced pistol starts https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=61079 Here is my gameplay video
  3. Matias

    Sargasso - A Boom-Compatible Episode for DooM II

    This is pretty cool so far. I only just finished map03 so i can't speak for the rest of it yet. The areas so far have been surprisingly big and really nicely detailed, also all the custom stuff is nice too. I got stuck on map03 just like everybody else but was luckily able to figure it out myself. Would probably be good to give player some sort of hint on what to do, maybe there is something already but i certainly didn't catch it Here is a gameplay video of the first 3 maps. i don't know will i be playing the whole thing but i'm planning to. oh and i'm playing this with GZDoom
  4. Matias

    Liquidation [WAD, single level]

    You are getting these out really fast! Detailing and design here is really good as expected, keep doing that! But damn is this brutal, especially the first room you enter. I'm really surprised i survived that. More gradual progression of difficulty would be preferable in my opinion and i hope we see that in your future maps. And all the custom stuff is nice, that is how i would recommend playing it You seem to take feedback really well and use it to make better and better maps. Really looking forward to your future projects! Here is my gameplay video
  5. Matias

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Played some good stuff today Legion of Bones + Nash's Gore Mod + Led's Generic Weapons Links to the Mods Legion of Bones https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=65583 Nash's Gore Mod https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=62641 Led's Generic Weapons https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=51833 And the map is Books And Blue by me, you can find it here
  6. Matias

    [WAD, single-level] Complex P.U.R.G-e

    I really liked the design and detail in this level and overall it's a good one. Few things worth mentioning tho Couple slow opening doors at the beginning felt a bit weird or out of place. The Radsuits didn't have any use since there was no damaging floors. Invisible/stealth monsters are most of the time just annoyance. Stealth pinkies in low numbers not so much but stealth imps... The final area could use some sort of "bait" like a rocket launcer or a ssg. Right now there is no reason to go there and seeing just a gang of monsters in front of you is not really inviting. Here is my gameplay video
  7. Damn. As someone who spends easily 30min just staring at a blank wall props to everyone who can make something even remotely playable in this time frame!
  8. Matias

    Damned Ruins / Moebius Calamity (speedmaps)

    Okay played the other one too. This is another fun short map and worth playing For a map that is basically one room with couple monster closets the gameplay is pretty good. I like how the map seems to promote infighting but has enough room for it without feeling like an empty box Here is my gameplay video. Same stuff, GZDoom and freelook . And in the end i forgot i had picked up the red key earlier
  9. Matias

    Damned Ruins / Moebius Calamity (speedmaps)

    Played the Damned Ruins one with GZDoom and freelook. Really fun short map Only complaint i have is the WolfensteinSS , They just always look out of place And i was expecting some harder enemies in the end but to be fair not every map needs that I'll play the other one too but here is my Damned Ruins Gameplay video for now
  10. Matias

    [WAD/MAP, DOOM 2, VANILLA] My first map

    Few thoughts Detailing work here was really nice but there seems to be a lot of misaligned textures and obviously there is the issues with the doortraks that others have already mentioned. I was expecting this to have much harder enemies in the end, that would have made this short level much more interesting. oh and that last door is really thick. looks kinda strange Not a bad first map and shows some good potential for future projects. Here is my gameplay video
  11. Matias

    miniwad.wad, a Minimalist IWAD

    This is weirdly creepy(ish) in darker areas, especially the lost souls. Here is a my gameplay video, I played this with "luigi's mansion" custom wad and my preferred gzdoom features.
  12. Matias

    Quake Oatmeal (single map)

    Played this few days ago. Can't really remember my exact thoughts but there was a lots of hitscanners and the doors could have been marked better. i didn't even notice the different weapon slots because after getting the chaingun there was no reason to use the shotgun. Here is my gameplay video. It got dicked by youtube and was unavailable to watch for a while but it should be good now
  13. Matias

    Waru's Tiny Maps VOL.1

    I'm really liking these short maps you've been doing. Good gameplay, good visuals and some good use of space Ofcourse there could be more work done with texture alignment and the doors to make these maps even better but those are small issues and kinda expected when doing a map in such a short time Here is my gameplay video
  14. Matias

    (LABO)-The actual FIRST wad I made

    This was really good first map! Some nice detailing and all of the fights were pretty good Here is my gameplay video
  15. Matias

    My first "30 Minute Map"

    This was pretty good, would like to see more doom maps from you in the future! Here is my gameplay video