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  1. Matias

    Thoughts on Boomer Shooter YouTubers?

    Out of them i watch none, i used to watch icarus and gggggggggggmanlives for years but have ended up unsubscribing from both. hmmm... now that you brought this idea up i realize that i have ended up unsubscribing from almost all gaming content on youtube... very interesting Oh well, i guess our interests and what we find worthwhile watching change over time.
  2. Matias

    [GZDoom] TacoSalad

    Thanks for playing @Suitepee , really liked reading what people had to say in the chat as well. The difficulty of the level is actually kinda interesting. this was supposed to have difficulty levels implemented originally but for some reason i decided to not include them(most likely just laziness) with that decision came another one, will i keep the original difficulty of what would have been the Ultra-Violence or should i go with something that would be considered more like the Hurt Me Plenty. I ended up making it closer to the intended hmp difficulty level, i wanted it to be more accessible to various skill levels of players. I might have overcompensated with the extra health and stuff i added in some places because of this, while some areas were not altered at all. Other changes was removing one archvile, removed couple revenants and atlest one mancubus, replacing some shotgunners with zombiemen etc. Of course actually implemeting the difficulty levels wouldn't take too long, i might do that at some point, there is also couple misaligned textures i should fix. @Wilster_Wonkels Thanks for playing, good to hear people are getting use out of the "lite" version. I suspected the gameplay balance would take a hit in the middle to late parts of the level, i think all of the early areas were left alone when i decided to not include difficulty levels. It's great to hear about the level detailing as well, i try to find a good balance where the level has enough detail without being too detious to make. Glad that both of you had a positive view on the map overall!
  3. Matias

    mysterious incompatabilities

    OEM installations of windows are locked to a motherboard if i remember correctly
  4. Wait, realism? i assume you mean health packs as realistic? It's very realistic to get shot billion times just to rip a health pack and be as good as ever. Or in the case of doom, Doomguy eats a fucking rocket like the absolute badass he is, umm... what's this? a weird orb with a strange face on it yeah doesn't seem very realistic to me. realism would be you get shot once maybe twice and you bleed to death in some corner because you are paralyzed by the pain
  5. Matias

    "Jumping Allowed.wad" WIP Megawad, Currently 8 Levels

    Continuing with the feedback, this time the levels 4-6 Map 4 really starts to steer towards more consistent feeling, also helped by the fact that all of these maps (4-6) are shorter than the previous. These maps still continue with the really good detailing, really good looking outdoor areas and the use of zdoom features. It's clear that you are making progress in your mapping with the later levels. Also difficulty for these maps is increased, the fight in the end of map 4 was pretty brutal, atleast to my skill level. Nothing about these maps pop in to my head as bad, atleast now hours later, there are few odd things here and there and maybe some of that inconsistency is still there but in no way as much as the first three maps. Seems fair, always work in the way that is best suited for you!
  6. Not a mechanic exactly but there is nothing more i hate in games, and that is excessive player animations, you know the kind that get in the way of gameplay, the kind that really makes the game feel more stiff, sloppy or unresponsive. I'm not saying all player animations are bad only the kinds that i described Other ones would be: -exccessive player damage indication, or not enough. -unskippable cutscenes -Overly frequent cutscenes -Overly long cutscenes -Pointless upgrade/game mechanics that doesn't add anything to the gameplay. Idk why it seems that every game needs to have more depth than they actually have, maybe it's just a modern gaming trend. Little bit outside of the original question but hopefully not too much
  7. Matias

    "Jumping Allowed.wad" WIP Megawad, Currently 8 Levels

    I revisited this now almost a year later, and what can i say (played maps 1-3 and half of 4 so far) first of all, some of the detail you have here is absolutely amazing, and i really like your outdoor areas, they just look really good. But it just seems for every great looking area there is also a very bland looking area. It's very inconsistent as of right now, but i assume you are going to keep improving these areas later in developement? Inconsistent is the best way to describe everything about this right now, from texturing, level detail, level design, fights, everything. I see a lot of potential with what you have here and you clearly have a good eye to make all these things good. Lot of these issues might be because of the length and size of these maps and i still have the issue that i really don't know where i'm going most of the time. There is obviously lots of areas where this is not an issue and everything flows much more nicely. Also i really liked the music I find it very unfortunate that you haven't gotten that much feedback atleast here, and i hope other people will check this wad out and give better and more detailed feedback than i can. I will try to play other maps of this as well, but i wanted to get atleast some feedback to you already just in case i forget or for some other reason don't find myself playing rest of the maps. And hopefully inspire other people to play this wad and give their feedback as well
  8. If watching anime porn doesn't make you a cartoon why would watching gay porn make you gay? Plz this is very important
  9. Matias

    Discussion regarding death traps in maps...

    It is up to the mapper but let's just say having and exit from a lava/nuke pits have become a standard for a good reason. I for example am not a secret hunter that would jump down to these pits on purpose but i always end up falling down to them anyways... So don't assume people go down to death pits on purpose. And most people don't play doom "carefully", it's a fast paced game that promotes certain carelessness to many people. And when you really get into the flow it's very easy to forget quicksaving, just to have your progress ruined by a pit you can't get out is going to be extremely frustrating in a situation like this. But after all it's up to the mapper. I personally like when mapper knows having inescapable pits are not the norm people are used to and make an effort to tell you in the forum post that they are in fact inescapable. I have played couple maps like this where author specifically mentions this element of the map, it makes me play much more carefully around lava and nuke pits and saves some frustration. So if death pits are part of the desing in your map don't steer away from using them, just think about the average players perspective and tell them as clear as you can about it.
  10. Matias

    My horrible wad.

    Download this wad Play doom Get shotgun Shoot monster -My Chemical Romance starts to play- Jam to it for 3 and a half minutes continue playing doom Doesn't this count as piracy tho? You included the entire song in mp3 just renamed to DSSHOTGN
  11. I have done something similiar before with win10. The drive is probably fine and you can backup stuff the way @Nevander suggested. You talk about warranty so it might not be worth the trouble starting to remove drives yourself. I'm not really sure how a warranty repair here would work, but if you end up going to that route just emphasize that there are some really important files on the drive you need to get to when you go ask about it. Of course if you don't care about possibly voiding the device warranty it's not hard to get these files recovered and windows reinstalled by yourself. It might not even void the warranty? i'm not expert on how warranty would work here and there are differences by country how these kinds of things can be enforced by the manufacturer.
  12. Matias


    Seems very likely tbh, i guess i'm technically a zoomer? generations are difficult because of many different definitions that are out there. Some definitons that i've seen put zoomers as born in -98 or later (which i wouldn't fit) or some even going as far as -93 as earliest birth year Now that is a great meme, i fully endorse the use of this meme on Doomworld
  13. Matias


    I think you are misunderstanding my intentions. First of all i'm not wearing the warning as a badge, i just thought it's a silly rule i didn't agree with and laughing it off as "look at this stupid rule" the all seriousness part is not backpedaling, it's just simply comes from getting this warning and being like "hey i should read the rules for the forum since i'm not purposefully trying to break the rules" and not finding them. Simply, yes i disagree with the rule but i don't disagree with the moderator issuing the warning, i also don't disagree with doomworld having this said rule even if i personally think it's a weird rule. Also i'm in no way trying to attack or go against the admins. (i'm not really sure what antagonism means but i assume it's something like that) like @P41R47 said earlier, they are just human beings. I'm all for forums having rules and following these said rules, i just would like them to be up to date and easily available for the users to read and learn what is acceptable and what is not in that said forum. @Redneckerz My bad, i didn't mean it as you should address every part of the original post or that you have any sort of moderative authority or that you should speak on the behalf of the moderation team. I meant it as these are in my opinion the more important parts of the conversation, i'm sorry for causing any sort of confusion with that. I really like your comments on this topic, they are respectful and well reasoned even tho i disagree with them
  14. Matias


    @Gustavo6046 i gave the exact context earlier but just in case you missed it. And i didn't make this thread about the warning alone, that would be just petty. it's about wider conversation on what are the actual rules of the forum. No one likes to walk on a minefield
  15. Matias


    @Redneckerz that seems like a fair assessment of my specific warning even tho i don't 100% agree with it. I don't see how posting a single pepe could be considered spam since there are many other memes that would be just fine with exact same context. Or how posting a single pepe would be comparable to excessive amounts of gifs. But i definitely see your overall point and apprecciate you for sharing it And of course your comment doesn't acknowledge the fact that the warning literally says "Pepe memes aren't allowed on Doomworld" or the wider topic of the unknown rules of the forum. I think bringing some clarity to the actual rules would be benefitial for the entire community The original pepe meme yes, i was talking about the specific one i used, not the pepe memes as a whole. @plums haha! of course there is doom wad called cringe, is it any good? i might play it since i wasn't aware of it