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  1. Mizuki_Jun10

    Ever play Doom on a PHONE!?

    I've played and continue to play on my cell phone when I'm not around the PC, but it's quite uncomfortable, and it's good to at least test the levels themselves too.
  2. Mizuki_Jun10

    Box of Chaos, a open-to-all Wolfenstein 3D community compo

    I definitely agree, it's one of the most romantically simple yet, perfect for one of the first on set.
  3. Mizuki_Jun10

    Box of Chaos, a open-to-all Wolfenstein 3D community compo

    How wonderful, another fun level, the design is so coherent that it's almost impossible to get lost, levels like this are exemplary, even better for the good amount of spaces, I loved it, but the only weird thing is some textures that get a little mixed from time to time like a brown stone texture right next to a gray brick texture and some dogs stuck in the walls causing the wall collision to be turned off and thus making the player enter them. Incredible level! Feel free to create another level if you want John!
  4. Just don't forget the beloved Dead Marine mod! But what game are you working on? I need to take a look at this.
  5. Mizuki_Jun10

    Box of Chaos, a open-to-all Wolfenstein 3D community compo

    Good news, I finished my level, almost breaking Vanilla's maximum enemy and item count, I did it, I hope it's good for you guys. I'll still see if I can bring one more level, but we'll see about that later. Abandonment Installation.zip Edit: I forgot to say that it occupies level 03, so use the .Bat file. If the .Bat file doesn't work, edit it with Notepad and replace ECWolf with LZWolf or Wolf3d or something like that.
  6. When will we have an Update? I'm really missing a new version. It's no longer enough that Beautiful DOOM and Smooth DOOM are without updates, and Dead Marine will remain that way too, it's basically the best mod in this style.
  7. Mizuki_Jun10

    What are you listening to?

    One of the best guitar solos of all time. (No kidding.)
  8. Mizuki_Jun10

    Forest/Mansion Test Map .WAD

    First of all, ignore all kinds of insensitivity from people in this thread, and second, your Speedmap really amused me, seriously. But I have to give you a critical text of what I thought of the level and what I think could be better, let's go. The enemies were positioned in such a way that it is a little difficult to fight them because they are hitscanners, their shots can hit you instantly, I recommend that next time you use enemies, use enemies that shoot projectiles like imps for example, but who cares, the short duration of the firefight in the main part of the level was a lot of fun. And I certainly appreciate the concept of tree textures, but I have to tell you that you need to hide these textures more, put them far away and block their view with trees or something, it's a little weird being able to touch them and everything, but really, I loved it. In Wolf3d for example, there are these types of textures, and we placed them far away and out of the player's reach to give a stronger illusion. But I liked the positioning of the items, you're really good at that, the best part was in the positioning of items and I really like getting that basic armor behind the tree, I would really love for the level to last more than 2 minutes after all, but that doesn't really matter because it's a Speedmap and it's a very fun level. Now something that you can improve in your next levels is to add more rooms and layouts to maintain a larger and longer lasting exploration, anyway, I give you the tip of creating layouts rich in asymmetry, so you'll probably ask me what you mean therefore? I want to say that in the next levels, don't be afraid to make rooms less square, less boxy, it's that classic phrase, "Think outside the box!". And don't be afraid to experiment, right? Create more secrets, add doors that close but can be opened again, don't forget to make good use of the sectors' brightness, never make rooms with monotonous brightness, and use the game's false light to your advantage, I particularly like make the lamps trace a light that is actually a subsector in the shape of light launching in some direction, and so I put a high brightness, and I also put a Light Blinks (Randomly) effect on them, which makes it look like the light is with defect. I certainly liked the map, for a First level and also a First Speedmap, I give it a rating of 6.5! Very good! Make more levels please, and if you want, of course, call me privately and I'll give you more tips, I'm not an incredible mapper or anything, just someone wanting to help you, don't be afraid to make another map for the community or even a According to Speedmap, who knows, you have talent IMO.
  9. Mizuki_Jun10

    What are you listening to?

    Thrash Metal from Buckethead.
  10. Mizuki_Jun10

    Box of Chaos, a open-to-all Wolfenstein 3D community compo

    I wanted to do the level when I finished my mappack for Spear of Destiny, but anxiety won't let me, so I'll do it now. But now I see that there are two levels occupying Slot E1L1, some of these levels will have to change the slot later, right?
  11. Mizuki_Jun10

    First Tech Base level I create.

    Thanks, I hope it was fun, it's one of my first levels, and I'll be posting more soon.
  12. I'd probably ruin the game with too many new elements. But I could add more new weapons, like a submachine gun for example, grenades, or any other crazy thing I could think of. I'd put new bosses in the game, it's ridiculous that the Mancubus and the Arachnotrons and Archvilles are the only bosses, so the Cyberdemon wouldn't be used in the complicated way it is in the game. I'd buff the Spider Mastermind and certainly make more use of it, I'd be an idiot, good thing I wasn't in the development.
  13. Mizuki_Jun10

    Box of Chaos, a open-to-all Wolfenstein 3D community compo

    You can create a channel there and add the link here if you like. Hell, no one answers me in the DOOMWorld DMs, what a hell.
  14. Mizuki_Jun10

    Box of Chaos, a open-to-all Wolfenstein 3D community compo

    I sent you a message to improve communication between you and me, but I'll also talk here to move the topic along. I'm willing to do as many levels as you prefer and I have experience with Wolf3d mapping, you might have created a discord for the project or something like that, but you could organize the project better in order to separate a GAMEMAPS and MAPHEAD to people here fill the map slot.
  15. Mizuki_Jun10

    What are you listening to?

    Big B again.