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  1. RomDump


    So many. Currently, I've been obsessed with Combined Arms V.2.0. Seriously, this mod needs more love, it's so amazing! The gameplay is so much fun and so well balanced. It does things that other weapon mods only dream of. Some of my personal favs include DRLA, Supercharge, LegenDoom, La Tailor Girl, Final Doomer, High noon Drifter, LT Typhon, Nashgore and Colorful hell. Also gonna promote my enemy replacement mod, Angelic Aviary. It's been in development for almost 2 years and is nearing completion. Very few people make custom enemies for Doom and it's a real shame. Currently at over 2000 frames of custom animation with 15 unique enemy types. Highly balanced for Vanilla gameplay, but playable in most map packs with most other mods.
  2. RomDump

    Doom Streams

    Streaming 50 monsters (One of my favorite map packs) with mods Supercharged and Angelic Aviary tonight at 5:00PM ET https://www.twitch.tv/cherubcorp
  3. Version 0.91 is out. Was going to wait before publishing this until I found a major game breaking bug. It has since been fixed along with alot of small details and animations. More of a polish update, but with some important features added and balance issues resolved. Angelic Aviary v0.91 Major -Fixed a major bug that caused the game to crash when the Dollmaykr summoned two dolls on top of one another. -Fixed a bug that caused Puttos to become invincible when resurrecting enemies (Hopefully) -Spider Masterminds have been replaced with Seraphs so that only angels are in levels (Mastermind replacement is still WIP) -Fixed a glitch that would cause skies to mess up in several megawads. Visual/audio -Red Egg explodes into chunks when destroyed. Done so that it is easier to know if the Red egg has been destroyed at a distanse. -Added more blinking animations (Joy elemental, Principality) -Added custom bullet animation for the Ophanim. -Added 27 new sounds and voices. -Added easter egg animation to one of the angels. Have fun finding it. Gameplay -Gibbing the Shotgun Duo will prevent the 2nd doll from spawning. (A feature I've been wanting to implement for awhile) -Snowballs no longer Spawnfloats (Greatly improves gameplay) -Ophanim takes more time to wind up and wind down between attacks. -Seraph's Loon blast (Rocket attack) edmits a loud warning sound while traveling through the air. -Putto move slightly faster and have custom resurrection sounds. -Slighly reduced damage of Seraph's small fireballs -Slightly decreased Great Seraph's Loon blast speed -Greatly changed the Seraph's 3rd form. -Gains a new attack which is very hard to dodge. Has a chance to drop ammo/health when these bullets expires. -Damage reduction reduced from 75% to 50%. The next update will have major changes including the cardinal being able to enter a flight mod and unique art for the Great Seraph before I start work on the Mastermind replacement. Download here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/d4pd58ouwpcpb0y/AngelicAviary_Ver.0.91.wad/file
  4. RomDump

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    Zone 400. No bells or whistles. Just simple, fun and fast gameplay. Great for Corruption Cards and other mods.
  5. RomDump

    Doom Streams

    Playing more DRLA with CC4 today at 6:00PM ET https://www.twitch.tv/cherubcorp
  6. RomDump

    Doom Streams

    Streaming High Noon Drifter with Angelic Aviary tonight for Cirno day. https://www.twitch.tv/cherubcorp
  7. Major Update! Version 0.9 is out. We finally have our angelic cyberdemon replacement. Download here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/3fhu7hcg2j7cav8/AngelicAviary_Ver.0.9.wad/file -New angel: Crucified Seraph (Replaces cyberdemon). An immortal, ten-winged angel charged with the selfless task of absorbing and destroying the world's sin. The pain of this task has greatly weakened her to the point where she had to be crucified to her own wings just to keep standing. She channel's this power into living fireballs that burn anything in their path to a cynder. -New Angel: Red Egg: When the Seraph is destroyed, her ashes form into an ominous red egg that slowly begins to pulsate. If not destroyed in time, the Seraph will be reborn, free of Sin and stronger than ever. -Custom menu title and font (Font taken from Eviternity by Dragonfly et al) -Angels blink periodically. -Lots of new voices, sound effects and small graphical changes. Minor changes -Fixed a bug where when Principalities are killed in level 7, the walls will come down correctly. -Reduced Ophanim health from 800 to 750 -Dolls spawned by Dollmaykr get stuck in walls less frequently. -Cherubs spawn fewer health bonuses when killed.
  8. RomDump

    Share Your Sprites!

    Crucified Seraph death animation. Burned chicken.
  9. RomDump

    Doom Streams

    Playing Dusted's Pandemonium with TNT ReEvilution today at 7:00 PM ET https://www.twitch.tv/cherubcorp
  10. RomDump

    Share Your Sprites!

    The Principality is shot strait through the chest and then falls backwards. I think it looks off because of how the top of the umbrella explodes as well. I might end up tweaking that. All the frames are played at the exact same speed due to the way the gif was rendered. During the in game animation, the initial frames play quicker, then there is a brief pause and then she falls over.
  11. RomDump

    Doom Streams

    Streaming more modded Zone 400 (Lt. Typhon + Angelic Waifus + Corruption cards) today at 10:30 PM ET. https://www.twitch.tv/cherubcorp
  12. RomDump

    Doom Streams

    Finishing up "25 years on Earth" with Lithium today at 3:15 ET https://www.twitch.tv/cherubcorp
  13. RomDump

    Share Your Sprites!

    Redid the Principailty's death animation to have a little more bounce in it. Also, censored the pantyshot and gave her black pantyhouse instead.
  14. Minor update. Version 0.81 is out. This version adds a multitude of new animations and some small gameplay changes. In addition, some custom textures and items have been added to specific map sets. Download here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/3d437t0bw68qta1/AngelicWaifus_Ver.0.81.wad/file Major features -Rainbow blade attack for the Aspect of Iris fully animated in eight directions. (8 poses) -Snowball flight and attack cycle fully animated (8 poses) -Snowball can be gibed with new custom animation. -Virtue Virgin given new custom wings. -Virtue Virgin blade attack fully animated (8 poses) -Principality's death animation given more frames and censored. The fan-servicey death is still present but will not occur as often. Minor features -Fliers and halos given a tiny degree of float bob. -Dollmaykr will not fly towards the player unless she takes damage or summons dolls. This prevents Dollmaykrs from swarming the player at the beginning of big maps and causes her to warp in like a normal Arch-vile. -Dollmaykr given a new voice (Again) -Dollmaykr ascends slightly when summoning Dolls, getting her into the air more quickly. -Aspect of Iris will jump towards the player when using her rainbow blade. -Snowball's health decreased from 80 to 75. -Snowball cannot be shattered by ice attacks. Snowball take 1/2 damage from ice attacks and takes 2X damage from fire attacks. -Virtue Virgin can be frozen and damaged by ice attacks. -Ophanim given more voice effects. -Custom skies added to a map pack which has the worst skyboxes in any doom mod. -Skull keys replaced with Crucifix keys. Now onto making the Cyberdemon replacement.