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  1. Hyperdermic Needle


    The whole wad is fantastic, but map 15 being somewhat Killer7 based really made my day and makes me love this megawad even more.
  2. Hyperdermic Needle

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #010

    I thought for sure No Way Out would be the worst wad on the list until I played Blood Mountain part 1. No Way Out may have the mirror maze, but blood mountain has a strobe light maze full of specters with a hidden switch and is nearly impossible to navigate even with max gamma. Hopefully Outpost Recon and Weirdo Bizarre is a lot more enjoyable than these first 2. I'm also disappointed that blood mountain didn't have a blood mountain. ):
  3. Hyperdermic Needle

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #010

    My favorite feature of the mirror maze is that half the mirrors don't mirror the player, thus making the player run against walls for 5+ minutes. Also I just found out about this doomworld topic through the wadazine discord and I have to say that despite the inconsistent quality in these wads this seems like a really neat way to find wads that are hidden gems.