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  1. ok i always have a problem with my zdoom like i start it up and it says fmod.dll was not found and a bunch of other shit and then i downloaded the zdoom launcher and it wont even let me put any mods into that game whats goin oN>>>?????
  2. yeh doom 3 is going to be an awesome fucking game....
  3. hey how the hell can i provide screen shots when the game is being working on as we speak i have a problem with my doom editor and after that is fix the stage halls of doom should b complete...and after me n brent get the basic down we plan on starting something me matter how long it takes im not quiting this
  4. i put some inpute to it if ya want
  5. there is no bugs with the doom 95 i have ive installed it on about 6-7-8 diferent computers with different windows (like 95-98-xp ect.) and no bugs!
  6. hey im justin ..and im starting up a doom WAD making thingy... brent (person who helps design levels)and i (head of this)haha will be realesing a WAD call Halls OF Doom... which will be a quite hard WAD...if ur intestrested in helping out e-mail me ill be sure to respond.............
  7. alright one more thing is this an easy thing to learn or the code for doom hardd?
  8. ILL HAVE A GO LOL ill see what i can do 4 ya
  9. Alright i just went to barns and noble and they hooked me up with a book called Sams teach urself Game Programming....i was wondering if any of you have read it or seen it or heard about it b4....also ..people who have made WADS before it hard...? lol jus wondering but i want to try to promise u that i will relese a WAD in the next ...2-3 months on a skool based WAD...DONT COPY THAT IDEA PLEASE
  10. Ralphis isnt lieing about it crashing at all i have the same exact problems as him and im pretty sure im using all the stuff im suppose to be..also its a cool game in all but the graphics are reallie worse then doom2 and classic doom games....but yeh its cool i just hate all the bull shit it giving me
  11. so what ur sayin is that doom95 sucks...ive played Doom on dos and doom 95 4 about humm 6years now and there both the same.....realiie the windows one is easyier to work and to use new WAD files in....and i havnt had n e bugs in my game yet....
  12. how come when i zoom all the way out in doom 1,2 and final i cant see any hub just the gun and in alot of screen shots i see the health meter and ammo and keys and stuff but i cant there some thin i need to download or what?