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  1. nonix

    Sega releasing a new console?!

    if you read the article, it says they were. the Sega prez is the prez of Sammy
  2. nonix

    top 3 WADs

    whats your top 3 favorite WADs? (provide links if you know 'em!)
  3. nonix

    Zombie Doom?

    me too plz
  4. lmao! doom1/2 warez! =x
  5. nonix

    17 things you may not know about Doom 3

    a lot of those aspects sound fascinating, but the part about the soulcube sounds like an original idea Romero had for quake but got scrapped in production. for those who haven't read "masters of doom", the soulcube is supposidly an artifact that floats above your head and feeds on violence. the more you kill, the more it helps you take them out; however, if you suddenly become a fuggin saint it start sucking your energy until you kill again. im interested in seeing how this obj is implimented in the game...
  6. nonix

    'Doom 3 out next month' -- RUMOUR

    Amazon says June 1, and even funnier Half-Life 2 has the same date. My guess is they're watching each other to release both at the same time...
  7. nonix

    New UA-Corp Code??

    Hi all. Before I post I just wanted to give a big shoutout to everyone and especially ID Software for bringing back the standard which is DOOM. Anyway, my question is - what does "WYMGQIEC" stand for? How is it DOOM related? p.s. Please don't think i'm a n00b by asking this...