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  1. kinkyfriend85

    jdoom? SLOPES !!!???

    Yeah And I am beginning to see... :/
  2. kinkyfriend85

    jdoom? SLOPES !!!???

    If you don't mind, Please use correct english and skip immature words, okay?. Even though it may be a joke.
  3. kinkyfriend85

    jdoom? SLOPES !!!???

    no offense taken :) Actually its one of the more "popular" ports, And now if he added some important stuffs it would turn out even bigger. :P
  4. kinkyfriend85

    jdoom? SLOPES !!!???

    Skyjake said he was going to implement SoS, he never mentioned any RoR as a future plan.
  5. kinkyfriend85

    jdoom? SLOPES !!!???

    Its more known as SoS = sectors over sectors, You can do more real 3d with it, but in order to be able to do real 3d you need 3d floors and slopes too.
  6. kinkyfriend85

    Doom3 for GBA

    Yeah it would be quite weird to port doom 3 to gba in any way. And besides some day I got to make a link to a page that explains the way of pixels, if you get the ultra booster card 9800 it will still show up pixels in even the most advanced pc games, pixels are the same whether you have a good graphic card or not. The difference between a "3d graphic card" is that it uses a technology of "blurring" images so they wont appear as low res. there are better ways of desribing this and I just aint going to desribe every little about it.
  7. kinkyfriend85


    I suggest using JDoom.
  8. kinkyfriend85

    jdoom? SLOPES !!!???

    No it is not true
  9. Exactly, Been doing many for my own project that exl works on too.
    [he's the coder...]

    And if you think that things turned out well, then after a few hours you will think it turned out shit..

    1. kinkyfriend85


      Going to take a "well-deserved" rest...

  10. Yes its true, the owner blows, Immature as a little baby who knows no better.

    And a while after I got banned he locked the forums for everyone that are not logged in, thats fun because if you are banned you cannot get a user. and beside how the heck could I terrorize a place where I am banned??!!!

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    2. Melfice


      Well put Julian. Simpe and to the point ;)

    3. kinkyfriend85


      Then I sugest you people stop calling it a diary cuz if you do then you are a bunch of liars.

    4. Julian


      kinkyfriend85 said:

      Then I sugest you people stop calling it a diary cuz if you do then you are a bunch of liars.

      I warned you.

  11. kinkyfriend85

    The engine I am making will be CDoom

    an other guy has joined the team, I dont like skyjake very much. he seems bit weird and never replies to any emails i send him, not even if it could interest him. But maybe somone could use the jdoom engine and then develope it offside doomsday because skyjake does not own doomsday any, not even a bit.
  12. kinkyfriend85

    The engine I am making will be CDoom

    Just gotta tell you, maybe in year 2017 you will have q3 graphics. Taken ages to get Jdoom so beautiful. so prepare for a hell of coding, why dont you join doomsday dev team? then you could add 3d floors to it, and anything else thats neat
  13. kinkyfriend85

    jDoom - Hi resolution interscreens for Doom

    I run at 1152*864, 32 bit and anisotropic texture filthering, hi res textures, hi res skins, models. everything at top almost
  14. kinkyfriend85

    jDoom - Hi resolution interscreens for Doom

    fo yeah of course they slow down a comp much because models arent like sprites, models takes much much more in cpu speed and memory. i would recommend a p3 700-800 geforce 2 mx 200 for use with models, a 1000 or better with hi res textures + models [not too many particle effects tho] 1200-1300 geforce 3 for use with hi res textures + models + average particle effects 1500+] geforce 4 hi res textures + models with hi res skins + much particles tho jdoom lags on my amd xp 2500, 512 mb 400 mhz [runs in 333 on this machine] nvidia geforce 4 4200 64 mb ddr
  15. kinkyfriend85

    Question for those with knowledge of Source Ports.

    will it support models?, [if so, md3?] Does it support textures up to 4096*4096 or higher?