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  1. Is it possible for the Caco's to get a lower frequency version of the sound? It is so high pitched that I almost don't hear it. At first, I didn't even know that sound was for them, but even understanding that sound is what the Caco is making, it can easily be missed. Maybe undersampling the sound (introduce aliasing in some way) or pitching it down can help.
  2. By the way, what is the latest version? If you can't link anything I can understand but I'd like to know what filenames I'm supposed to be looking for.
  3. @Doomkid Oh, the one named "SC-55 EmperorGrieferus 113mb.sf2"
  4. I only just realised that this IS the "Roland SC-55 v3.7.sf2" file but with 10 more MB. Do you remember where you downloaded this? EmperorGrieferus's soundfont really makes the instruments feel alive and sounds very high-res.
  5. muizz

    Deathless - v1.1 out.

    I haven't beaten E4M7 yet (or the secret maps from Episode 2 onwards) but all these maps made me appreciate how great the original IWAD had to be to feel great with low monster variety and that this WAD was levels better. The boss maps weren't limited by having to introduce everybody to the DOOM franchise and so could actually provide a real challenge and a satisfying conclusion to each episode. Great stuff! I'm really looking forward to Earthless. Before posting, I just saw what the other secret maps were and I've been missing out.
  6. muizz

    doom eternal positivity tread

    I just beat UAC Atlantica Facility in UV and that was an amazing map that threw everthing from the original campaign into a single level with some extra refinement. It was also so long and varied that I swear it could've been broken up into 2 maps like Nekravol was. I think I played that map for a total of 4 hours? So it's insane that I found a 40min playthrough on YT (I haven't watched it yet, though.) (Looking at what footage I managed to record: maybe it was actually somewhere between 90mins and 2hrs?)
  7. I played DOOM 2016 (UV and Nightmare) and Eternal (UV) with an MMO mouse, where the left and right column of the 12-button pad is set to the primary weapons, middle click is Use equipment/Grenade and the middle column was BFG (in 2016)/Flame Belch, Chainsaw, Melee and Change Equipment. I only have the Crucible to worry about on my keyboard. This has allowed me to focus entirely on movement with my left-hand. To be specific, I have both shotguns at the top of each column, plasma-based guns on the left, bullet-based guns on the right, rocket launcher on the bottom-right and BFG/Unmaykr on the bottom-left. In 2016, I didn't map the pistol or the classic shotgun(?). I only mapped that shotgun for the battle with the Spiderdemon on Nightmare.
  8. I was recommended someone playing your WAD on YouTube and decided to check it out. It was an amazing, dreadful 4 maps! I still haven't even beaten Thy Flesh Consumed in UV or Plutonia at all...
  9. Oh that's what it was, thanks.
  10. I use Chocolate Doom to play my WADs (official only so far, I have yet to finish an entire game) and I've been trying to get Doom64 running on it, it doesn't. Doom EX was my next option and it doesn't handle mouse input properly at all. For some reason, the aim looks for the position of the mouse instead of taking the relative position of the mouse to determine where I am facing, so when the mouse re-centers (as they do in all FPSs) the aim re-centers too and I end up always facing the initial direction. So, is there a way to get this game running properly on PC?