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  1. muizz

    Slith - New level: The Arch Cloister

    I was recommended someone playing your WAD on YouTube and decided to check it out. It was an amazing, dreadful 4 maps! I still haven't even beaten Thy Flesh Consumed in UV or Plutonia at all...
  2. Oh that's what it was, thanks.
  3. I use Chocolate Doom to play my WADs (official only so far, I have yet to finish an entire game) and I've been trying to get Doom64 running on it, it doesn't. Doom EX was my next option and it doesn't handle mouse input properly at all. For some reason, the aim looks for the position of the mouse instead of taking the relative position of the mouse to determine where I am facing, so when the mouse re-centers (as they do in all FPSs) the aim re-centers too and I end up always facing the initial direction. So, is there a way to get this game running properly on PC?