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  1. Beleth

    What would you consider to be the golden age of computer rpgs?

    I'd say the 90s, because I loved the german The-Black Eye-Games 1-3 and I cannot explain why, but I absolutely love Lands of Lore Guardians of Destiny, although it isn't the best game... And Ultima 8, I love the dark atmosphere there... And in the late years of the decade Baldurs Gate came out ;)
  2. Beleth

    Performance of GZDoom on new iMac 2021?

    Hrm, wasn't it the original intention of NASAs founding fathers to fly to the moon and attack the nazi-base there? So it would be at least nice of them to allow us run BoA on their supercomputers meanwhile ;)
  3. Beleth

    Performance of GZDoom on new iMac 2021?

    Sadly, it never really worked for me. Quakespasm runs perfectly, but other games don't. I tried different tools but without success.
  4. Beleth

    Performance of GZDoom on new iMac 2021?

    ;-D Of course, I'm used to answering that question as I often have discussions with my neighbor who is a Linux-sysadmin. For my actual computer, I had the choice between Linux and Mac because I need the underlying shells for work as I'm mostly writing R and Shellscripts. I used Linux for a long time and it was nice, but I spent too much time configuring, and too often software wasn't running that I would have liked to run. I had an old Windows PC for gaming that broke down several years ago and never repaired it because I just occasionally take the time for gaming now (< 2 evenings per week) and didn't want to invest much money into a thing that's just occasionally used. Also, I like the interface a lot more due to its hotkeys and other small but nice additions. When I'm sitting on a Windows machine, it always feels like a step back in time in terms of interaction with the machine. The only big disappointment is the high price (which is higher in the EU than in the states), the graphics performance, and the inability of the OS to disable mouse acceleration...
  5. Did anyone test performance-demanding mods on the new iMac that came out earlier this year, f.e. a random Bridgeburner-map or Blade of Agony? At the moment I have an old macbookpro from 2014 and I'm thinking about buying a new computer this year. I played BOA recently and in the outdoor-areas the performance went to almost unplayable.
  6. Oh yeah, the supersecret is also supergerman ;)
  7. Perfect, it helped. Thanks for the tip!
  8. Absolutely awesome piece... Loving it, thanks a lot for the work! I'm running it on a mac with starting the boa.ipk3. At the end of C1M6 when exiting the level in direction of the nazis, the game crashes. Attached a screenshot of the error. I will replay the map and see if I still get it.
  9. Beleth

    Do you do any drugs?

    I smoked smeed quite often, but stopped because it got boring. Also psychedelic mushrooms several times, which i can recommend only in a controlled environment, with an extra person staying dry. But what i prefer for several years now is doing sports, f.e. climbing in a gym or outside, or just being outside in a forest. I also do apnoe-diving, which is awesome. If you do breathing-exercises at home, you can also get an O2-overdose, which gets your fingers tingeling and is quite cool (and safe, if you don´t try to walk around while holding your breath). So basically, i stopped drugs (and also mostly alcohol) because i didn´t like the side-effects, like a hangover on the next day or lying on a couch for hours...
  10. Beleth

    Mouse acceleration on macOS

    http://download662.mediafire.com/ac5eoxyvua3g/hiyxnpw8c84n6i1/MouseFixer.zip it does the job. finally, i can rest in peace :)
  11. Beleth

    Mouse acceleration on macOS

    I know it may sound stupid. But i didn´t found a good solution to get rid of mouse acceleration on macOS. There are some old tricks that don´t work anymore like "defaults write .GlobalPreferences com.apple.mouse.scaling -1". The quakespasm-client for mac disables it, is there such a thing in gzdoom that i didn´t found? Would be very grateful to hear your thoughts, because it´s damn annoying. I mean, it´s 2019 and Apple still seams to hate first-person-shooter-gamers...
  12. Beleth

    What gives you ideas for DOOM maps?

    artstation.com has nice ideas, also old buildings like temples or churches. They had to work with very raw material back then. f.e. gothic churches are pretty awesome, considering what they had to work with and how they did it. also if you just walk around in big buildings, look what they did with architecture, where they placed light, have changes in height or else, this can be quite an inspiration.
  13. I was watching the situation in Chile for the past days via the news, here also the attack of Turkey on the Kurds and the violent demonstrations in Barcelona are a topic. Stay save out there...
  14. i think the same. it has a slowing-down-effect on gamedesign. no push-forward-combat, no decisions if you should run to the health-pack surrounded my monsters in the middle of a fight etc. it takes away many decisions, which make the fast combat of f.e. doom or quake, interesting. i like running around with high speed, dodging fireballs and picking up small packages of ammunition and health in the middle of a fight. for me, it´s the juice in playing games like this.. Also, if it doesn´t care how good you´ve done a fight, it doesn´t care how you play if you make it from one fight/room to the next, always resupplied. I like having the feeling that "this fight could have been better, damn, i lost 20% health", which makes the fights coming after that harder. it´s also a big motivation for replaying maps, so you can refine your gameplay and have the satisfying feeling when you had hard fights, but leave them without a scratch. So, in short: I don´t like it, it´s having a negative impact on gamedesign for the shooters i like. But i don´t play "realism"-shooters, like Medal of Honor etc. For them, it might be different because the gameplay is a lot more about camping and fighting without much movement. Which is fine. But not for me ;)
  15. Nice to hear that you liked it! In hindsight i would have picked less barons and more knights, but everything is a learning process ;) Thanks for the low-level combat-hint. I kind of like it to have some areas where nothing happens and you just walk around and explore the area. But especially in map 2 and 3 are be some good occasions for random imps. I don´t like hitscanners, because i prefer running around, dodging fireballs. Also the available hitscanners in vanilla didn´t fit the theme of the maps, so it was an easy decision to not use them ;)