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  1. Noah Eadie

    Kill Sector - Ridiculous Doomlike Tabletop RPG

    We've just released a free quickstart document that includes rules, pre-made characters, and an adventure. It's specifically made for people that haven't played a tabletop before and includes some handy cheat-sheets. Check it out!
  2. Noah Eadie

    Faded Dream (My first Doom Wad)

    People keep talking about the pink fog, but what about that weird texture on the floor cutout in the blue armor room? This gives me ideas for my own first map. I have a similar inclination to apply atmospherics in whatever I make, and now that I see just how easy it is to pull off in Doom, I'm strongly considering doing something a bit more surreal than what I have now. Out of curiosity, how exactly did you do the fog effect?
  3. Noah Eadie

    Bloody Knuckles - My first map

    Maybe I'm just braindead, but I personally didn't find the plasma gun. I'm still a bit new to playing in UV (been playing HMP until about a week back), so this one took me a few tries. I wanted to no-save it, but I kept getting taken down in the last room. Overall, this is a nice, short, challenging affair. I personally didn't mind the geometry all that much, although I agree a bit more filigree could only help it. I liked the looping-back-to-hub nature, and each encounter felt purposeful. I'll be using this as a vague measuring stick for my own first map - you've already inspired me to tighten up an encounter or two.
  4. Noah Eadie

    Where do Y'all Find Your Midis?

    I've been slowly working on my first map, and one thing I've decided is that I want to find suitable music early, so that I can establish a mood to work off of (and also so I don't have to hear map01's music over and over again whenever I do a test run.) Now, we all know about the legendary metal midi site, which is itself a treasured relic, but I feel like that's too basic a pull. I'm not against using a well-known track for nostalgia's sake, but my assumption is that everyone's already heard all the midis from that site that are worth using ten times over. (Seriously, I've been considering using Black No. 1 out of desperation). So, where do y'all hunt down your midis? (please and thank you)
  5. Noah Eadie

    Kill Sector - Ridiculous Doomlike Tabletop RPG

    Thank you. Aidan "Brute!" Hughes (the album cover artist for KMFDM) is another one of my personal visual inspirations. I've had a few conversations with the guy and he's pretty cool. He actually made an FPS of his own back in the day, called ZPC (Zero Population Count). It wasn't... well, it wasn't great, but it's very much his aesthetic. (sidenote: if double-posting like this is a Doomworld faux pas, please let me know so I can combine the two into one neat little post)
  6. Noah Eadie

    Kill Sector - Ridiculous Doomlike Tabletop RPG

    Thank you kindly! George Grosz and Saul Steinberg specifically are two of my biggest inspirations for my personal artistic style.
  7. Noah Eadie

    Wads of new monsters?

    I think I understand where mnb is coming from - Colorful Hell includes what are effectively modifications of existing enemies - graphically speaking, they're mostly just recolors with different behaviors, which isn't the same as having completely novel enemies. mnb, Would it be fair to guess that what you're looking for are effectively new cast members of the monster roster? If so, give Abysm - Dawn of Innocence a try. It's a fun dark fantasy romp with the vanilla enemies and some completely new ideas (to my knowledge at least).
  8. Okay, straight to the point! Here we go! Last year, my buddy and I released Kill Sector, a tabletop RPG inspired very specifically by the Doom modding community, among other things (those other things chiefly including Bionicle, KMFDM, Warhammer 40K, and Superjail). See, I loved all these crazy weapon packs and partial conversions and enemy randomizers, and I wanted to make my own. Two hours after opening Doom Builder I realized it'd take forever to put anything worthwhile together. So I decided to make a tabletop RPG instead! Kill Sector is built for people like me - people that have all these crazy, over-the-top ideas specific to cool sci-fi action scenarios, but get overwhelmed by the workload required to convey that idea to anyone else. If you've ever wanted to make your own weapon mod or partial conversion but didn't have the time, energy, or skill, Kill Sector is the game for you. As far as RPG's go, Kill Sector is very, very rules-lite. During the year of playtesting, we regularly saw people who've never played one in their life sit down, make a complete character, and understand the rules within the course of a single session. At the same time, it's a system where you can make whatever the hell you can think of and it'll work in a way that makes sense mechanically. If you have an idea, you can write out the descriptions, lore, and rules in a matter of minutes, put a bunch of ideas together over the course of an hour, and run an action-packed session (which we call gauntlets) for your buddies, who are themselves over-the-top characters of their own. To give you an idea, some characters we've seen during playtest include: blood-powered cybernetic vampire alien mech-piloting lava-spewing demonoid shape-shifter happy-go-lucky golem wielding a double-ended jackhammer time-travelling giant robot powered by the remnants of the Liberty Bell teleporting assault lighthouse with undead-melting spotlights Kill Sector is gladiatorial in theme, meaning a lot of the design points towards arena-style fights with bespoke enemies and hazards. We've seen it work wonders for more traditional adventures, however - run-and-gun arenas are merely an implied default. If this sounds like your kind of thing, check out our website, consider getting the rulebook (or our free crash course), and hop onto our Discord. I'll leave you with some of the official art I've made for the rulebook here. Enjoy!