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  1. Thfpjct

    Darkwater Mod/TC/Idk

    little updates: More things have been added to the INSPIRATIONS list. I am back at making the mod, pause break is over.
  2. Thfpjct

    Darkwater Mod/TC/Idk

    Some Very old concept arts:
  3. Thfpjct

    I want to play some map wads

    Can you guys share some good atmospheric doom wads?
  4. Thfpjct

    Darkwater Mod/TC/Idk

    Update on what i am doing: Hey, long time no see. Anyway, Unfortunate im currently making a pause on the project, because i am not felling good or either in the mood to do this things right now, i don't know when im going to continue/come back, at least i gonna trying to leave my mind a get bit more clear and calm for everything. thanks for the support, see ya!
  5. Thfpjct

    Official Tutorial Request Thread

    I'd like to know how i can put my own Custom Fonts without the Doomcrap pack.
  6. Thfpjct

    Darkwater Mod/TC/Idk

    Thanks! i will not mix SH and BR, its more about the atmosphere and concepts of them that i am inspiring, not mixing.
  7. Thfpjct

    Darkwater Mod/TC/Idk

  8. You know the Half-life 2 Main menu? that there is little things happening in the background? There is any way that could be made in the Doom's background? i think i have seen a wad doing that but i don't quite remember which one was.
  9. I take it the very first weapon that i made, when i was just learning Decorate script (in Gunlabs) i tried to see if the bug happens with it, and it does, wtf it doesn't respect the "+Weapon.Noautofire" whyyyy... it was working just fine...

  10. I really afraid of losting this project to a fucking bug. For some reason some weapons that i make are not working, the FLAGS in the decorate are not being respected and sometimes if i remove the flags the weapon just doesn't fucking work, what hell man! Some weapons was working fine.

  11. I don't know what is Happening with my game or with my Code. It's a Pistol that Reload, but some flags don't work for some reason, and if i remove the flags from the code (the flags: Noautofire and Ammo_Optional) the weapon can't be hold in game, Like, i can summon the Pickup item, i can Pickup, but it won't let me choose it. I still working on the reload. this problems had show up in the beginning of the codding but it wasn't bugging me of until now. I am in the middle of the Gunlabs tutorial, and din't sayed anything about this kind problem happening. Code: Actor Revolverd : weapon { Obituary "%o Was Killed by %k Revolver'd" Attacksound "SHOTTING/Pistolfire" //som do ataque/tiro Inventory.pickupmessage "Pickup a Revolver" Weapon.Slotnumber 2 Weapon.BobSpeed 1.3 Weapon.BobRangeX 1.0 Weapon.BobRangey 1.0 Weapon.BobStyle Inverse Weapon.AmmoUse2 0 Weapon.AmmoType2 "6mm" Weapon.AmmoGive2 20 Weapon.AmmoUse1 1 Weapon.AmmoType1 "REVReloaded" Weapon.AmmoGive1 0 +Weapon.Noautofire +Weapon.Ammo_Optional STATES { SPAWN: GMSP A -1 STOP READY: GMPI A 1 A_Weaponready(WRF_ALLOWRELOAD) Loop SELECT: GMPI A 1 A_Raise Loop DESELECT: GMPI A 1 A_Lower Loop FIRE: GMPI B 1 A_FIREBULLETS(1,1,1,6,"BULLETPUFF") TNT1 A 0 A_SetPitch(pitch-1.3) TNT1 A 0 A_Gunflash ("FLASH") GMPI C 2 GMPI A 5 A_REFIRE GOTO READY RELOAD: RELO A 1 RELO B 1 A_Playsound ("DRYFIRE/Pistol") RELO C 4 RELO D 4 RELO E 4 RELO F 4 RELO G 1 TNT1 A 0 A_GiveInventory("REVReloaded", 12) TNT1 A 0 A_TakeInventory("6mm", 1) GOTO Ready FLASH: MUZL A 1 BRIGHT A_Light(1) GOTO LightDone } } ACTOR 6mm : Ammo Replaces Clip { Inventory.PickupMessage "You Got ammo for Revolverd" Inventory.Amount 5 Inventory.MaxAmount 100 Inventory.Pickupsound "BERETTA/drop" Ammo.BackpackAmount 60 Ammo.BackpackMaxAmount 600 Inventory.Icon "CLIPA0" STATES { SPAWN: CLIP A -1 STOP } } ACTOR REVReloaded : Ammo { Inventory.MaxAmount 12 +IGNORESKILL } My Pistol: Pistol.zip
  12. I tryed Changing but it didn't make any difference.
  13. Thfpjct

    Darkwater Mod/TC/Idk

    Thanks alot! i have some doubts about the history and stuff, once a cleared a bit i maybe call your help. thx again.
  14. Thfpjct

    Darkwater Mod/TC/Idk

    Thanks! I being kinda down about making all this, because it is obviously: hard as heck. but i want to tell a history in some way, and since i am not good at writing a book or drawning a comic, a game sounds more interesting and fun to me.
  15. Thfpjct

    Iron Sights.

    A While ago i asked about a Iron Sight for a KAR98 weapon that i made, and i received a very good reply about it (thanks Johnny B. Getgoode) but here's the thing... it's in Zscript and i really don't understand how this shit works. i know i know, it's more advanced, you can do more things with it... but i don't like it,I REALLY do not like it (even more that i am a beginner) i really do not understand WTF i am looking at, and this makes really hard to me to edit it. I'm am very "OK" with DECORATE type files, and how they work, so please, can someone teach me how i can make a good or basic iron sight?
  16. Thfpjct

    What is your hobby?

    Drawning and making some maps in DB
  17. Concepts and sketches. The Unnamed Knight
  18. A Edited version of "Nobody Told me About Id" and "The Imp Song" https://soundcloud.com/thexfox/e2m8?in=thexfox/sets/doom https://soundcloud.com/thexfox/e1m2?in=thexfox/sets/doom
  19. Thfpjct

    Edit of Sign of Evil

    A Little edition that i made using the MIDI of Sign of Evil. https://soundcloud.com/thexfox/e1m8
  20. Thfpjct

    Help with Iron-Sights/ Aim

    How do i Create a Iron-sight (that need to be hold down) on a custom weapon? i Trying to make a Kar98 in doom, with Slade, and i am struggling understanding all those codes :( (I Very new at Coding but i manage to make one custom weapon using the Tutorials from GUNLABS.) File for help: help please - kar98.zip
  21. The type of mod that im making its mostly atmospheric and to most be appreciated than played (when played i mean, killing monster and jumping around with a shotgun. but it will have these kind of Doom-like things, but it will not be Doom Traditional). So... There's some way to make the Hud disappear when not needed? like if im shooting, it stays, but when a short period of time passes it disappear
  22. Theres any way to make a pistol that fires faster, the faster a i click the mouse? and how i can made so i need to reload?
  23. I Made a Sword that has a Alt-Fire that fires (Obviously) a Projectile, When I go on Doom to test it, some bizarre things happen 1. When I tap Alt-fire it doesn't fire at all, sometimes fires but only super-close to enemy (face-to-face) 2. Fires bizarrely on the wrong direction, sometimes bellow me, sometimes to a dead enemy (sometimes it only focus on the dead enemy that i just killed with it) 3. How do i make the enemy drop some kind of "Ammo" to supply the weapon? like a tiny energy orb that powers (ammo) the Projectile weapon Heres the Code. ACTOR SwordBAS : Weapon Replaces Bfg9000 { Game Doom Weapon.Selectionorder 900 Weapon.Slotnumber 7 Weapon.Kickback 150 Inventory.pickupmessage "You Got THE Sword" Obituary "%o was cut in Half by %k's Sword." +Weapon.MeleeWeapon States { Ready: IHSI A 1 A_WeaponReady loop Select: IHSI A 1 A_Raise loop Deselect: IHSI A 1 A_Lower loop Fire: IHSM A 3 IHSM B 3 IHSM C 3 IHSM D 2 IHSM E 2 IHSM F 1 IHSM G 1 A_Custompunch (5,0,0,"Knifepuff") IHSM H 1 IHSM I 1 IHSM J 2 IHSM J 0 A_Refire Goto Ready Altfire: IHSM A 2 IHSM B 2 IHSM C 2 IHSM D 1 IHSM E 1 IHSM F 1 IHSM G 1 A_CustomMissile ("Cakeslice",0,1,0,1) IHSM H 1 IHSM I 1 IHSM J 2 Goto Ready Spawn: IHSP A -1 stop } } ACTOR SwordPuff { +NOBLOCKMAP +NOGRAVITY +NOEXTREMEDEATH +PUFFONACTORS RenderStyle Translucent Alpha 0.6 SeeSound "SwordHitThing" AttackSound "SwordHitWall" ActiveSound "SwordMiss" VSpeed 1 States { Spawn: PUFF ABCD 4 Stop } } ACTOR cakeslice { Radius 8 Height 6 Speed 30 Damage 20 Projectile +NOGRAVITY +NOTELEPORT +RANDOMIZE SeeSound "weapons/rocklf" DeathSound "weapons/rocklx" Obituary "$OB_MPROCKET" // "%o rode %k's rocket. States { Spawn: IHSC A 1 Bright Loop Death: MISL B 8 Bright A_Explode MISL C 6 Bright MISL D 4 Bright Stop } }
  24. Thfpjct

    Projectile of the weapon acting weird

    Thanks man, do you know how i can make the ammo part that i ask?