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  1. olio

    Zone 300 demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP 17 UV Max in 2.10. z317-210.zip
  2. I never once criticised other people for not taking interest in the runs. On re-reading, I think this spawned from a slight misinterpretation of Grazza's initial post on my end. Let my take this chance to clarify my position and see if I can explain the mix up. 1. I like this thread. It's a good idea to have non WR runs in their own thread. It's a winning idea from my point of view. 2. Pretty much all speedrun games these days are leaderboard based. I know Doom isn't and it's been around so long that community structures are set in stone at this point, but new players will come in with the modern day, leaderboard based perspective. 3. You now have this thread. That gives the impression that it's ok to post runs that don't touch WR pace. New players will be that; new. They won't have played much more than IWADs if they even know the modding scene exists. They will be excited to join a new community and their firts recordings will a lot of the time be for IWADS or other highly popular wads. Yes these runs won't be important or entertaining to watch for anyone else, but it's inevitible that more of these runs will be posted if old school Doom running continues to get more popular. 4. Even though no one will care, if someone has taken the time to record a demo and post it, that's a sincere effort on their end to take part in the community. That effort should be supported by the community, which you have done with this very thread. I think I took grazza's post more negitively that it was, now that I re-read it. I got the impression he actively resented new players like myself for posting crappy times and it felt like the community stance was that I'd wasted my time playing this game. I know I'm not a good player and that's all the joke was meant to be. Initially I had no idea what was going on around here and just posted runs for anything, but I learned that's not how things are done and more recently, I've only been attempting runs where I think I have a chance of taking the record. I hope that clears some things up, and sorry for and misinterpretations/communication on my behalf.
  3. olio

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Slime2 Map 1 UV Speed in 1:03. m1uvs1.03.zip
  4. I'm not against this thread, I think it's a good idea. It's the notion that 'if someone's done it faster than you, why even bother posting?' that is off-putting to new players. Edit: The fact that this spawned from what was initially a tongue in cheek, joke post at my own expense seems ridiculous.
  5. I haven't submitted any demos for a while because I realised this is how most of the community feels. After I finish Doom Eternal, I was gonna go look for a wad with no/few runs so I could record some more stuff. Still, it feels a bit weird and gatekeeper-ish. This is a video game and a hobby, so it's strange that their is a right and wrong way to spend your spare time.
  6. olio

    Your first impressions?

    I'm not that far in, but I'm not sure how I feel. It doesn't feel quite as visceral as 2016 did and the game seems a lot more keen to hold your hand. As for the gameplay, it's reminding me of Halo, for reasons I can't quite put into words. I liked quite a bit of the Halo series, but it's not really what I signed up for. I'm having a lot of fun with the movement options though and I still have a lot of game to go.
  7. I'm still fairly new to Doom in general and haven't delved too far into the wad pool. I keep an eye out for lesser run wads, but generally a level having one time posted means I have to choose between second or losing my sanity. Edit: I also feel that that stance is easier to take for veterans. You've already played the shit out of the pwads and other popular wads. That mentality is basically asking new players to skip over the popular stuff and go straight into obscure gems. How can you fully appreciate the gems without knowing where they came from? I understand where you are coming from, but I think you may have forgotten what it's like to be new to this scene.
  8. In other words, this is where I post ALL of my demos now. :P
  9. Despite the number of hours I've put into gaming over the years, I'm quite a shit gamer, so I'll start with HMP then replay it on UV. I haven't even beat 2016 on NM, not that I've tried. Maybe I'll try playing through on NM before Eternal drops.
  10. olio

    Olio's Maps

    Welcome everyone to my very own thread where hopefully you will get to see my growth as a doom mapper. In this thread I plan on posting single map wads which you guys can play and give feedback on. Prior to posting this thread, I have only completed and posted one map to these forums which can be found below. As such, I though it might be cool to document my progress as a mapper, for others to see, particuarly fellow newbies. I'm hoping the thread will also provide me with motivation to keep up some level of consistent content creation and also establish a feedback loop, where I'll post a map, take feedback into account which I will then use on the next map to start the cycle again. I'm aware that it's often a mistake to commit to a whole episode (or a megawad) when you start out, so I will be focussing on small, short, single level wads until I feel a bit more confident with the whole map making process. So below, I will post maps as I make them with relevant info and a little blurb regarding their creation. Hope you guys like them. As it's just me making and testing these things, expect some oversights and feel free to post any bugs or issues I've left in and I'll do my best to fix them. My first ever map can be found here, in all it's primitive and unnamed glory. Map 2 (Separare): Map 3 (Altepetl): Edit: I've run out of room to upload things in this post so I'll post future maps in other comments and link the posts here. MAP 4 MAP 5
  11. olio

    Olio's Maps

    Practise map I made to familiarise myself with otex. Other than being my first attempt at using otex, this is not notable. :P otexio.zip
  12. olio

    Mapwich 2!! Come join the chaos

    Count me in. I've posted in the mapwich chat on discord.
  13. olio

    Mapwich 2!! Come join the chaos

    At work now, but I'll jump in the discord. I'm a little intimidated by the quality of the screenshots, but I feel ready for a community project. I might need someone to hold my hand though.
  14. olio

    Olio's Maps

    Sorry, some real life stuff came up. :/ Thanks for the playthrough again, even if I got held up watching it. You made it through UV, so congrats on that! Although you grabbed the SSG from the spawn room? I didn't think you could do that... In addition to the mid-way archie being too much of a potential difficulty spike, I think I will make some fixes and reupload that map. Ammo is very tight, maybe too tight? I try and starve the player a bit, but maybe I'm squeezing them a little too much. On the other hand, it's my intent for UV to make the player feel consistently behind the 8-ball and if players want something easier I got easier difficulties mapped. Those barrens in the confined area does play how I intended; you are meant to use the bars for cover and shoot through them. There was meant to be only two, as I always killed the third before going into that room, but I got mappers knowledge the player doesn't have. In HMP, it's a HK and an imp. More manageable for sure. I try and make each encounter different for each difficulty, but maybe I should take out a hell knight and make the encounter the same as HMP, or scrap the idea almost entirely and just make them both imps like on HNTR. I'll think that over. I've been toying with the idea of uploading my maps with a demo of me beating them, to prove that they can be done in one run, without saves. Some of my maps seem too hard when I've watched other people play them, but I do beat all my maps on UV before uploading them. I don't want to make UV easier, but I want to make it so that congestion isn't the main difficulty source. Also, no, that yellow switch can't be used as archie cover, but I agree that it should be. I'll probably extent that switch panel up to the roof. Again, thanks for playing and expect more maps on the way.
  15. olio

    Olio's Maps

    Thanks for that! I will watch it later today.
  16. Watching playthroughs: Altepetl - I might have made it a bit too crowded, there was too much potential infighting. I would like to think that gets better on my other maps, but I think it gets worse. Those narrow corridors that you escaped into were meant to be darker than that. I guess you use a bright renderer, because I couldn't see those spectres coming when I tested. Also, you were correct. There is a secret in that room! You walled humped just about everything that doesn't lead to the goods. Amphiptere - Again, perhaps too many monsters in that middle, nukage section and it gets a bit crowded when the walls come down in the second area, but better than Altepetl. You didn't find any of the secrets though. :P First map of mine where there were all too heavily hidden for you. Starfright - This one played out better. More inline with what I imagined, when I made it. Tighter, more controlled encounters are what I'm after. Less monsters doesn't mean less hard. I debated so hard about whether or not to put that arch-vile in, mid way. I meant for it to be a punisher for players who fleed from the initial encounter, but it ended up near map breaking. I'd probably refrain from placing it, if I was to do the map over, but I'm still quite happy with it's time-delay release. I liked how you tried to face it down immediately, when you weren't to know it spawned 20 or so seconds later. That last room after the waterfall was lazy. I would redo completely and just might at some point. Maybe. Thanks again for the playthroughs and I'll keep you posted regarding future maps!
  17. I haven't watched your playthroughs yet, but will very soon. I feel big oofs from the errors you highlighted in your post, but I guess that's what happens when I'm the only play tester. :P
  18. olio

    Olio's Maps

    Thanks for the play throughs! At work now but will watch them when I get home.
  19. If you got through Separare, rest of my maps will be a breaze for you, my other maps won't take nearly as long to play through. You were sooo close to finding a few of the secrets and it was really tough to watch. I was willing you on, trying to get into that little blue marked hatch above the boxes, but you didn't remember the little tucked away switch from earlier, 'that didn't do anything'. :P It would have made everything past the red door much easier. That said, I did make that secret a ball buster on purpose. And that bloody arch-vile! I thought I fixed it so it won't teleport like it did, but I guess I forgot, or whatever I tried didn't work. I might try and go back and fix that up, but I'm working on another map at the moment. I mean, it was a little funny watching you try and find this phantom arch-vile, but that mostly annoyed me to watch, because the map isn't meant to work like that. I also need to change those green bars to a door, so the revenants can't be so easily cheased and I thought I left a BFG next to the megasphere, but I guess I took it out? Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed. I might do another large scale map in the new year, but for now I want to continue to focus on smaller scale stuff.
  20. olio

    Ancient Aliens proofs [-complevel 9]

    Map 1 Nomo100s in 29.54. aa01os029.zip
  21. If you were interested at all, feel free to play any of my maps here. Perhaps not 'Separare'. I took one look at Sunder while I was making it and it became quite slaughter mappy. :P
  22. olio

    Sunder - Map19 Arrives.

    I use Sunder for mapping inspiration. I've barely played it. I'm far too crap for these levels.
  23. olio

    Olio's Maps

    Took a little bit of a break, but am now back with another map! 'Starfright' is another map textured using cc4-tex.wad another midi file by Jimmy. Again, full difficulty settings implemented and UV is pretty brutal. Still getting the hang of mapping, but I can tell I've gotten better, because I'm sure this is my best map yet. I'm getting more confident with Doom Builder and have started picking up little tricks to make things look a bit more interesting. I keep telling myself the next map will be a short one, but that never seems to be the case. Maybe it will be this time and I can squeaze out another map before the new year. Download: Starfright.zip Sreenshots:
  24. olio

    Zone 300 demos [-complevel 2]

    Map 16 UV Max in 1.48. m16uvm1.48.zip I really tried to get lower, but couldn't get the stars to align. Now my brain hurts and I just wanna map or play racing games or something.
  25. olio

    Zone 300 demos [-complevel 2]

    Map 11 UV Max in 2.20. m11uvm2.20.zip My first record time, even if I only had to beat two people to get it. :P