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  1. rabscule

    Where do I go to upload WAD and it Mods

    Thanks bro
  2. I would like to know where I can upload my wads and mods for doom at, please and thank you
  3. rabscule

    I want to make a doom wad, I have a question

    Thank you so much man, Im gonna be using all of these I can't wait to start making wads
  4. now I want to make a doom wad but I don't know how what I should I use, should I use Doom builder or anything else also do I have to use a game disc or do I just have to find a legal source to download Doom like a website or something or just steam work? I would love to start making doom wads, Please and thank you
  5. rabscule

    Do i need a doom disc

    Thx for all the info
  6. rabscule

    Do i need a doom disc

    I forgot to add, for a doom wad, and thanks
  7. rabscule

    Do i need a doom disc

    Hey do i need a doom/doom 2 shareware disc or a doom disc in general?