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  1. Elio Nako

    A Doom Collab?

    Nope. Personally, I'd consider it kind of a spoiler, so I won't share it. But I guess it can't be helped anyways, since if you join the discord server, you can read the whole backstory... Buuuuuut I don't mind sharing the skyboxes for e2 and e3
  2. Elio Nako

    A Doom Collab?

    Definitely not, the backstory is 100% complete, for each and every episode, as well as I have prepared the skybox textures, so the themes it will have is a tech spaceship, moon base (Charon) , infected moon base (Pluto) and hell
  3. Elio Nako

    A Doom Collab?

    Thanks thanks, I just did. Also I finished mapinfo episodes so yeahh...
  4. Elio Nako

    A Doom Collab?

    I'm so dumb I totally forgot you cannot use mapinfo on vanilla doom SORRY ig it's GZDoom now.
  5. Elio Nako

    A Doom Collab?

    Who would be interested if we did a Doom 2 wad, that runs with vanilla doom, but in Ultimate Doom format (4 episodes with 8+1 missions). I'm not quite sure what the theme is, I just don't have much in hand right now, and a collab wad seemed like a good idea. We can discuss some ideas here: https://discord.gg/JJbDYkZ You can also see what I've thought of there.