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  1. Hi All ~ Hoe of FAP here. [FAP] will be putting on a Jumpaze Contest this month on 09/21 @8pm CST. No sign up needed. All welcome! $20.00 gift card (choose from iTunes, Steam, Amazon, or Best Buy) to best player. Please visit www.fapnow.xyz to keep up with our contests and events. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly via the website. Thanks and enjoy your day! Hoe
  2. Hi All ~ FAP will be having an informal contest for Hellshot's Golf on 08/24 @ 7pm CST. $20.00 Gift Card (Choose from Best Buy, Amazon, Steam, or iTunes) for best player! To be eligible for the prize, contestant must be present from the very beginning of the contest (MAP GOLF01) No sign up necessary. Just arrive. :) Also, this event will be streamed. Please be mindful that in-game name isn't too graphic. Please check out www.fapnow.xyz for upcoming events, such as the All Out War Tournament! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly. Faster response time via website. Thanks! Hoe
  3. Powerful_hoe

    [FAP] Clan - Doom Group

    Hi All ~ I am Hoe from [FAP]. I've been playing since my teens (I went to school with Sandy Peterson's children...showing my age here....) when this game came out and rediscovered it a few years ago. I decided to start a Discord for Doom players and it became a relative large group. We are like a family and it's been a great experience. We currently host 15 servers on Doomseeker. Come check us out if you get a chance. My personal favorite mod is RGA and I'm thinking about putting up more RGA servers soon. We are also trying to organize an All Out War Tournament - a mod that has been gone awhile but was popular several years ago. Our website is www.fapnow.xyz. Yes, I created it for the lols as well as our tag. We are more jokers than we are trolls - we enjoy humor while playing this beloved game. Should you have any questions or have any issues, please contact me directly. I can be reached via the website. Thanks and take care! Hoe
  4. Powerful_hoe

    [FAP] Clan - Doom Group

    Lord and Dictator. :)