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  1. lokisrealm

    I Need A Cornstalk

    i made a mistake, i guess its case sensative http://www.dldomain.com/jerry/Absinthe/
  2. lokisrealm

    I Need A Cornstalk

    the game will be released in 6 different chapters
  3. lokisrealm

    I Need A Cornstalk

    that's understood. I've been working on and off on it since 1995 though, trying to make something worth getting into, the levels are huge and need to be even bigger if possible. the only problem i'm running into is i asked the guy that wrote the doomsday engine if ACS scripting will be allowed in doom like in zdoom, he said yes, in the 1.18 release (i think those are the numbers) and when he recently released his plans for 1.18 it didn't mention acs anywhere. i'm basically needing a port that does acs scripting with text and music or any scripting that handles those for that matter, is compatible with mp3 music, lets you have a storyline screen before and after each level, allows md2 modelling, and has hi-res textures that can be loaded from pngs. right now there's a mess of stuff on http://dldomain.com/Jerry/absinthe but for some reason today the screenshots won't load. i can send anyone a cd of whats going on so far if they want to test it. its a landfill right now of tests.
  4. lokisrealm

    I Need A Cornstalk

    i was just screwing around about that no future stuff. big dramatic soap opera moment. i thought i'd get no replies anyway. i stand corrected :D hey does anyone want to work on this project too? i'm getting a domain for it in december. first its a doom project, then its a later engine if i find the right converters that are actually compatible with their target map type. The doom to quake converter i found is about as useless as using a banana to defend against a robber or something. but if get it just right when he's not looking, you can at least shove it up his bum. i really don't know why you'd want to, or why i'm typing this for that matter.
  5. lokisrealm

    I Need A Cornstalk

    well its a game where you just wake up with amnesia and have to figure out the plot itself. but the first level starts in the woods, then goes to a house where you find a letter on the coffee table. the tv is offstation and there's armies outside killing each other. outside of the house is a long country road and you must find the dock. but its locked and the key is hidden in a cornfield maze that the neighborhood kids have made. further out you stumble upon a huge obvious crop circle. the first chapter of the game takes place on an island just offshore that was invaded, and the other 5 chapters take place on the foreign planet Triax. ive got 50 pages of written plot finally. and after its made in doom i'm going to make it in genesis3d or quake, which is why i would have rather had an md2 model. but the cornfield maze will hopefully be set up so that deathmatch in it would kick ass. I got the idea from messing around army style with my little brother in the cornfields out here in the middle of nowhere. A cornfield maze would make a goofy side-deathmatch portion and requiring it so that the player ended in a crop circle would go along with the story about alien possession and spirits, or at least the alien part. this project is my excuse for being able to go to game design classes. ---- Gokuma - If I see another cornstalk, I'm going to scream and commit bloody genocide. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... Nevermind though. Don't let that stop you. ---- is it trendy yet? >:-( or do you live out in the shitholes of indiana too?
  6. lokisrealm

    I Need A Cornstalk

    Why thank you. would you like anything in return? This is exactly what i need for the last level i don't have....level 1 haha
  7. lokisrealm

    I Need A Cornstalk

    I need a cornstalk. Somehow someway its the only way to make my game work, and my life depends on it. i might die if i don't have one. no game=no future. name your price if there is one. Sprites are ok MD2 is greatly appreciated coy_static@yahoo.com
  8. lokisrealm

    Carnival of Carnage TC

    would anyone be interested in joining me in creating a tc for insane clown posse? hell i might send it to them and see what they think. if anyone has yahoo my im is coy_static, give me a message if you wanna chat about it. ive been wanting to do it for a year.
  9. lokisrealm

    Questions concerning my game Loki's Realm

    well ok not really masterpieces but i mean multilayered stuff like manson's art, m night shylaman's (or however you spell it's) movies, the others, fight club, shit with suprise meanings that change the entire story
  10. hey im working on a game called loki's realm, that i have been working on for years, and last year i ported it to jdoom, im doing the mp3 music, the textures, the huge ass levels, and i had a friend working on the models, but it never really ended up happening, or he's too preoccupied with other stuff. anyways i want to make this because im working on a kickass story with masterpieces like the sixth sense in mind. im wanting to port it to quake 2 and release it fully as a game, if its allowable on the GPL, and figure out all that nonsense to see if it really can be released with jdoom, or if i should save up work money and pay the $10,000 for the true q2 license. ok my questions... does anyone know if games can still be licensed with doom technology, and if anyone would like me to join their team or would want to start a team. i can mail you a cd of all im working on. also would anyone want to write a simple vb program that plays a movie then goes to a chapter selection for my game? and yet another question, has anyone successfully compiled jdoom's source?