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  1. Kuleshoff

    DOOM music collection in FLAC

    The cult soundtrack of one of the best games in the genre of "first-person shooter", authored by Robert "Bobby" Prince. The compilation included music from the first two parts, digitized from the original MIDI files on the Roland Sound Canvas SC-155 sound module, as well as remixes from the game version for the Panasonic 3DO console recorded using live instruments. The names of the tracks are taken based on information from the website www.doomwiki.org, the covers for all albums were made by myself. http://rutor.info/torrent/267296/ https://cloud.mail.ru/public/2ggt/2gZX352sS
  2. Kuleshoff

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I’m exploring the possibilities of GZDOOM, and doing a mini-pack of three levels.
  3. Kuleshoff

    Light effect

    Everything worked out! In the UDMF format, the PP_START and PP_END markers are not needed?
  4. Kuleshoff

    Light effect

    Thanks! I thought that this is done without texture, only with color gradient and transparency.
  5. Kuleshoff

    Light effect

    Tell me how to make a similar effect with lighting? I understand that this is somehow connected with the gradient and transparency, but I don’t understand how.
  6. Kuleshoff

    What level editors are people still using?

    I use Slade because I'm a Mac user.
  7. Kuleshoff

    Recycling Plant (DOOM II)

    Thanks for the information. Following the advice of the user https://www.doomworld.com/profile/6597-pcorf/, I fixed the problem and reloaded the archive.
  8. Kuleshoff

    Paradise v2 [FINAL VERSION 8/22/2019]

    Great job! Now I'm your fan :)
  9. Kuleshoff

    Recycling Plant (DOOM II)

    Hello to all! This is my second wad - "Recycling Plant". Arena-like and action-filled map. Enjoy! >> Recycling Plant.zip <<
  10. Kuleshoff

    Factory Substation (DOOM II)

    Work on a new map is underway. Looked at the work of Viggles - this is what you need to strive for. His "Breach" and "Brigandine" wads are incredible! Sorry for my English - this is not my native language :)
  11. Kuleshoff

    Factory Substation (DOOM II)

    Thank you for the attention you paid to my work. Now I will answer a few questions. Exactly. The map was conceived on the initial map in mini-megawad :) I tried it and the result was interesting. But Pinky will appear later in the next map. Yes, this is my first map that I presented to the public. Wow! I tested the map on the GZDoom engine, there are no such bugs.
  12. Kuleshoff

    Factory Substation (DOOM II)

    Thanks, I'll do more. This map is just the beginning.
  13. Kuleshoff

    Factory Substation (DOOM II)

    Hello! I made a small map for native Doom II, for a single player. All levels of difficulty are supported. >> Factory Substation.zip <<