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  1. sirgalahadwizar

    If you could create your own source port, what would it be?

    nurb = a 3d object which is freely deformable and doesn't consist of vertecies, but rather, control points on a parabolic spline. (in case you really didnt know and weren't being sarcastic). Haha, real funny, I was saying that if it would be my sourceport, that I would program the new map engine (if there are any ghasps, then look at the end of my last post). Fredrik: It's much simpler - every time you place a 3D cube or rectangle brush in a quake mape editor (be it quake 1, 2, or 3), you add a truely new object, adding 8 more vertecies, at least 12 more lines, and 6 new faces which must be rendered. If you have a thousand or more cube/rectangle objects, rotated or whatnot, thats just that much more data that has to be put into the map (if a single cube was 500 bytes, then 1000 x 500 = 500,000 bytes, and that's only for the regular surfaces, and I know for a fact that it ends up being much larger than that). With my system, every time you place a cube or rectangle brush in a level, you're simply inserting a tag which essentially says "insert cube model here, and perform the following deformations/applications...". Do the imps in doom have different graphics for EACH imp, or are they simply a tag in the map saying "insert IMP object here...". You see my point or are you stupid... Im doing the same thing with level map brushes that most games do with characters. Most maps under my system would probably be less than half a meg (even for the super-giant or highly-detailed ones) because about 90-95% of the objects in the map would probably be derivatives of a cube - weither they be stretched, scaled, sheared, rotated, etc. You only need one 3D model for all rectangle and cube derivatives. Of course you need more objects for anything that takes a CGI subtract (ie, like a rectangular door with a hole drilled through it), but those would be relativly few in number IMO. Aw hell, someone would eventually design a "bad" level just for the hell of it that'd use all unique objects and alot of expensive ones too (like spheres, pillars, and rings). So i'd also probably also have to include some kind of text->map compiler to shrink the object and level data texts down. ----- Lens flares are one of those things i'd include too. It's a scriptable thingy in either the level script or the game script. With various color halos, sizes, with ranges and intensities... and an optional ability to blackout the screen (hey, if it's bright enough, it'll turn your vision blue just like looking at the sun; option includes target color blackout/texture overlay additive, with intensity, duration, and fade method). And screen blackout would definatly be included in the scripting too - for stuff like lasers, bfg impacts, and nuke blasts.
  2. sirgalahadwizar

    If you could create your own source port, what would it be?

    My own source port huh?: Well to start out with, id make a new level map engine. Not replacing the old one of course, but this new one would definatly be truely 3D. Except this 3D level engine wouldn't be like quake's, it'd be alot simpler. Each level would pretty much be a text file. Using objects that are entered into another text file (so for any cube or rectangle, you simply use one object and apply deformations from there). From here you could probably even zip the levels and master object lists - since zip programs do one HELL of a job compressing text (on the order of 10 to 1). Oh, and for objects that should be produced with rounded surfaces, there'd be nurbs, spline, spheroid, cones, cylinders, and many more (most of which would simply take advantage of a mathematical routine rather than a set of lines and verteces, with the ability to compile a mathematical object into a line/vertex model for performance circumstances). Objects would either be created in a level editor supplied with the port (which would have a wysiwyg gui interface), or by hand in a text file (works for the simpler objects). The simpler objects could be made off-hand while level editing, while the more complex objects would need to be produced in an in-editor object production area. Note that all of these objects and levels would be in text, and would not be pre-compiled prior to running the game (it would probably parse the level when you try to enter it - like q3 does). Dynamic lighting would be handled via either software or hardware rendering, allowing the user to choose which one works faster (for those who dont have a very fast 3d accel. card or dont have one at all). The engine would also take advantage of a spheroid sky like quake2 or quake3, not incorporate skyboxes. The game's wad would contain additional skies to doom's original to "fill in the gaps". As for the sprites/characters, i'd support both sprite-based and 3d models. There would be an extensive scripting language similar to edge's ddf format, with a sister scripting language to handle other level-based events. Note that the scripting languages would have the ability to add new items, and future updates in the port would add new types of items, weapons, enemies, etc. Explosions could be handled in a number of ways - volumetric (goes around corners, for really big blasts), radiant (std. doom type), shrapnel (projectile-like), and electric (goes around corners and only effects things on surface it exploded on). As for gfx, all graphics, models, etc. could be either placed inside a wadfile or could exist outside the game as another file (.bmp, .gif, .jpg, .pcx, .png, you name it). 3D models would come in a variety of fasions from 3ds, quake series .mdl-.md2-.md3, to a textfile defining points and textures (ie, like it's a new object for the level data, just a much more complex object than a simple pyramid or cube), and many more*. (*like maya, milkshape, and any other formats i'd be able to get my hands on). The artificial intelligence would have multiple levels, with enhanced bot AI for the "smarter" foes, or the simple motion of the standard doom AI. Also - the AI would be user programmable to a certain degree through the game's scripting language (with improvements/additions to the code as newer versions are released). Note that special considerations would be taken concerning bot AI to expressly make it not seem like a "bot" (as in accidentially running into things occasionally, more realistic accuracy, using special items, etc.) Netplay would involve a server-client, peer-peer, network, or skirmish mode, with up to 64 players (allowing that levels are large enough). Now, that doesnt even cover half of what I would want and only uncovers 5% of the details. And since im not a programmer, and dont understand nearly how hard this would be to accomplish, the other 95% probably wouldn't get done...
  3. DSM: The minigun uses pistol bullets because they're cheap and standard, and you'd probably end up finding more of them laying around. A real-world reason is recoil, 9mm pistol bullets dont have much recoil - especially when fired from a gun weighing 20 lbs, that way you can truly have an infantry-standard minigun. Now if we replaced the Smg with an assault rifle, a minigun shooting rifle bullets wouldnt be bad either because this is just a game ;) The canister rifle is more powerful than a shotgun. It's like a m-203 with a magazine capacity more than 1, and the ability to fire pellet attacks in addition to explosives. As far as pellets go, it'd be well powerful enough to compete with the SSG, but it outshines it since it can also shoot xplosives and all sorts of other stuffs. (and it would still sound like a shotgun anyway). Cell Blaster -> cheapo energy gun. For the bean counters at the UAC. Who knows, put it into the hands of the former humans? The Plasma Rifle is a heavy weapon, about the size (and weight) of an M-60 machinegun (except wider). Why not have a smaller version as the cell blaster (heh, designed obsolecence, they still need at least two energy weapons other than the bfg though). I think they should *elaborate* on the green laser thingy from the Q2 bfg, definatly makes shooting a bfg more interesting (since you get immediate effects). Though the green lasers aren't very spectacular - maybe lightning beams like Q3's lightning gun would be better. ----- Keyboard bindings: I'll make my own thanku, I dont want iD making it to where you must use a specific config for it (they prolly wouldnt, but you never know).
  4. sirgalahadwizar


    http://www.olive-drab.com/od_other_firearms_mg_m2.php3 I want one of these for my birthday, along with about 5000 rounds of ammo for it. ----- I gots a RPG engine in work right now too - I call it TIRES (pronounced "tires", it's an acronym). M-14s are one hell of alot more powerful than an m-16 or any other rifle using .223 ammo (about 2/3 to 3/4 as powerful as a shotgun per bullet), but later on they found out that the m-14 wasnt very feasible for combat because it weighed too much or something (and it got replaced by the m-18 and m-16, though the m-18 didnt stick around very long either - that's why most people dont know of it). I got a better site for you if you're looking for weapons: http://world.guns.ru This one was directly accessible from the first link above: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/ambush/weapons/ The site design is very nice (wouldnt expect anything less from frontline)
  5. Apparently from what ive heard - The quake series takes place in a parallel universe to that of the doom series. That doesnt mean they cant have similar technology (so the ability to make BFG-like weapons are common to both dimensions). The Q2 marine's combat suits looked heavier than doom's marine combat suits - not more advanced (there's a difference between slapping more metal on the suit and putting together a lightweight suit with hi-strength materials). The railgun is supposed to be a long range double-barrel shotgun, whereas if you get hit then you take all of the pellets down the throat, and if you dont get hit then oh well... Puts the same amount of energy of a double barrel shotgun blast into a single 10-20mm slug (i'd like a .80cal magnum railgun pleez, with hollowpoint uranium slugs :) Though the railgun is abit of a super weapon, it in no way competes with the bfg on the same level. For all intensive purposes, BFGs from doom and quake2 are far more lethal than railguns. ----- Guns *I* want in the game: * rapid-action melee weapon (probably anti-infantry in nature, like a chainsaw). * SMG (30 shot clip, pistol rounds, 700-1000rpm). * Canister Rifle (30mm shotgun firing various cartridges...) * GAT (2400 rpm minigun, pistol rounds, 20 lbs) * Plasma Rifle (new and improved, with higher plasma velocity and temp., 50 shot capacitor). * Cell Blaster (like the q2 hyperblaster, just slower). * Blast Field Gun MK4 (your lovely friend BFG, weighing in at 60 lbs and gobbling up all your cells). * Explosives Launcher (50mm Grenade launcher, bounce or rocket mode). * 50mm Grenade, Hand-set (hand grenade). ----- *SMG - Something like a high-tech uzi. *Canister Rifle - Shotgun with a mission, delivers pellets, slugs, or explosives. *GAT - GATling Gun. Belts onto one of the arms, has a handlegrip on the side to hold with the other. Eats pistol bullets like no tomorrow. *Cell Blaster - Lightweight plasma rifle, does an average 5 damage less than the plasma rifle for each shot (cell), and only fires 2/3 as fast. In effect a slower Q2 hyperblaster. Looks sorta like an OICW (and no, I didnt get this idea from any doom mods, the shape is only for the frame anyway). *Plasma Rifle - Is about 50% more powerful than doom or Q3 plasma rifle, and projectiles travel as fast as Q3 plasma (and each one does minor explosive damage). *Blast Field Gun MK4 - good ol friend bfg. Looks significantly higher tech than q2 bfg or doom bfg (but not like the Q3 bfg). Still posseses the "blast field" spray attack, along with lightning tracker attacks (like q2 bfg). Explosion impact has a much larger blast radius. *Explosives Launcher - Launches "bouncy" grenades (explode 2 sec later) or high speed grenades (like the flak cannon from UT, just no "fragmentation" and longer range). Grenades have large blast radius - they're 50mm people. *Hand grenade - Blows up in 3 seconds instead of 2, bouncing them on the ground slows them down significantly (gets rid of the need for variable throwing velocity, throw them at the ground to get them to stay close).
  6. sirgalahadwizar

    US Marines

    You grunt alot when you get shot, you also grunt when you have to pick up things that as heavy as you are and carry them 10 miles.
  7. sirgalahadwizar

    Is it worth buying?

    A) I dont know what's in the ultimate quake pack. Personally, someone gave me Quake1 (he was leaving town) and I bought the Quake2+netpack+ground zero+reckoning at Babbage's for $20. I'd go get it - it'll help you boost your FPS gaming skillz (especially quake2, it contains alot of fast enemies and weapons more commonly used in multiplayer nowadays). B) I dont know what's in collector's edition doom. I remember seeing it at best buy for $10. Someone already stated that it had both doom1 (ultimate doom) and doom2 in it. Does it have other stuff like plutonia or tnt wad or anything else? (besides, were those commercial wads or mods?). As for Final Doom, isn't that just another name for doom1+doom2? Meh, if you're here then you probably already have doom. C) I've never held much favor for any of the half-life variants, decide on your own (though as any general advice, i'd suggest going with any variety that includes the original game missions). D) Unreal Tournament - yes, get it. I got it. UT is okay I guess, it's definatly a different style of gameplay, and the bots are pretty hard depending on which setting you have them set at (the challenger levels are really tough - they're robot bots [have a laugh]). The game incudes CTF, "Assault", Tournament Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, and "Domination". Last man standing is a competition for deathcount (as opposed to frags). Assault is a coordinated team assault of some kind of military objective (very close to what i'd consider "normal" SP levels). Domination is funky... and hard, there are 3 control points in a level that you must "capture" and keep captured from the other team to get points, it's really hard when you have alot of bots/players ('cause then control points change owners like the wind). The weapon selection is pretty nice, but the way they do the minigun is strange (it's more like a .45cal SMG), the redeemer isn't near as effective as you'd think, the flak cannon is a super-weapon, and the plasma gun is really goofy. Oh and the AMSD has to be the coolest-looking weapon ever made for an FPS (and it actually has 3 fire modes if you include the "bigbang"). E) Other - Depends on what genre you have to select from. *I've got all 3 of the fallout series (fallout 1, fallout 2, and fallout tactics), those are roleplaying games. *Then there's the Command and Conquer variants - Redalert 1 & 2, and Tiberian Sun. I got redalert 1 (but i dont play it) and tiberian sun (ive got a mod going for it - rules.ini only tho). *I got all three quake's (who doesnt), but I dont play quake1 anymore (to me it's outlived itself, become lame). I learned all I know about how to use a railgun/sniper rifle from quake3 (esp the levels with voids and jumppads) - the key is not to hesitate. *I'd seriously invest in some downloading time to download mods for any games you get. There are so many starting points as far as mods go for doom series (mostly maps), id start with a megawad first though (which means at least 5mb usually).
  8. sirgalahadwizar

    Any professional opinions/suggestions would help

    What the hell is a blue fuck and he just said that the search engine was gone (so he couldnt find your last post on this issue). ----- Personally, I think that doomX will be farther into the future than the original doom series - perhaps by a hundred or more years. Flynn Taggart will be long dead, the fighting will be farther out in space (interstellar - outside the solar system) than it was before, and the marines will have lotsa cool new toys. So based on this it wouldnt be feasible to make a transition DM level series. As for you - you're entitled to your own opinion. ----- I think any sequal to doom3 (omg! doom4!, four times the terror!) should be done by an outside company than iD too - just in case iD approves the storyline and the game flops, they wont take any flak from it (maybe a little). After doom3 becomes a success iD employees will pretty much be able to live out thier lives in sri lanka, drinking heavily and throwing massive parties. Or the coders could retire into a more productive line of work like astrophysics and the artists and the soundguys could follow the designers on a holy pilgrimage to idaho (ok, this has gone far enough). I ask, what could iD possibly follow up on after doom3? Theres doom series, wolfenstien series, and quake series. Quake 4 will probably be a flop, wolfenstien 3 has already came out (and i dont want to see another one of those). As far as sequels go, doom 4 would probably be a flop too (it's a growing exponential curve, 4th in a series means 16 times as hard to make a good game out of than the original). I got it, maybe they should restart work on the quest game. That one rolplaying engine that would supposedly be designed with the gameplayer in mind... or did thay can that one already...
  9. sirgalahadwizar

    Doomguy in flash animation

    Um, that was about the sickest thing ive ever seen. It totally beats out any kind of porn - I think I need some therapy now. Im just glad that I had my speakers turned off cause I dont even want to know what it sounded like.
  10. sirgalahadwizar

    Masturbation Poll

    Hey guys, I invented a cheap way of getting some if you dont have a girl. Take a gallon-size zip-lok bag (or anything like it), fill it about 1/3 to 1/4 full of hot or warm water. Make dam sure you squeeze as much air out of it as possible. Now put some lube right down the center of the bag. Bend the bag verticially down the middle, it should be "U" shaped now. You know what to stick in the middle of it. Ive found that mostly these bags are one time use only, and sometimes cause a mess (from the bag coming unzipped and water gurgling out). ----- The other non-messy, clean love way is to roll up a blanket (preferrably clean, not the one you fart on) and make out with it. You can even bunch up the top part of the blanket in a rounded ball shape to represent the head.
  11. sirgalahadwizar

    Hardest Level You Ever Played

    HARDEST: IWAD: *Ultimate Doom - e4m5, definatly. *Doom1 - none really, episode 3 was harder than ep. 2 or 1 though. *Doom2 - map22 I think (right after nirvana). *TNT - dont have this one *Plutonia - dont have this one either PWAD: Hell Revisited or Hell Revealed or something like that (it had ROTT music in it). About the whole damn megawad was hard. Though map07 and map08 were distinctly acute. MOD: DeathTC - e4m9 (original ult. doom map), monsters would kill you within 10 seconds of starting the map if you didnt run up to the central building and dive for the shotgun (and 50% of the time you'd die from either the cacos or the imps before you got out). ----- WORST: IWAD: *Ultimate Doom - e4m3, e4m8 *Doom1 - Half of the levels in the game. e3m1/e3m9 were the worst tho. *Doom2 - Tie between map25, map04, and map17. ----- BEST MUSIC: IWAD: *Doom1 - e1m2, e1m3, e1m5, e1m8/e3m4, e2m2, e2m4, e2m6, e2m7. *Doom2 - map01, map05, map06, map18, map25, map30 PWAD: *Memento Mori I - map07 (but it plays funny when converted to midi...) ----- WORST MUSIC: IWAD: *Doom1 - e1m4, e3m1/e2m9, e2m3 *Doom2 - map10, definatly
  12. sirgalahadwizar

    bfg =]

    Deadnail: In doom, and many science fiction games, "Cells" typicially have nothing to do with anything as mundane as chemical reactions and the energy given off by them. The reasoning is that a big-huge-giant fuel cell would only be able to produce enough energy for one shot from an "energy weapon" (plasma guns, stuff like that that directly uses electricity or magnetism to generate it's attack), and that energy would be given off over such a long period of time to make it unfeasible. This is why we dont have the doom plasma rifle or the bfg or a man-carryable railgun in real life, and probably wont ever."Energy Cells" are a big myth of science fiction (more on the ficiton side than the science side), because about the only way we know of that you could store that much energy into a pint-sized package is through fusion - and the way the academic community is set up, if you even propose a design for a cold-fusion device they'll shoot ya. I made a reference to cold-fusion because theoreticially, from an engineering standpoint you could carry around a cold-fusion reactor with you alot easier than a "hot" fusion reactor, this is what I belive the energy cells in doom to be - small cold-fusion reactors. Cold-fusion reactors could be as small as a soda can or even a baseball up to as large as you want them to be - whereas fusing plasma reactors need to be very large (like the size of a nuclear powerplant) just to achieve "breakeven" (the point at which it produces more electricity than it consumes). Cold-fusion reactors produce power gradually, they cant blow up unless you set them to overload. Fusing plasma reactors can explode, but the volume of plasma they contain would probably only destroy the reactor building (and kill everyone in it). ----- Im taking the idea of cold-fusion from the "hoax" that was made in '89 by those two guys. They had it worked up that you ran electricity through heavy water, inducing electrolysis (seperating hydrogen from oxygen), and the deuterium (radioactive hydrogen) collected on a palladiam rod (a material notorious for attracting hydrogen). Those two guys said that the deuterium collects on the palladium in such density that it induces fusion, generating 50x the amount of power that the batteries conducting electrolysis are producing. Of course the fact that they released it directly to the press and not through academic journals made it sound fishy, and no other laboratory has been able to definitivly prove the experiment (seems like a conspiracy from the oil companies). If it had in fact worked, it would make alot of high-energy portable devices feasible (like laser rifles and plasma guns, and cars that fly :) because their experiment wasn't very much larger than a 2-liter soda bottle. It's also called "cold" fusion because it could happen at room temperature and not at millions of degrees ("cold" is a relative term, since molten steel is cold compared to plasma and we're cold compared to boiling water)
  13. sirgalahadwizar

    Texture Creation

    Hey, you want some tips on how to make textures seamless? Take a texture that you've either created or obtained, open up your photo editing software (paint shop pro or photoshop will do). Paste the texture in a large image (like 640x480), and then paste copies of the texture on all four sides of it (or all 8 sides if you want it to be diagonally compatible too). Now, any place where it's not "seamless", and you can tell that it starts a new texture, you need to correct. Use accurate judgement, correct color picking (preferrably the eyedropper), one of the spray-can tools (also known as airbrush), put it on a really small setting (like 5x5 pixels), and turn down it's rate of spray (the rate at which it paints on the image - otherwise you get unrealistic stretches of blank color). When clicking use light taps instead of holding it down..
  14. sirgalahadwizar

    Trouble with DeHackEd.

    Um, go get EDGE (http://edge.sourceforge.net) It'll solve all of your dehacked troubles permanently.
  15. sirgalahadwizar

    Mounted weapons

    I suppose it depends on the type of mounted weapon: Heavy chaingun - Uses really big bullets (like .50cal) that the character cant carry around. Is extremly dangerous cause it does more damage than a minigun. Good to take down a horde of cyberdemons attacking some kind of fortified position. Rocket Launcher - Would have to be used for a very specific purpose like blowing down a wall. It wouldnt be much more spectacular than simply shooting a rocket at an enemy if you were using it for combat purposes. Railgun - Antiarcraft purpose or something. Perhaps kill a big monster with it (again, the puzzle idea, railgun assemly missing some pieces). Would be incredibly inappropriate for any other smaller enemies. Plasma Cannon - Plasma minigun, defensive gun placements are a nice place for it. BFG Cannon - Takes out whole hordes of enemies - think map08 from doom2 (the room with the barons+cyber, not the room with the imps).
  16. sirgalahadwizar

    The Big Question: Release Date?

    Here is what would be wise: Test release date - A few weeks before the release of Unreal 2. Full Game Release - A day or two right after Unreal 2. That way it gives the fans what they want (a new game real quick), and it whets people's whistle before doom3's major competitor is released. And then you release the game right after U2 and turn it into old history, not giving people a chance to remember it long enough before the next game comes out (which seriously cripples further expansion of the unreal fanbase and boosts doom's). Seriously, if they can get doom3 out any faster, the better the outcome (if later, then it'd better have a dam good reason like being on console and heavily marketed in conjunction with computer). Also, if they come out with an expansion pack (like the reckoning or ground zero was for quake2) soon after the release date, it'll make it just that much sweeter for iD software.
  17. sirgalahadwizar

    Does anyone use EDGE?

    Well, im the new official DDF coder for relapse and im getting things done faster than ryan can spit them at me (getting them from home onto the 'net is a whole 'nother problem which eats up alot of time though). Im also letting him scavenge/rip pieces of flesh and organs out of my deathTC project (ie, sharing. so now he'll have something that looks halfway decent). In return I get to take stuff from relapse and modify it and use it as my own (that IS what sharing is like, well more like trade or barter actually, though there isn't much in relapse i'd want to pick over except the sounds and some of the monsters). Im not a mapmaker, but I do just about everything else (and can even do textures to a limited extent). Seems mapmakers are the only thing that comes to mind nowadays when the word "mod" is used, makes me sick. Unfortunatly relapse probably needs more of them ('cause I havent seen a single screenshot of a relapse level yet).
  18. sirgalahadwizar

    Hours per week of computer use

    4-8 hours per week during the day checking email, kicking ass in quake2 deathmatch, and stomping heads like gophers in a variety of forum BBS's like doomworld's forums! ~5 hours per day mostly working on mods and my roleplaying game system at night on my computer. Total: almost 40 hours, it's a regular job people. (kicking ass in quake2 typicially constitutes disintegrating people with a bfg, cutting people in half with a minigun, blowing people into a hundred pieces with rockets and grenades, and giving them nice holes in their chests with a variety of shotguns and a heavy gauss rifle).
  19. sirgalahadwizar

    what would you do

    Take your doom2 CD, or whichever one you have, and bring it to a public computer somewhere - your school or local internet cafe'. Install or play it fomr the cd (note: CD versions typcially have the game and the De-Ice on it, compressed and uncompressed). You dont neccicarily have to install it as much as simply copy the game to the pub. comp's HD. Play. There aint a dam thing in the world that your parents can do about it (besides ground you for the rest of your life from afterschool/weekend excursion, in which case is grounds for child and family services involvement). If you dont have either of those two options, find a friend interested in computers and computer games, and use them for doom (since doom is an addition, you may find that you will have to use people to get it). If you dont know what im saying -> go play doom with your buddies.
  20. sirgalahadwizar

    Mooooo *blam!* Arrrrghhhh!!!!!

    I like mine burnt to a cinder, take a flamethrower or a plasma rifle to it. I dont want any of this rare shit that gives people e-coli and makes em keel over dead. Besides, burnt meat tastes so much better - especially with steak sauce too.
  21. sirgalahadwizar

    Masturbation Poll

    No, you're option |C| Lament - sick and demented.
  22. sirgalahadwizar

    A matter of expansion

    5 PCI, 16-bit ISA, AGP 2 of the pci slots are filled - one with a 128-bit soundcard and the other with a network card (LAN). AGP slot (hehe, what everyone pays attention to) has a GeForce 2 MX400 with TV out (so I can make my games look like console games do and possibly even record my performance on tape - not that there's anything to record though since I cant play against other people). The ISA slot doesnt have anything in it, and probably will never have anything in it - they're useless nowadays (unless you got something really old and moldy, in which case you should probably just throw it away). ----- BitchSlaps Archvile64 across the head, tearing off part of the scalp.
  23. sirgalahadwizar

    bfg =]

    Im not sure which one it is - the skin or the model (mos tlikely the model), but their bfg SUCKS. They sure got the player model right though. There was a bfg model that looked alot like the BFG10k from Quake2, but was a different model than Q2's (maybe the bfg from that one UT mod?) on this one site that had the top 10 game weapons of all time. It was sw33t. Saw it a long time ago, and now I cant find it anywhere (was it gamespot or gamespy or other?). BTW: what are those little exhaust-pipe thingies on the sides of the BFG10k in Q2? I mean, it's not like the gun is some sort of hot-rod or anything (though it's design gives it a hot-rod car appearance).
  24. sirgalahadwizar


    What i meant about that little insult is that every time I put forth a nicely developed package of thought, it seems people totally ignore it. I mean for instance ill say something like "railguns arent practical for firing at near light speed", and then people keep on talking about lightspeed railguns. Sometimes that just makes me sick. It's like im talking to a brick wall. I belive the moderators understand this little phenomenon - and the only reason why im not a moderator is because I cant tolerate it like they can (and I dont post alot either). (::grinds teeth into sharpened points::) I had a very nice gloveslap in the face lined up for ya Jon, but you're a moderator and I can't do that (even tho ive been here longer than you). Of course I wrote it! Took me almost 30 mins. ----- Oh, and railguns aren't very good for disabling things like cars, cause all they do is put a little hole through it. Large objects with thin walls like cars and trucks are only really effected by attacks that distribute alot of momentum over a large area. As it is, railguns dont transfer much energy into something like that because they put a little hole in it and keep on going with almost no change in velocity (transfer of momentum by definition changes velocity). You'd do far more damage to a car by shooting a shotgun at it than a railgun - because almost all of the energy of the shotgun attack would get absorbed by the car (and blow a nice 3"-5" hole in the side of it).
  25. sirgalahadwizar


    Did ANYONE read my post, or was it too long for your puny brains. Advantages of railguns over lasers: *Speed. Lasers take time to act, they must be focused on a specific region for a period of time before they can vaporize a hole through it. Railguns do their damage on contact (so moving targets are a problem for lasers). *Railguns are far more efficient with their use of energy than lasers because railguns use projectiles (doing shock damage). *Ammunition - all you have to have for a railgun is a charge pack and a magazine of bullets for it (which I doubt would weigh over 10 grams per bullet). For a laser, the only ammunition it has is a charge pack - which means it's alot heavier. ----- The kind of gun I was talking about earlier could potentially be hand-held by an individual soldier eventually (it would only be operable by small groups of ppl or vehicles when the technology is in it's infancy). It gives the user the ability to project over 40000 Joules (that's effectivly 40Kw, assuming the projectile weighs 5 grams) of energy over an area of appoximatly 16 square millimeters. That means it can cut through armor like an explosive shaped charge - endowing it with more penetration power than a .50cal BMG sniper rifle. That's like getting hit by a rocket launcher in doom, except the projectile can keep on going and kill all your buddies behind you wearing exactly the same kind of armor you are.