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  1. its finally pissed me off past the level of pissed. I just got an email from "Prince Duke." Yesterday, i got 20 spam messages trying to make my dick bigger or executing evil scripts and fucking my copmuter up. Why does hotmail, etc allow this to go on? Its getting really stupid.

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    2. Xaser


      Mr. Chris said:

      Zell & Xaser: Are you using Hotmail? Just put all your frequent contacts in the Safe list and put your filtering on EXCLUSIVE. Walaa, no more junk mail.

      Yeah, but then nobody can mail me if they're not on the list, which can be bad because nobody from here would be able to mail me or anything (mainly cause I only know about 2 people's email addresses.) :P Besides, the spam's not much of a problem yet, because the message's subjects stand out so much, so I can easily delete them.

    3. kain


      thats why mine filters it!! i had it for over 2 years and havent had a spam message since. lol. i love it.

      softhome.net if you wanna try it. also it isnt web based, but is also web based. so you can check it from a pop3 program or if your away, through their web sight. also, they allow more space than hotmail. i love it. its also free!!

    4. Xaser


      kain said:

      also it isnt web based, but is also web based.