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  1. well, me, my freind, his dad, and his dads freind :P, went to test my freinds gun out(to make sure the scope was on target.) Its a remmington...uhh it shoots 270 bullets :P . His dad say that it didn't have hard kickback...which ir probaly didnt. But, this was my first gun that actually had reciol. So...I put it into my shoulder and aimed. I didn't hold it very well, and when I shot it, it jumped up out of my hand. But i still hit the target! :D Turns out the scope is horribly off, so, If the scope wasnt so off I would have had a near dead shot. It was really cool..I didn't think guns would be so awesome :P I might be getting my hunting lisence next year, my dad doesnt want me hunting this year. Anyway, I have evertying from this trip..my target paper, and my shell. Also another 11 shells :P
    Just wanted to post this :D