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  1. Well, I live in Millcreek township in erie, and Dr. Salmon is a fucking moron(once it was 2 feet of snow, and you coudnt see in front of you at all, and school wasn't even delayed) Well today he got a foot up his ass or something, becuase school was delayed for the first time. I wonder what I should I do for the two hours....

    1. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Where do you live? They don't even bother delaying school unless it's over a foot. Sometimes that's questionable even. It took 28" to fall in one night to get a cancellation :P

    2. Zell


      I live in erie, PA. Shittiest weather on earth :P

    3. Job


      Heh, Green Bay is on it's way to getting a total of three Winter storms in a row this week.