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  1. Zell

    Demon Cybernetics

    ------------------------------------------------------------| | EDIT BUTON -> | V [Mod]Done :-)[/Mod]
  2. Zell

    Demon Cybernetics

    that also explains the zombies - if you have read the books(or played ultimate doom ;) ) there are this blocks made of flesh, blood, and bone. Possibly, the icon could have spawned the zombies and used the gate tech to teleport them.
  3. Zell

    Doom Novela Characters

    hmm give me a minute or 60, lol i have the books right here, but i cant type it right now, about to go to the mall :P
  4. Zell

    Post your drawings of doomguy

    bah, this is probaly too big: [i didnt have a Doomguy in front of me, so I drew from memory] [a lot of the picture got fucked up on scanning, i just noticed :(] [i need to work on shading, i just drew this quick]:
  5. Soetimes when im bored I try to high-light certain areas of text to make windows or other pictures...but thats if I forget what im doing(which normally happens when I listen to music...ahhh slayer and ramstein...)
  6. Zell

    Whatt is the most popular editor?

    I used to use WA, but Doom Builder pulled me over. :D
  7. Well, I live in Millcreek township in erie, and Dr. Salmon is a fucking moron(once it was 2 feet of snow, and you coudnt see in front of you at all, and school wasn't even delayed) Well today he got a foot up his ass or something, becuase school was delayed for the first time. I wonder what I should I do for the two hours....

    1. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Where do you live? They don't even bother delaying school unless it's over a foot. Sometimes that's questionable even. It took 28" to fall in one night to get a cancellation :P

    2. Zell


      I live in erie, PA. Shittiest weather on earth :P

    3. Job


      Heh, Green Bay is on it's way to getting a total of three Winter storms in a row this week.

  8. haha....i just preordered my copy of Doom3 two days ago. The mancubus statue is awesome(as is the poster ;) )Anybody else preorder there copy?

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    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Yeah, I have a preorder. Why I don't even know. My computer is under even the minnumum specs for the game.

    3. Zell


      rofl, i think im missing/need an upgrade on one thing (might be my processor or maybe its my ram, i dunno. I think its my processor >.<)

    4. Sephiroth


      i preordered as soon as i could, i work at best buy so it costs 1cent to do it. i did it last time cause max payne 2 came with a t-shirt, and cant beat a 1cent T. of course now i got like 7 max payne 2 shirt

  9. Zell


    ah, give me a minute. I know a lot of Zdoom, should have an aswer in a few seconds ;) [edit] ok, what you need to do is set up two acs scripts. one to set the color of the dummy sector(or whatever,been a while since of donw water)and then do an acs for fog in the dummy sector. that should give you want you want. :)
  10. Zell


    what port are you using? sounds like legacy ;)
  11. Zell

    DB: Full ZDoom file

    Ok, well I have been working on this for about 3 hours now(including the hour before I went to school ;) ) and I added all the missing things and linedefs I could find. I also reorgianized a little(the particles are now in a seperate section). If I am missing anything, tell me, but I don't think i missed anything. :) But first, I would like Graf Zahl for pointing out pretty much all of the missing linedefs, and for telling me the arguments. :) http://www.geocities.com/doomster2002/ZDoom_DoomHexen.zip You can either right save click or drag into browser. [edit] Ok, I found out I am still missing only a few things. I will have an update up in 15-20 minutes(its some things and sector types) [edit2] Ok, everything has been added execpt for one property(I coudn't find the arguments)but anway, enjoy, as this is probaly the second to last version ;) :D
  12. Zell

    DB: Full ZDoom file

    Alright, talk to me on AIM :)
  13. Zell

    DB: Full ZDoom file

    [edit] Go ahead, I got the fixed one uploaded. :)
  14. Well, i think not, but, if you watched the dsicovery channel earlier tonight, you got too see that nasa is thinking of making the moon phobos the next civilized uhh..moon? Anyway, isnt doom set on phobos? :P Discuss :D
  15. Zell

    Post your desktop

    I made it ^_^
  16. Zell

    most anticipated games

    will it ever come out? >.<
  17. Zell

    most anticipated games

    this should be multi choice :P D3, HL2, H2, Q4, and Duke4ever are high on my lists...but im not going to buy another god damn FF game untill they actually make a good one again that has more of balance between story, gameplay, and gfx, not just gfx and/or gameplay.
  18. Zell

    Post your desktop

    Teh most cluttered deskptop on earth..i just tidied it up a bit before i took a screen shto. :D
  19. Zell

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R Lost Oblivion....."DAMN!!!!!"

    shaviro...i think that beta was full of shit or the guy that leaked it was...valve probaly has a lot more work done then what he wants us to think. :)
  20. Zell

    Hardest game worth playing...

    Hardest game ive evered play: Counter-Strike Hardest game im still playing: Counter-Strike :D But a hard game is Halo on legendary, and no one call me a noob at it cuz im not i just progress slow <.<
  21. Zell

    Family Guy versus The Simpsons

    i dun watch either, comedy central, everyday, all day. :D
  22. 1 ) Hammer Time is stuck in my head, and I cant get it out of my head
    2 ) I wanted to show a freind a picture from here a while ago...it had a fat ass guy and at the top it said "I AM TEH WIN!!111" or something like that...cansomeone tell me where that is?

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    2. Zell


      yup, thats the one! thx :D

    3. Job


      Best picture ever.

    4. BlueSonnet


      Job said:

      Best picture ever.

      On contraire


  23. Zell

    is doom going to happen?

    i agree with dunbar, we are all scrwed XD
  24. Zell

    Apocaylpse Now

    hmmm, i read somewhere that we are 4 billion years overdue for an Ice Age...it could happen soon, it could happen far from now <.< >.>
  25. wow, a lot of the problems i was having earlier in DB are gone now! YAY! :P :D