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  1. Silliest Putty

    funny thing

    I saw a Pinky gib a Zombieman on DyingCamel's stream, something I've never seen before.
  2. Silliest Putty

    Doom Streams

    Going to stream some Eviternity Episode 2 All speedruns for a couple of hours.
  3. Silliest Putty

    Eviternity demos [-complevel 11]

    Map 9 UV Speed evit9-223.zip evit9-147.zip
  4. Silliest Putty

    Eviternity demos [-complevel 11]

    Map 5 UV Pacifist evit5p107.zip Map 6 UV Speed - Throwaway run, I'll edit my post with improvements. evit6-141.zip evit6-120.zip Map 7 UV Speed evit7-51.zip Map 8 UV Speed evit8-200.zip
  5. Silliest Putty

    Doom Streams

    Streaming some Doom because no one else is! https://www.twitch.tv/silliestputty
  6. Silliest Putty

    Doom Streams

    Eviternity map05 Demon UV Max record attempts. https://www.twitch.tv/silliestputty
  7. Silliest Putty

    Doom Streams

    Eviternity Anagnorisis main playthrough attempts. For an hour until John streams Amid Evil. https://www.twitch.tv/silliestputty
  8. Silliest Putty

    Doom Streams

    Eviternity Imperator main playthrough attempts. https://www.twitch.tv/silliestputty
  9. Silliest Putty

    Doom Streams

    Becoming familiar with streaming to prep for my first Ironman. Gonna try progressing through Eviternity some more. https://www.twitch.tv/silliestputty
  10. Silliest Putty

    Doom: Annihilation update

    He's got eyebrows for the job for sure.
  11. Silliest Putty

    Eviternity demos [-complevel 11]

    Most of the enemies only spawn if you fire your gun. I also got really lucky with the door jump.
  12. Silliest Putty

    Eviternity demos [-complevel 11]

    Map 05 UV Speed. evit5-158.zip evit5-145.zip evit5-129.zip evit5-127.zip evit5-122.zip evit5-123deathexit.zip evit5-118.zip evit5-112.zip Map 05 UV Pacifist evit5p114.zip evit5p112.zip evit5p109.zip evit5p108.zip evit5p107.zip
  13. Silliest Putty

    Eviternity demos [-complevel 11]

    Sub-1hr seems like a good stopping point anyway. 60:47 woulda probably annoyed me too. Congrats! I'll use this to help me with my Ep2 runs. Edit: New Record! evit10-218.zip Edit: evit10-217.zip
  14. Silliest Putty

    Revenant Punch-Out

    Back in 1995 when I played with a joystick it seemed a lot easier than now when I use the kb/m. Does anyone play with a joystick and a mouse? That'd be pretty wild.
  15. Silliest Putty

    I can't select the bottom three guns on the weapon wheel!

    I had a completely different complaint about the weapon wheel, mine worked fine, but the weapon order was different from the number keys, in addition to the Scroll Wheel weapon order (which went like 1,2,4,3,5...). I had a hard time with the number keys (generally favoring one weapon until it was empty, then dying), so I tried the Weapon Wheel for a bit, but it really killed the mood and I would forget to use it. After watching an UN100% speedrun though, I noticed his weapon tactics and rebound a lot of the weapons to surround WASD. I put the rocket launcher on E, so I can shoot a rocket, scroll-up(next weapon), shoot the SSG, scroll-up, shoot the Gauss, press E and repeat. He adds the shotgun grenade to the barrage sometimes as well, but that required slightly more finesse for me to bother with.