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  1. MrJohnReviews

    What is your Specs?

    Mine is: CPU - Ryzen 5 3600 4.40Ghz GPU - NVIDIA RTX 3060 OS - Windows 11 64-bit 16 GB RAM 2TB SSD 256GB SSD NVME
  2. MrJohnReviews

    Shadow Warrior | Wrath of the Wang - MrJohn Reviews

    I dunno, I think Creative works is only for DOOM material
  3. MrJohnReviews

    cacodemon eats a lemon and dies

    poor cacodemon
  4. MrJohnReviews

    Whats your favorite Doom Source Port?

    What is your favorite Doom Source Port? Mine is pretty much Crispy Doom since its pretty accurate to its original and it removed some limitations that the original version of DOOM had.
  5. Oh boy, you can't have a Doom level without revenants, but regardless, this level was pretty alright in terms of difficulty as you get the rocket launcher quite early in the level, careful though, as the Arachnatrons and Revenants are pretty dangerous if you are unaware of your surroundings also it's important to get the mega armor, trust me you will need it, overall this level was pretty decent especially when you go to the vents rocket sniping these Mancubis, not too shabby.
  6. MrJohnReviews

    Doom: Back To Saturn X E1 (Ultra-Violence 100%)

    Man this level was pretty intense, especially in the final part of the level where you have to deal with a Cyberdemon as well as packs of Revenants, Hell Knights and Archviles (Urghh...), this level can be a pain in the ass to beat especially when you do a Pistol Start.
  7. MrJohnReviews

    Doom: Back To Saturn X E1 (Ultra-Violence 100%)

    Shit, the Archvile is here, the level itself isn't hard but be careful as the revenants can kill you if you don't dodge it's rockets, also using the rocket launcher is pretty usefull as you can wipe these tomato balls with ease as well as the Archvile of course.
  8. MrJohnReviews

    Hi Doomworld

  9. MrJohnReviews

    Whats your favorite Doom Source Port?

  10. MrJohnReviews

    Doom: Back To Saturn X E1 (Ultra-Violence 100%)

    Oh YEAH! We finally got the motherfuckin BFG 9000, as far as how difficult this map is, is not that hard, but be careful as after you get the Super Shotgun, prepare yourself for an demon ambush, not to mention that there's crushers in this level use them to your advantage, but the biggest great about this level is the music, damn catchy to hear.
  11. MrJohnReviews

    Back to Saturn X Episode 3 [WIP]

    So... any news on the 3rd episode? :)
  12. MrJohnReviews

    Doom: Back To Saturn X E1 (Ultra-Violence 100%)

    Ok Thanks
  13. Hey There, MrJohn Here and welcome to my playthrough of Doom: Back to Saturn X Episode 1, today we're gotta tackle the first map of the mod, Back To Saturn X Radio Report. For a First Level, it's a pretty good level but it's a brutal one if you don't know what you're doing and with Pistol Start, especially when you get the Super Shotgun you'll be bombarded by a unexpected dangerous suprise, but overall it's a awesome level with tons of adrenaline to have.