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  1. brullov

    Hello, I am a newbie here

    Hello! I am Artem Brullov, one of the Duke Nukem 3D fans, I am a level designer for Build Engine and professional pixel artist. I'd like to join Doom's community today and I need your help, folks :) What is the best way to play Doom? (with wasd and mouse look, for Duke Nukem 3D is Eduke32 port); What is the best way to make maps for Doom? What is the best way to add your own art/sound/music/etc? Could you tell me the best maps for Doom please? Could you tell me the best TC (afaik you call them wads) please? Could you link me the best tutorials for map editing/adding custom content please? I know that some questions can sound a bit silly, but I'm curious so much and I'd like to get the most honest answer: Is it possible to make a game with Doom Engine (I mean with its ports)? If yes, how? Are there any tutorials about adding your own monsters/guns, changing HUD, adding cut-scenes etc? Sorry, if I posted in the wrong forum part, I will investigate this community shortly. I have asked a lot of questions here, but said only a few words about myself. I work as pixel artist (Blasphemous, Iron Oath, Stoneshard). Sometimes I spend my free time with my favorite game - Duke Nukem 3D. Unfortunately, I am a huge perfectionist, thats why I have got only one "not bad" release for this game. Duke Nukem 3D Xmas 2014, a single player mod with Christmas theme inside. I used to work on Ion Maiden Fury too. Check out screenshots of my projects here, a lot of unfinished stuff: Back in 2016 I was making a sci fi map for Duke: USSR theme map: Part of my level design for Ion Fury: My Duke Nukem 3D E1L5 remake: And some of my Duke Nukem 3D user maps screenshots: And as I told you, I am a pixel artist, here is some of my old personal artworks (today I don't have enough time to paint for myself): Here is my twitter for more stuff, if you are interested: click Best regards, Brullov