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  1. Knightware Lorewaster


    Here is the visually friendly cube, although it would be much cooler if it was functional, but who knows someday someone can solve this challenge ... the earthquake is coming, thats all folks!
  2. Knightware Lorewaster


    Is it possible to change a tag in a 3D sector? so it would be easier, create identical rooms with blocks of different colors that would change between rooms with a single control, buttons, switches ...
  3. Knightware Lorewaster


    Many thanks Simomarchi for the reply! So, in fact, I had also thought of another idea that in my research might solve the problem and I could make the perfect illusion, but I have no idea how to correctly implement all this, that would be using the "SetCameraToTexture" to stay changing the textures, 3 in 3 giving that illusion of the cube to be spinning just changing the colors of the "blocks" would be as if the blocks were televisions and would change the colors in the right places, with switches that would change practically several "TVs" of only one time, causing that feeling to have completely rotated each layer of the cube, both wall, ceiling and floor altered at the same time, but I do not know how to mess with it. I would like to know if there is any good tutorial for me to learn how to use this tool in a revolutionary way!
  4. Knightware Lorewaster


    Hello my friends, I'm trying to design a rubik cube in Doom with 3D floors and portals, however I'm not a programmer and I'm still not 100% familiar with GZDOOM UDMF and all its traps and tricks, so I believe I can do it only visually .. Someone who by a force majeure would possess skills and expertise that would make this person find a way to be able to make a rubik cube in the doom in a functional way with levers and that the player can solve the cube, stepping on buttons on the floor, or squeezing levers? This image is only a test.