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  1. SanyaWaffles

    Scoot Hard DX (Release) Version 1.2

    https://waffleironstudios.com/index.php/scoot-hard-dx/ Version 1.3 is out, fixes a cruital regression in GZDoom dev builds, and updated WIGZDoom to Version 4.6.
  2. SanyaWaffles

    Scoot Hard DX (Release) Version 1.2

    I tried to do something different than alot of GZDoom games and mods do. As known by Daytime Drama, I kind of like to push GZDoom away from the UAC and into cartoony - but violent territory. I'm honored that our project has that title of being the most graphic video you've ever featured, because I strive to make my projects push boundaries, especially in the face of alot of naysayers on Twitter and the like who want everything to be "pure". I fixed it, and I made sure that the just released 1.2 build extracted properly. I dunno what is going on with my robocopy setup for compiling builds. On the subject of movement, I wanted to really push Scoot Hard DX to have really fast movement. @Metal Neon had suggested that there was potential, based on someone he showed the build off to - that there was potential for alot of verticality and better air control. However, getting the air control was not easy to setup - I found that on undefined maps it was impossible to get it to force a 0.6 aircontrol, which was necessary to facilitate Scootaloo's movement to be more build-like. I typically think of games I make, even if I am using the GZDoom engine, like Build games. I like the idea of neat, believable layouts rather than generic moonbases or whatever. I like the idea of a vocal protagonist with kickass weapons. I really wanted to improve on what Daytime Drama did and I think I succeeded. I couldn't have done it alone, and I thank my girlfriends, all the voice actors and actresses that came to help us, and most notable the wonderful @Metal Neon for composing such a kickass score. And of course, @Philnemba contributed a level to SHDX (It was E2M3 if you didn't catch that). We retooled the Enforcers significantly to make them more fun to fight. They now react a bit differently to the various damagetypes and aren't as stale. We also reworked the Chicken Mode to be more effective towards them. Give them a try! However, one thing I noticed is you wizzed by the tutorial posters (which you could use for info) and you would have noticed there was an alt-fire for several of the weapons. I actually thought I designed that pretty well... but I guess I didn't anticipate first-timers would purpousfully ignore those posters, especially with the prompt telling you you can use them. Now some of the more important stuff - like the fact you can swap weapons on the ground, they have alt-fires, and the gliding mechanic are really hammered in by E1M3. I'm gonna be real, a lot of people give us shit for daring to do such things. Like how AuroraDawn got flack for Rainbow Factory, the fic that inspired Scoot Hard DX. It's not like he's condoning fascism or anything like that, and he clearly marks his stuff as adult only. At some point local responsibility in the viewer must be had, but people insist upon keeping fandom pure, and I'm very much someone who challenged that kind of mentality. As for why we do it? It's interesting to just see cute stuff juxtaposed to things like eldritch horror, authoritarian regimes, or whatever it may be. I'm very much glad to be able to explore such things, and I worry there will come a day, either by the hand of draconian copyright laws, or this "THINK OF THE CHILDREN OMG" mentality that doing such things will be illegal, even if it's not for profit and it's definitely behind several NSFW labels. And there's always corporate leftism trying to make everything pure by labeling anything not monetizable as problematic, which is something I'm against as they make such terms so broad and vague. Anyhow, I'm ranting at this point like certain other people in the community would do, so I'm gonna stop it here. Now to the video: I'm glad you played it through and gave it a shot! We took your critique into consideration and tweaked several things to make it better, such as the enforcers have been completely overhauled, I made the Engineer's sentries easier to deal with, and made the hints better accessible. I also updated WIGZDoom, which hopefully fixed some bugs and added some QOL features. The one thing alot of people seem to have trouble with is grasping the fact you have alot more movement than a typical Doom engine game... I guess no one thought to do such a thing before making a protaganist who can glide. Anyhow, Version 1.2 is up and fixes alot of issues. I hope people enjoy it! And reminder, it will break savestates if you upgrade!
  3. SanyaWaffles

    Scoot Hard DX (Release) Version 1.2

    After several months in development, it's finally here! Note: contains ponies, and wanton and gratuitous violence. You have been warned. Yippie Ki Yay, Mother Bucker! From the minds behind Daytime Drama, the high-octane Scoot Hard DX: Daytime Drama Zero is the prequel to the 2018 cult classic. Very loosely based on Rainbow Factory by AuroraDawn, you play as Scootaloo, who must escape the Cloudsdale Weather Corporation and get her friends back – by kicking flank! With tons of humor, an array of equine enemies, huge levels, powerful weapons, a look and feel like something off mid-2000s Newgrounds, and full voice acting, it is a unique take on the retro shooter genre that could only come from Waffle Iron Studios! Game takes about two hours to beat on average. WIS Main Site DOWNLOADS: WIGZDoom+IPK3 (x64) IPK3 (for your own GZDoom. Requires 4.6+) Enclosed Instruction Book (there's also an array of in-game help) SOUNDTRACK: Soundtrack on BandCamp by Metal Neon SCREENSHOTS (under the spoiler) CREDITS: Creative Director and Design Lead: SanyaWaffles Secondary Design, Music, Sound Design: Metal Neon Weapon Design, Additional Level Design: Jona_Arts Additional Level Design: Philnemba Additional Level Design, Sound Design: Elliejojo Voice of Scootaloo: Victoria Prater Voice of Low Guard Female: Tabby Voice of Surprise Pony: CakeofRage Voice of Low Guard Male: DRPReskins Voice of Engineer: MovieUnleashers Voice of Dr. Atmosphere/High Guard Male: Redsoilder55 Voice of Maimbow Undash: Jenna Pepper Fox Mysterious Voice: AndromedaHawking Script Proofreading: The Average Joe Special Thanks: AuroraDawn, WoodenToaster, Jinzo, Korzodin, Zan, and Accensus Sounds: Quake HiRes Pack, Source Engine, Tomb Raider, Apeirogon, Wolfenstein 3D Mac Fonts: Revue, Daidoh Remix, Crewniverse Libraries: Apeirogon's Weather Effects Library Additional Code by Accensus, Nash Muhandes, Marisa Kirisame, Chronos "phantombeta" Ouroboros and Mikk