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  1. VikinGDoomeR

    The classic Multiplayer is missing from Doom Eternal.

    I'm simply talking about the way the multiplayer works, not the servers themselves.
  2. VikinGDoomeR

    McFarlane Toys DoomSlayer Review

    Definitely wanna get me one of those for sure. That would look awesome on my desk. :)
  3. VikinGDoomeR

    The classic Multiplayer is missing from Doom Eternal.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you on this one. I'm hoping that with the delay that ID realized that they need to put Deathmatch in the game. I dont understand why its so difficult to put a classic pistol start DM in the game with some CTF and Invasion modes. They need to take some notes from Doomseeker for sure. Also, the battle mode kinda looks shoddy and I'm skeptical as to how good thats actually gonna be. Just gonna have to find out when it releases. Single player should be golden as always though, so at least we have that.
  4. VikinGDoomeR

    Doom Annihilation was lame. What a disappointing movie. :/

    I knew immediately that the movie was gonna be pure crap when there is no Doomguy in the stinkin movie. Glad I didnt burn my money on that. Honestly I'd rather watch the last Doom movie. I think they should've brought Karl Urban back in. He's kinda got the Doomguy face in my opinion and didnt talk too much which fit the Doomguy protagonist. At least there was a cool FPS scene at the end. Anyways, yep I just knew it was going to suck. Cant trust movie directors to put out anything that isnt set for some political agenda. This is why we cant have good movies anymore unfortunately.
  5. Pinkies, Archviles, and Barons used to scare the hell out of me when I was a kid back in the 90s... Like so scared that as soon as one appears I have to stop the game, turn it off and go hide somewhere. Lol those were the days. Barons still give me a jump scare sometimes if they come out of nowhere and they are way too close. :D
  6. - Memorize level layout - Memorize monster placement - Hitscanners take priority for killing - Alternate use of weapons to conserve ammo - Play often to become very comfortable with movement - Try to play on UV as much as possible - Dont have tunnel vision when playing a slaughter map, use your peripheral vision as much as possible
  7. VikinGDoomeR

    whats your favorite doom music track?

    E3M1 for sure... Maybe because I'm a huge Pantera fan?? just.. maybe. ;)
  8. VikinGDoomeR

    Which color key is the scariest/hardest?

    In my experience the Blue key seems to indicate difficulty. Sometimes it changes and can be Yellow... But yeah definitely blue, especially in Heretic! lol
  9. VikinGDoomeR

    What's the best gun in Doom II?

    I'm definitely going with the SSG for sure. Can be used in just about any situation... But if i'm going to say something different, I'm gonna go with the Plasma Rifle.
  10. VikinGDoomeR

    What if Doom was never released?

    I definitely would not be the same person that I am today if Doom had never been released lol. That wouldve started a whole different chain of events that wouldve made me different. Kinda scary lol