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  1. SchwTrdLeenW

    Things in modern gaming that you dislike

    I dislike the fact that many modern AAA-games feel very bloated with unnecessary features and player distraction while the core gameplay suffers. Everything is cluttered with achievements, loads of unlockable items and perks, ranking systems, flashy/blinking symbols, trading/loot systems and eye-candy graphics, but it feels like a mere smokescreen to distract the player from the generic, boring, and sometimes wildly unbalanced gameplay. An example: After Infinity Ward removed the unlockable perks/items in Call of Duty Ghosts, players complained about missing motivation to even play the game and called it the worst entry in the series. Well, if the mere gameplay isn't fun enough to you to make you play the game, then the game itself isn't probably too great. And the gameplay of CoD has been terrible since Modern Warfare 1. Modern games often feel like a rotting corpse where someone puts makeup on, lifts it up and moves its mouth like a ventriloquist's dummy to give off the impression that it's still living.
  2. SchwTrdLeenW

    Plasma rifle, or plasma gun?

    Plasma gun because it just rolls off the tongue more fluidly.
  3. SchwTrdLeenW

    Your tale of Doom hubris

    "I've beaten Rush and some later Scythe2/HR/PL2-Maps, now i can tackle the large scale slaughter stuff that everyone is talking about!" *Sunder MAP06 is lurking in the dark with bloody fangs and sharpened claws*
  4. SchwTrdLeenW

    Wallrun on maps E2M6 and from D2, MAP01

    It works on most walls if you pay attention to some basic steps, though it requires some practice if you want to pull it off fast and consistently. This right here should help you: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Wallrunning
  5. SchwTrdLeenW


  6. SchwTrdLeenW


    Can't decide between and
  7. SchwTrdLeenW

    What are you listening to?

    Japanese psychedelic sensory overload.
  8. SchwTrdLeenW

    Memorable video game songs

    Most modern video game music isn't too memorable to be honest. And of course:
  9. This thread inspired me to build a map based on the Kivu conflict.
  10. SchwTrdLeenW

    Favorite Doom Boss

    20 Chaingunners + AVs, because some people still seem to believe that Final Doom is unfair.
  11. SchwTrdLeenW

    Which demon in doom is annoying to you?

    I love Pain Elementals, they are cute little flying meatballs with a hilariously inept way of attacking. When i get annoyed by a certain monster, then most of the time it is because of the way the level designer uses them. Examples that come to mind are moving Rev snipers on distant ledges, awkardly placed Cyberdemons without BFG or a telefrag option (you basically have to peek-a-boo shoot them through uncomfortable angles; mostly found in older mapsets), and Barons in close quarters (to be fair, it's an effective use of their strengths, but nonetheless infuriating; You get bonus points if you throw in one or two AVs).
  12. SchwTrdLeenW

    Wads you gave up on...

    The first Hell Revealed right after MAP23, and not because MAP24 or the WAD itself are too difficult. Maybe i'm just a spoiled kid because i mostly play all the high profile, community acclaimed WADs, and thus have no idea what terrible designs and ideas do exist out there. But from my standpoint, the final room of HR MAP23 was the single worst moment i've ever had with anything Doom related. Nothing about this encounter is good or entertaining in any way, and i'm pretty sure it was 100% intentional because it is just unthinkable for me that anyone who has ever played Doom 2 would think about this as a good idea, let alone a (for his time) high level speedrunner and mapper. It seems like an intentional dickmove, it kills any flow, joy and excitement this map had to offer, and have absolutely no interest in playing any map by Yonatan Donner again. Maybe i'm a bit hypocritical, but this final room is such a collosal failure gameplay-wise that i'm beginning to question how anyone could have left it in the WAD like it is, with the exception of intentionally pissing off the player. Edit.: Seems like i misinterpreted the threads title, sorry.
  13. It depends on where you ask. Most people on this forum probably like them. But if you look into certain youtube/reddit comment sections, then the AV is the single worst thing that has ever existed in gaming history, and Ghosts n' Goblins is a cakewalk compared to fighting one of them. I think AVs need something like a Pride month.
  14. SchwTrdLeenW

    What is your favorite Doom weapon

    Again, it depends on the map. But if sufficient ammo is given, the BFG9000 is my best buddy. It uses mechanics that i've never seen in any game before or after, and it allows you to burn a flaming rift into a crowd of meat that blocks your way, which makes it excel in terms of crowd shaping. Oh, and i think that two-shotting Cyberdemons is one of the most satisfying things you can do in the game. When the BFG isn't an available option, it's time for the SSG/RL-combo. SSG is a reliable allrounder with an damage output like the RL but without the danger of rocket suicide, and it's firing rhythm can put me in a zen-like mood. RL is very useful on long distances, and it's high firing rate and splash damage turn crowds of mid-tiers into mush, but it is limited by the very real danger of killing yourself. I can't really decide between these two.
  15. SchwTrdLeenW

    Least favourite weapon and why?

    It depends on the map that i'm playing, but most of the time i'll refuse to use the plain shotgun. It makes most enemies incredibly tedious to kill, and even an Imp doesn't always die in one single shot, which makes it unsatisfying to use. At least the CG stunlocks monsters so you can use it for some sort of crowd control, and it is also more effective against zombie hitscanners. Pistol and unpowered fist are merely screen decorations until you find a proper weapon, so i don't take them into account. So yeah, i really like it when a map hands me the plain shotgun right at the start and then the SSG immediately after, so that i can forget about it.