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  1. If im not mistaken then sikkmod have a Torchlight which lets u decide how to set it up.
  2. Faustrecht

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    My Demon Pet. It did not attack me and is just roaming around the Player Character
  3. Faustrecht

    Your Favourite Doom title ?

    I had Final Doom on PSX. that had a great Soundstrack and also some hidden tracks if you played them in a HIFI-CD-Player.(if i remember right)
  4. Faustrecht

    Multiplayer mod which lets one side play as Demons?

    That looks great. but i have no idea which client is required and how to install it. Any ideas? Its been over 10 years that i played Doom online.
  5. Dear Doomfans. I just came on the Idea that it were awesome to play levels against Human controlled Demons. If u get Killed by the Doomslayer then you just take control over an other Demon near your Position. Like Left 4 Dead or if u know that old Perfect Dark from N64 which also had a mode like this. I saw a Mod where the Marine is replaced by a Cyberdemon so it should be possible to create a wad like this. For Example 4 Doom Marines versus 4 Players who control the Demons. Does a Mod like this exist ?
  6. Hey guys. It is normal the Demons hit each other and attack each other when they lost focus on me. But a Cacodemon who follow me and engage all my foes until he dies? it is a strange but funny bug. Well it were awesome to tame an Archvile :D Anyone experienced it too ?
  7. Faustrecht

    Your Favourite Doom title ?

    Ehhh wait there is a Movie ? is it good ? If so then i must see it.
  8. Faustrecht

    Your Favourite Doom title ?

    Yes thats what i liked on Doom 3. Best are the Imps in cutscenes :D The Guy with tha lamp and the corridor. (i wont tell too much bcoz i dont wanna spoil others) The Only Disappointment was that it had no huge areas like classic doom. But the athmosphere made you forget this. Doom 2016 is my worst. I dunno but first i dont like the spawnsystem of Opponents and the locked areas while infight gone heavy on immersion. And u had almost unlimited Ammo (Chainsaw). It became obvious if you just have to find the last Enemy. There are also extreme difficulty spikes which feels on some parts unfair. I remember Hell where i have to fight 2 Archviles ,dozens of Sergeants and Cyberdemons at same time in a small area without much cover. That part was not challenging it was freaking frustrating. Yeah it has stunning graphics and a good athmosphere. but i simply dont like it. Also the Climb-Parts made me pissed off without savepoints.(U jump one time wrong and u have to start this again.) The Story was alos nothing special. Story was like Doom 3 but this time with an insane Female scientist. Feels a bit like a mix of Doom and Painkiller which also had this problem. @Matt i dunno Maximum Doom but i think i should give a shot on this.
  9. Faustrecht

    Your Favourite Doom title ?

    Hey guys. I just wonder what other Doom fans enjoyed mostly and why ? Since its part of my childhood was Doom 2 my absolute favourite. But also Final Doom and doom 3 was also nice. Even when i was in school i played it with my classmates on school computers with the good old floppy when we had a break and the teacher left the Classroom. U Remember that time? I think most of you are in my age and do. By Doom 2 i found it relaxing (On lower difficulty) to roam over the levels and find secrets while i enjoyed the athmosphere. But of course later i tried a nightmare. Well still today i never have beaten Doom 2 on nightmare without cheats. How about you ? Whats your Favourite Doom ?
  10. Faustrecht

    Doom Remake. FPS stuck at 35.

    was false. But i dunno. i gone back to default started a ,new game and loaded the last level i was plus "idfa" Then i had suddenly 130 fps. o.O i was looking for hours to fix this problem. If i use my backup-config then it goes back to 35 fps. while this mod will be played like doom 3 or 2016 is under 60fps not enjoyable. (Disable autoaim) Maybe i messed something up while playing with the config menu. But this mod has so many menus that you really lose the overview easily. But now i have to ugly helmet HUD and not this stuff on the screenshot and i dunno how to turn it back. isnt the movement of demons limited to 35 fps by default ? Thanks anyway. but this time it worked and i hope it dont goes back.
  11. Faustrecht

    Doom Remake. FPS stuck at 35.

    Hey guys. im new and also a big fan of classic Doom. (Doom 2 and 3 is my FAV) I try to play Doom remake which runs via GZDoom. but i have serious issues with the Framerate. I never come past 35 FPS no matter what i do. Vid_maxfps is set to 200 (Default) and changing the value does not make any changes. I even lowering the value to 10 (for testing ) has no effect on the game. it stays at steady 35 fps. It did run well with 60 fps (capped via driver) before and i only had framedrops if i had too much bloodparticles enabled while killing many Demons with a rocketlauncher. Even Default settings do not help. I have an Sapphire R9 290 Tri X and other games run smooth. CPU = i5-3470 OS = Windows 10 Pro 64bit