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  1. Theshyguy489

    Slow Doom (Accessibility Mod)

    Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1afqbkDXWKgiiCWY5ToYacMVSuSQeDakH This is a simple mod I made in a day. This Mod reduces the speed of DOOM's combat and movement. It is for any players who are incapable (physically or mentally) of handling DOOM's speed. Player speed and monster's movement, Attack, and projectile speeds have been reduced by about 50%. This mod could also be used by players who are not used to DOOM's speed and need training. Whoever needs this, I hope you find this useful.
  2. Theshyguy489

    Add simple mod option menu?

    I have been trying to learn how to add a new menu in my mod. I'm making an Accesabilty mod that will slow the game down for people incapable of comprehending DOOM's gameplay speed. I want to add a menu where the player can scale the speed reduction down by a percent. I learn best by example but the examples I find in the mods I play I cant understand. If anyone can explain it better or give me a simple example to follow that would be great.
  3. Theshyguy489

    Bionicle: Heroes Weapon Mod V3

    Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Gd_4hQPsUUjIElrb20GeFwO-E5Xtsl2i NEW FEATURES: Custom Hud. Power-up and item reskin. Ammo for each individual weapon. Player Sprites. This is a simple weapon mod for GZdoom. Weapon sprites were taken from Bionicle: Heroes (DS version). The demon invasion of the earth did not work out so well, so now the demons are trying Mata Nui in the world of Bionicle. You play as the Maskless Toa. You have the ability to summon guns and powers based on what mask you wear. The Toa Mata have all lost their masks so you must find them and use them to fight back the invasion. Weapons: BLASTER: Replaces pistol. This is your starting weapon. It takes no ammo and has low damage. No alt. LIFE STEAL AXE: Replaces chainsaw. A powerful axe summoned from an unknown mask. Hitting enemies with this axe heal you. No alt. SCATTERSHOT: Replaces shotgun. A basic auto shotgun with decent damage. This weapon is summoned by Onua's mask and uses Earth energy. Alt: Claw swipe ICE BOLTER: Replaces Super Shotgun. A powerful automatic ice launcher. It is summoned by Kopaka's mask and uses rare ice energy. Alt: Night vision FIRE GUN: Replaces Chaingun. A basic automatic projectile weapon that shoots fireballs. It is summoned by Tahu's mask and uses magma energy. Alt: Big fireball STONE LAUNCHER: Replaces RL. A standard rocket launcher style weapon. It is summoned by Pohatu's mask and uses rock energy. Alt: Micro-rocket burst WATER CANNON: Replaces Plasma rifle. A powerful long-range beam rifle. It is summoned by Gali's mask and uses water energy. Alt: Self-heal STRIKER: Replaces BFG. A powerful railgun style weapon. It is summoned by Lewa's mask and uses rare shock ammo. Alt: Standard BFG shot. The Bionicle franchise is owned by LEGO, not me. Older versions V2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YBkoNuhBSu3ukeYcY3BrIHLxKb-3QvFL V1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vfFQFuRAO0cCd6ZHTdgL_U8Ufx77ncOb Ideas for later: -Custom map set -Mask of Light weapon -Reskin Decorations
  4. Theshyguy489

    The PAIN Trials (WAD)

    I'm not proud of this creation. I actually gave up halfway thru and this is what's left.
  5. Theshyguy489

    The worst DOOM levels ever?

    OK, I got a lot of people who think my idea isn't funny. Should I not do it?
  6. Theshyguy489

    The worst DOOM levels ever?

    I'm going to make a joke WAD that is made entirely out of bad levels from Doom, Doom 2, and Final Doom, but make them even worse. I want to know what maps should I add and how I can make them worse. EDIT: I have picked out 6 maps to start working on. TNT Habitat DOOM 2 Barrels o fun DOOM 2 Chasm DOOM 2 Dead Simple Plutonia Hunted DOOM Nirvana Once these are done I will look for more. EDIT: Development is slow right now. I have little motivation for this project and its hard to playtest these maps. Once these 6 maps are done I might just end it there. EDIT: After posting the WAD it was removed by a moderator. You guys were right, it was a bad idea. Forget I ever tried.
  7. Theshyguy489

    Bionicle: Heroes (DS) Weapons Mod V2

    Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YBkoNuhBSu3ukeYcY3BrIHLxKb-3QvFL A revamped edition of my Bionicle Heroes mod for DOOM Simple weapon replacement mod for GZdoom. Weapons are based on weapons found in Bionicle: Heroes DS game Weapon list: 1: Lifesteal Axe REPLACES Chainsaw, Zamor Blaster REPLACES Pistol 2: Onua's Scattershot REPLACES Shotgun 3: Kopaka's Icebolter REPLACES Supershotgun 4: Tahu's Firegun REPLACES Chaingun 5: Pohatu's StoneCannon REPLACES Rocket Launcher 6: Gali's WaterCannon REPLACES Plasma Rifle 7: Lewa's Striker REPLACES BFG New Features: -Berserk replaced with Inf ammo -Light amp replaced with 2X damage -Alt fires added to most weapons -Ammo renamed -Made in PK3 format -Player Mugshot and sounds Features I want to add but might not: -Custom maps -Enemy replacements -Player sprites -SFX directly from DS game. I might not continue this mod. Feel free to improve or modify this mod yourself.
  8. Theshyguy489

    How to make Alt fire effect player?

    I'm making a few weapons that I need an alt-fire that effects the player. I don't know the proper commands. I need one weapon to toggle Light amplification visor power up and the other to toggle an increase of running speed. Is this something complicated or simple?
  9. Theshyguy489

    Bionicle: Heroes (DS) Weapons Mod V1

    Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vfFQFuRAO0cCd6ZHTdgL_U8Ufx77ncOb A simple weapon replacement mod. Weapons are based on the guns found in Bionicle: Heroes for (DS version). When you pick up a mask you get a gun based on that mask's element. There is too much lore to explain about the Bionicle universe. Mod is in a WAD format. Weapons: 1: Chainsaw replaced with a mysterious mask, Pistol replaced with a Zamor Launcher 2: Shotgun replaced by Onua's Scattershot 3: SuperShotgun replaced by Kopaka's Ice Bolter 4: Chaingun replaced by Tahu's Fire Blaster 5: Rocket launcher replaced by Pohatu's Stone Launcher 6: Plasma rifle replaced by Gali's Water Cannon 7: BFG replaced by Lewa's Lightning Gun Ideas planned: -Alt-fire modes that activate mask powers. -Custom mini-campaign through Mata Nui (Island where the Bionicle are from) -Improve Lightning gun and Water cannon -Change Berserker pack so it actually does something. -Reformat as a PK3
  10. Theshyguy489

    How to Make Custom Hit-Scan?

    I need to make a weapon that shoots a hit-scan beam of lightning like a railgun. I know how to make a custom projectile but not a hit-scan. Can someone show me how it's done or show me an example to copy from? Thanks
  11. I don't know how to make mods but I had a great idea. SUPER TURBO TURKEY PUNCHER 3 It could be a weapon and monster mod. All monsters are replaced with various turkeys and all guns are replaced with various melee weapons. (its turkey PUNCHER not SHOOTER, so no guns) It will be hilarious and actually a neat take on the combat.
  12. Theshyguy489


    I have noticed that a lot of people did not like the limited ammo in MAP11. It was intentional. I wanted the last level to feel like survival horror, so I made supplies low.
  13. Theshyguy489

    {REQUEST} Metroid Prime WAD?

    I thought it would be cool if someone made a WAD that will work with the Metroid Dreadnaught mod. A full-on Metroidvania map set with Metroid-style enemies and environments. If anyone is looking for ideas, this is what you should make. If something like this already exists please tell me.
  14. Theshyguy489


    In the dark areas did you have lighting on? The point of that area was to use the flash of your gun to navigate. I don't know what you mean by pistol start. Map01 starts with a pistol but you get to keep your weapons after a map is done. If that is what you mean.
  15. Theshyguy489


    Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JVs0ANBsYDnlOprUr5dNK4ifTF5caxcX Story: You are a soldier fighting back against the hell invasion on earth. Your commanding officer sends you to retake a military base invaded by demons. You fly just outside the base and get dropped off. The game starts here. History: Bellator was my debut wad that was not very good. After some feedback, I made a v2 but I barely changed enough. So I decided to do a complete rehaul. This v3 is the end result. Info: 11 map campaign, no secret levels. Music by Andrew Hulshult. 2 custom NPC's and a new weapon from Realm667 Requirements: GZdoom engine, DOOM 2 IWAD, Jump and Crouch allowed, Lighting on, Freelook recommended Compatibility: Should work with any mod, however, MAP02 does not work with Brutal Doom. Bellator V1 for comparison: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1D7Ho7hzBnhGAdTJhhMXPkOX0auxHiJze