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  1. May I ask what wad these screenshots are from? I love the look of the duel pistols :)
  2. TheWolfman00001

    Minicharge - MBF resource/gameplay mod [v1]

    This looks amazing, I will definitely give this a play!
  3. TheWolfman00001

    HYPERCHARGE - NOT a sequel to the Supercharge

    I have one bug to confirm: Weapon slot 4 is completely inaccessible. Other than that I would have to play it in depth to give a true opinion on it's quality as a whole, but so far it looks pretty good!
  4. TheWolfman00001

    Wolfman's Game-Play Modifications (Major Update Released!)

    Okay Zoomer <3
  5. TheWolfman00001

    Wolfman's Game-Play Modifications (Major Update Released!)

    Update to the vanilla edition has been released (I swear this is going to be the last update to the vanilla edition lmao.) The changes include: -Adjustment of weapon damage values across the board, Pistol and Chainsaw have been buffed further to be more viable -Adjustment of Cyber-Demon rocket damage to coincide with the rocket damage buff -Addition of cheat code documentation to the original post (for informational purposes) Alright then, time to get to work on the main version. I hope you all enjoy the changes!
  6. TheWolfman00001

    Wolfman's Game-Play Modifications (Major Update Released!)

    Alright, Quick update to the vanilla edition. Changes include: -Romero Head/Icon Of Sin health nerfed from 600 to 350, for balance reasons Special thanks to TheNoob_Gamer for mentioning the health of the icon of sin and pointing out an obvious flaw, You are the best man <3.
  7. TheWolfman00001

    Wolfman's Game-Play Modifications (Major Update Released!)

    It's because of the full damage radius of 26 on each rocket, it's mainly there to keep the splash damage consistent on single targets when hitting enemies with direct hits, but it also has the side effect of causing a stock icon of sin to die in 2 hits, due to the size of the room that the Romero head is in causing it to take full splash damage. I buffed the icon of sin's health to 600 so that it would take exactly 5 rockets to kill the icon using splash, and 3 hits to kill him via directs so that he wasn't easily killed with the modified arsenal. this does make the icon more challenging then OG Doom, considering that he requires around 3 rockets in normal doom with the normal damage values, which I realize might cause some issues (now that I think about it, I should probably nerf the icon's health to somewhere in-between 350 and 500 to keep true to vanilla.) Thank you for bringing this to my attention man, I never thought about the icon's health being unbalanced until you brought it up.
  8. TheWolfman00001

    Wolfman's Game-Play Modifications (Major Update Released!)

    Update to the Vanilla edition has been released. The changes include: -Adjustments to weapon stats and quality of life improvements for some of the low tier weapons (pistol, fist, and chainsaw) -Refinement of documentation As of this point onward, the vanilla edition of Wolfman's game-play modifications will not be receiving any new updates, as I consider development of the addon 100% complete. I will be putting my efforts into the main version for some final cleanup and balance tweaking and then this mod will be considered finished, in the meantime though I hope you all enjoy the changes, and as usual you can learn more in the details section of the Vanilla Edition. Have fun!
  9. TheWolfman00001

    Wolfman's Game-Play Modifications (Major Update Released!)

    The major update is out! Welcome to Wolfman's Game-Play Modifications: Vanilla Edition. This addon attempts to buff the vanilla arsenal of weaponry to be more effective in combat while attempting to retain vanilla gameplay behavior and stay true to the original balance of OG Doom. The changes this mod makes are as follows: -Removing RNG from weapon and enemy damage -Adjusting weapon stats to be more effective than vanilla, while retaining the vanilla behavior and gameplay balance of each weapon -Adjusting enemy damage values to be more in line with vanilla due to RNG removal, while retaining vanilla behavior This mod does NOT include: -Custom weaponry -Custom power-ups -New/Modified skill levels -Adjusted ammo counts and Buffed items -Modified monster or weapon behavior (for the most part) As usual, details of the changes can be found below and download links can be found both here and above at the main post. Run this with the latest version of GZDoom and don't use this with any mods/wads that tamper with gameplay, items, weaponry, or monsters (this includes the main version of the mod) Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IM10UEAWN8V8Eb582-V0MwyoLXQRTO5_/view?usp=sharing Weapon Changes: Enemy Changes: Cheat Code Information:
  10. TheWolfman00001

    Wolfman's Game-Play Modifications (Major Update Released!)

    Minor Update: -Difficulty scaling has been reworked, check Skill Levels to learn more -New Skill Level has been added, check Skill Levels -Various improvements to the documentation, Many inaccuracies have been fixed -Pain elemental movement speed increased (from 8 to 9) The major update is still coming, and it should only take me a few more days to release, in the meantime I hope you all enjoy the new changes.
  11. TheWolfman00001

    Wolfman's Game-Play Modifications (Major Update Released!)

    Minor Update: The range of the Chainsaw was nerfed from 96 to 80, and a new major update is around the corner.
  12. Hello everyone, and welcome to Wolfman's Game-Play Modifications: a mod for Doom that attempts to change gameplay in a number of different ways while sticking true to the core gameplay of vanilla Doom that we all know and love. The changes this mod makes are as follows: -Removing RNG from weapon and enemy damage -Buffing weapons to be OP and enemies to be more powerful and dangerous. You can dish out higher amounts of damage against enemies with the modified arsenal of weapons at your disposal, but so can they. This creates a new form of gameplay that is much more fast-paced and dangerous, where taking damage and making mistakes is more heavily punished, but the enemies you face go down with relative ease -Adding new custom content to expand upon Doom's standard arsenal and provide more strategic advantages to the player, as well as to replace power-ups that are underpowered (Specifically the partial-invisibility sphere, no other power-ups have been replaced as they are all adequately useful already) -Modifying each skill level to provide linear difficulty scaling, while providing a similar experience between each skill level. This mod also includes an additional skill level that will greatly challenge the player -Other misc changes, such as adjustment of ammo values, and buffs to various pre-existing items that were slightly underpowered before A much more detailed rundown of the changes can be found below, but before doing that I will provide download links as well as credit the various sources where I got the custom content from. Also, make sure to play this mod with the latest version of GZDoom, and with mouse look enabled, as some weapons have autoaim disabled for strategic purposes. Finally, I cannot guarantee any compatibility with Wads/Level Packs that modify gameplay, weapons, enemies, and/or items, so I would highly recommend that you don't not use this mod in conjunction with any that do (I haven't play-tested this mod with any megawads that do add custom content such as eviternity for example, but that is the general assumption I am under) (Main Version) Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12lfbvjEH5LaV2Fl42MA7Q9aWfyNe7avb/view?usp=sharing (Vanilla Version) Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IM10UEAWN8V8Eb582-V0MwyoLXQRTO5_/view?usp=sharing Credits: Weapon Changes: Skill Levels: Power-Up And Enemy Changes: Miscellaneous Changes: Screenshots: Update: Vanilla version has been released! Read the Wolfman's Game-Play Modifications Vanilla post below to learn more.
  13. TheWolfman00001

    Old Nerd Playing Doom On PC

    18 year old here. Man, I am pretty young compared to most of you guys huh?