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  1. Cecillia

    SA: Teen Forums - our children are our future

    "anul secks" ... Kay. We've officially hit near the rock bottom intelligence quota of the internet. Anyone want to get some industrial strength RAID and flush out these bottom-dwellers =3?
  2. Cecillia

    What other games are you waiting for?

    Or, to compare it to something else... Not all really, really hot women (or men) are any good in bed, or anything else, for that matter. Context XD.
  3. Cecillia

    What makes a good pizza?

    Just no cheese or little fishies. What? I'm allergic to milk proteins, not lactose, so there's no chamical additives to circumvent becoming ill. As for the anchovies, I really don't like food which stares at me....
  4. .... XD beware the evil CIA RIAA Infiltration Hacker Worm Crack Team Brigade.
  5. Cecillia

    What other games are you waiting for?

    My point is not that it has to lack beauty and such to be great, but if the sheer -emphasis- is on making everything lightmapped, texturemapped, veinmapped but forgetting to add controls, gameplay and anything of the like, it -will- suck. It's not very reliable to take the observations of some playtesters seriously, as it is possible they're just people pulled off the street and profess "oooh~... shiny~..." NiGHTS was, for the Saturn, a graphical showcase of the time even if some design aspects were simplistic and the level enemies were sprite. It was good not because it was very pretty, but had gameplay, diverse level and even some more hidden aspects which could be overlooked (the A-life system). That, and it's rather fun to kill the poor little Nightopians if you're feeling cross ("squwark~! O_O;;"). F-Zero GX is a current favorite of mine, too. Flashy graphics, but it still keeps the basis of the series at heart... fast racing, interesting tracks and the challenge of mastering the machines. It went so far as to add a customization engine, where you can use bits and pieces you buy to create a completly tailored racer. You may create and apply decals, too. It wasn't in the previous versions, but took nothing away from the game's "soul". It's not about killing the other racers, which is -very- popular, but about just racing. It didn't change the concept, but just added to it, especially in the optional story mode. Just because the graphics are outdated doesn't mean something's bad. People still play Super Mario Brothers. Let's just hope Doom 3 at least tries to keep the heart of Doom, because if it doesn't... it should have been given another title.
  6. Cecillia

    What other games are you waiting for?

    Especially with the major "remodeling" it's alienating me at least o_O; I -liked- the classic monsters, like cacos, lost souls, the bulldog demons, and the pain elementals. There's nothing quite like a first run-in with an elemental... and being confused over why it wasn't attacking o_O; turned out too many lost souls were on the map, so he just floated around and being asthmatic. Games don't need to be pretty to be good. Many people don't seem to be able to recognize that.
  7. Cecillia

    Please say this isn't so

    ... It amuses me how great the massive stupidity of 90% of the populace is. Everyone is stupid about something some of the time, but, it is rather inexcusable to be so idiotic about such a current and relevant subject. Ah well. The human race is doomed... so I'll go back to playing Star Soldier, thanks.
  8. Cecillia

    What other games are you waiting for?

    It's not something literal as an unwritten status that can't really be described. Doom is good simply because it is Doom. The music, monsters, level and gameplay just -work-. If you took away or tweaked the aspects, it wouldn't work as well anymore. Thus, I fear Doom 3 will lack such qualities for the sake of being a graphical showcase. Blegh.
  9. Cecillia

    What other games are you waiting for?

    I want Sonic Battle to come out, mainly... and more Castlevania for the GBA, dammit. Aria of Sorrow finally got it -right-, even though they pulled many cheap shots for enemy animations (rotating skull dude... yawn), considering many of them were originals and not re-sprites... it's understandable. Mainly, I like portable games more, as I can play them during breaks at work =\. Unless Doom 3 has the same odd "thing" the originals had... I don't think I'd get it. If a game has good physics, kay. Graphics, okay. Music, sure. But, it all has to combine to make it strong and truly great. I'm not sure Doom 3 has that ability, at least to me personally. Many games lack the feel of just being great anymore. They have good concepts, but lack something... Aria of Sorrow was weak in places, too. Nothing's totally perfect.
  10. Cecillia

    Holographic monitors

    If I had one, I'd just end up playing older games XD... holographic Sega CD Silpheed, anyone? (Silpheed is actually evil: the disc keeps getting read errors although it's a new previously unopened game. Oookay. 'Tis amusing and nauseating due to the backgrounds... "asteroids! Ahhh~!")
  11. Cecillia

    Doom 3

    Even if the posted picture look more grungy, they have an odd, almost molded look to them... I find it unappealing, myself =\... "Help! A plastic demon is eating me!"
  12. Cecillia

    Select the Hottest Guy on Doomworld!

    I vote Footman... that shirt can't lose, and also he has bangs. Pretty bangs. ... What? It's a nice hairstyle.
  13. Cecillia

    Holy crap, the imp-sex history books are WRONG.

    I remember that avatar o_o;... back in the old days. ... What? I -was- here then. Just under a different name. As for iconofsinse... XD~! A most fitting end to one the the most adventurous space marines, ever.
  14. Cecillia

    anyone here like animé?

    Well, sorcery is good, too (Ruin Explorers), but, realism is also okay. I like You're Under Arrest, too... a pity they weren't widely released. Was there ever a DVD of the TV show?... hell, all I have is the dub VHS, but I -still- like it o_o; *is adamant about having subtitled original language*.
  15. Cecillia

    Poll : Survival Horror. . .

    There -was- a SH1 demo years ago in PSM, but, I sold all my demo discs. If I had it, I would've been able to help. Ah well. Technically speaking, I don't believe emulators themeselves are warez. For several 'newer' systems, you don't need ROMS... I myself like the emulate the Sega CD using the real discs and emu. With Genesis games and the like, it isn't feasible, but... If anyone's interested, I can get screenshots of both Maniac Mansion versions. With the Japanese one, forget actually getting a shot -in- the mansion... I couldn't find the comand to to push up the rug and snatch the door key... I also have Sega CD Terminator screenshots =3 it's way better than its Genesis cousin. It also had clips from the movie. Yay for nekkid Reese's bottom!