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  1. Just watched the Doom Eternal QuakeCon 2019 Presentation. Noticed that the new demon called Doom Hunter looks and moves almost exactly like Hell Tank from Zentrix. Wondering if he was inspired by it by chance? Maybe one of the creators watched the show as well? 🙂 In the image below (or on this link) you can see the Doom Hunter as well as Hell Tank. Both have slugish movement, flying around on jet propulsion (Hell Tank has it as well, tho it's not visible on this screenshot). Both have plasma guns on their arms (Hell Tank has it on Upgraded version, while having a minigun on the standard version), and both have a close range weapon (Doom Hunter has a Chainsaw, while Hell Tank has pneumatic fists and a grabber on the upgraded version). What do you people think? 😁 P.S. you can find the entire Zentrix series on YouTube here. It's not really in HD tho 😐 Important Hell Tank appearances are in episodes 10 and 21.