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  1. DoomGuy121093

    Collectors Edition $280 Should I?

    Thanks; I’ll hold off - I’m signed up for in stock alerts everywhere. I hate to reward the people who bought them up with the intention of turning a profit on eBay. Update: I happened to be refreshing Best Buy and it suddenly let me preorder. Not sure if it’s a glitch or I’ve actually got one.
  2. DoomGuy121093

    Collectors Edition $280 Should I?

    I had to look it up but that’s disappointing. At least they finally gave people their bags though... I feel like this one is going to be legit - the only thing that could be underwhelming is the material of the helmet and that’s a risk I’m willing to take at $199 but can’t decide on at $300
  3. DoomGuy121093

    Collectors Edition $280 Should I?

    I’ve never bought a collectors edition of a game but I want this one. I waited too late and it’s sold out everywhere but there are already people on EBay selling it shipped on the day they get it. So should I: A. pull the trigger and end up paying a total of $300 B. Keep checking for someone to cancel their preorder C. If B fails hope I can somehow find one for closer to retail once it’s out. Thanks fellow Doomers - like I said I’m willing to pay a lot for this but don’t want to be a complete sucker.