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  1. lymewire

    What is your hobby?

    My main goal in life is to do bass/EDM music, as a career. But for my hobbies, that would include: -Doom Community Shenanigans/Making Doom WADs -Drawing stuff and edgy crud (ala Jhonen Vasquez or any other edgelord artist) -Collecting CDs (I haven't started yet but once I get some money I will start buying CDs) -Gunpla Building (Again, I don't have any but once I get some it will begin) -Computer Part Picking/Building/Etc (I haven't built a PC since 2016 but I love computer tech among other things) -Sleeping (Trust me, my sleep paralysis is fucked beyond everything ): ) -Eating (I need to start eating less since I don't want to be fat ): )
  2. lymewire

    Mandril Maze (my first WAD!)

    thanks for the stream! i saw stream chat and the memes aside, this wad gave out a mixed reaction, even one guy said it was a terrywad even though i don't even like that shit still tho, thanks for the playthrough and feedback! i enjoyed it [fyi i do doom wadding and being in this community as a hobby, my main goal in life is to be an edm producer but i do doom wadding and other doom related activites as an escape lol, but maybe one day if i make another wad, i might be something serious or not, idk.] :D
  3. lymewire

    Happy International Clown Week, everyone

    Are there any Doom WADs with clowns as enemies? Asking out of pure curiosity
  4. Hello I make really shitty dubstep which is my main priority/carrer (making doom wads and other doom fan shit is just a hobby for me lmafo)
  5. lymewire

    Mandril Maze (my first WAD!)

    I was gonna work on this more but I gave up since im very shitty at coding, BUT I give you MANDRIL_MAZE.WAD, based on that one Amiga 3D Demo that later became a TF2 map and a meme! It took me a day to make, and I used both SLADE and GZDoom Builder to create this I hope you guys enjoy it :D Download (DropBox): https://www.dropbox.com/s/y8bte3x0q3ea753/MANDRIL_MAZE.zip?dl=0 Credits: Allen Hastings - Mandril Maze Video & Music Sector667 for the Netherworld Queen asset, which I renamed to Mandril King Screenshots:
  6. I'm working on some stupid map and at the end of the map there is supposed to be a boss, which is the Spider Mastermind alongside a fuckton of enemies. My goal is when he's killed, it will end the level (or if i change my mind it will open up a door to the end of the level, idk) so I was wondering how this is possible? I'm using SLADE to edit my maps/WAD.
  7. After 5 years holy shit
  8. lymewire

    GZDoom Screen Glitch Problem?

    I found the fix! Hopefully this thread gets locked: I changed the render mode in GZDoom from Softpoly Render to Hardware Accelerated!
  9. lymewire

    GZDoom Screen Glitch Problem?

    So I was playing some of the WADs a lot of people sent in to Vinesauce Joel and I was playing one of them when I noticed the sky looked like this: Compared to Joel's gameplay of it, it doesn't have this sky issue. How do I fix this skybox glitch? I'm using GZDoom g4.1.3 64-Bit on Windows 10 Pro. (p.s. the WAD is Spooky Castle by Toxicoow, just to give credit)
  10. I love this. I love old memes from the 2006-2009 era and this mod takes the cake. Btw the download link doesn't work