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  1. MakariWins

    Night vision fix

    The green night vision makes the enemies bright and stand out of place. Is there a mod with a fixed version of night vision which doesnt have this contrast? also, I would like to make the night vision have a drawback> such as makes the screen fuzzy/static or makes it look like looking through binoculars or is too bright (screen goes white) when there is a light source or fire in the room *this would be awesome so there is a reason to not use it.
  2. MakariWins

    Shotgun slug rounds

    Is there a mod out there which has slug shells for the shotguns in a SEPERATE ammo pool? How could I implement it if not, I am just getting started with modding (maybe there is a mod with a similar system I can borrow some code form, ie. alternate fire mode with separate ammo pool)
  3. Hi, How can I create a customization that switches quick melee kick for a swing of the chainsaw (if acquired). This would greatly enhance the modded Doom experience. I see in Project Brutality there is a knife swing as an alternate quick melee so I suppose it is possible. Any advice?
  4. MakariWins

    Warhammer 40k Mod

    Has anyone made a Doom mod based on the Warhammer 40k universe? I think alot of other in the Doom community would love this too. Maybe using assets from the FPS Firewarrior for weapons or from Space Hulk etc? Many ideas come to the mind... Play as imperial guardsman/stormtrooper, or space marine or Terminator to play a Space Hulk type Enemies could be Chaos (could use demon assets) or Tyranids (assets from aliens mods and Space Hulk)