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  1. Pay no mind lol, they are just trying to minimize your personal achievement in a passive-aggressive and condescending way because if it's not in a "competitive way" using the "latest WAD version" and "demo lump files", your run is moot. Just don't bother at this point.
  2. It's not a valid run unless he played the latest version of DOOM 2 AND uploads all the demos. LMFAO.
  3. Except I didn't call everyone a loser, and I highly doubt anyone serious enough cares about requesting a set of demo lumps right away when everything OP is doing is sharing his happiness for having beaten Nightmare mode. Also, the guy is "apparantly" just a casual player happy with his achievement, he probably doesn't care about people demanding .lmp demos.
  4. Great job! I never actually cared much for Nightmare since I am more of a completionist person (I really like having 100% kills and secrets). It's awesome to see you conquer Doom 2 on NM! Also, LMFAO at the loser demanding a demo file to prove you actually did Nightmare legit. Apparently, it takes too much IQ to look at the videos he posted.
  5. Sorry I took so long to get back to you. That's weird, I don't know why that happened. I just attached a png-converted .lmp file of the lump I was talking about.
  6. Perhaps my post was a tad confusing. Apologies. What I meant to say is that I don't dig that widescreen pic THAT much (not a fan of that dark gray color scheme it has). In my post I attached a .lmp which has a regular, non-widescreen interpic for Master Levels, and I like it more because it is as white as the game's cover art. I was wondering if there is a way to turn that .lmp I uploaded into a widescreen interpic?
  7. 1) I constantly savescummed, which led to me not memorizing enemy patterns and locations. Once I started to play without saves (just one at the beginning of each map and that's it), I got much better. 2) I used to go around corners with my Rocket Launcher equipped, same with doors. Big, big mistake. 3) I played with Texture Filtering on.
  8. Umbra

    What is your favorite classic Doom Game?

    I love all of them equally (except for Doom 64, what a sleep-inducing slog that is, my God), but Ultimate Doom takes the cake. I love Doom 2 and Final Doom stock maps, but UD has such a cozy and comfy feeling to it that I adore.
  9. Here's a few: - I think BD is just overrated, and nowhere near as bad as they claim. Sure, it kind of "ruins" the original game's atmosphere and pacing with its over-the-top gore and its superfluous arsenal, but there's worse things (more on that in one of my following points). - After playing all 10 official campaigns (yes, I deem SIGIL an official campaign, and Master Levels is a campaign as well if you stich it together), I can say that there's only a couple of maps that make me gag in disgust (most namely The Chasm (Doom II's MAP24), Mephisto's Maosoleum (Master Level's MAP15), Central Processing and Administration Center (TNT's MAP20 and 21 respectively), as well as Sewers and Betray (E1M10 and MAP33). Aside from those, I think I love all other maps equally, and I love playing through them endlessly. I never get tired of the official campaigns. - I think all these colorful and flashy slaughtermaps (Sunlust to mention just one, but there's others, some of which made it into the Cacowards) are awful. Slaughtermaps as a whole are some of the biggest slogs ever, and it's kind of cringey to see their makers play "Quicksave/quickload" simulator when streaming them.
  10. I apologize in advance if this is not supposed to be a "request thread", but is there a chance someone could offer a widescreen alternative to the already existing Master Levels Interpic? I do have one that I simply adore due to its color scheme, and I just don't find the one posted in this thread (the one that's simply 'dark gray') that appealing to me. I attached the lump to my post. MasterLevelsInterpic.rar
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. I loved what you did with this reverse-engineering. I had a blast playing through PSX again on PC with this level of accuracy. Great job!
  12. Hello! I've been playing this version of PSX DOOM tons as of lately, and I just encountered a game-breaking bug when reaching The Citadel. I was not able to get the platform that leads to that door to go up, no matter how much I interacted with the back walls, forcing me to noclip out of that room. Reloading the map and trying again had the same result. There's also that silly medkit floating in mid-air, but I added it just for the laughs. It's been some time since I played the original PSX DOOM on a real hardware, so I was wondering if these are actual glitches or caused by the reverse-engineering? Same question goes for attacks going through enemies at times and switches/doors/key bars being a bit finnicky to trigger.
  13. Hello, Doomworld forums! I am a massive DOOM fan and I have always been, but it was not up until recently that I decided to start making DOOM playthroughs. They are rather casual, but I am tackling each and every single one of the original and official 10 campaigns on UV+, which is the extra hard difficulty implemented by Bethesda in last year's update. I am also going for 100% in every map (that is not glitched by this untested difficulty) and doing all of them single-segment (and that will be the case with the sole exception of one upcoming Master Levels' map). Hope you like my content and perhaps I will commentate some of my future runs. My latest video is a run of John Romero's SIGIL on UV+, which was quite hard to do, especially what with the extra amount of enemies (and several extra Cyberdemons, too). Hope you enjoy my videos!
  14. I adore the Master Levels. I cannot wait for this release!
  15. I mean, too bad they removed these two maps, but no matter what anyone says they ARE official Doom maps because they were sold on retail, which turns them into official maps. Even if they were super secret maps, they are still classified as official maps nonetheless. If anything, you can discuss how they fall under the same category as "Maximum Doom", which was also sold on retail (bundled with Master Levels for Doom II, that is).