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  1. KCat

    Open Letter to Doom Fans

    Mmhm.. and what, gaurantee his script would get rejected, so some poor shmuck who's never played the damn game can toss in his script? Think Super Mario Brothers, here... And it bares repeating: This, combined with there being no credible story about the "SWAT teams against sick people" I think is enough to give the movie a ray of hope. Who knows.. maybe it'll be based on Earth where space marines (who happen to somewhat resemble SWAT.. like the zombies in Doom 3) are ready to disembark to Mars to take care of the newfound "problem" start encountering "sick people"/zombies who they assume to have contracted some sort of dementia-causing virus until they realize they're actually coming from Hell? I beg to differ. Resident Evil was not only good, it was rather faithful to the game. Obviously some elements are missing (The Mansion, mostly), but there's only so much you can do in a 1-1/2 to 2 hour movie.
  2. KCat

    What to up-grade first?

    Stay away from the Celeron chips. They're budget CPUs designed for lower price over good performance. However nowadays you can get the real P4 chips for not much more (and they're worth it). Do not get Celery's if you're at all serious about computer performance.
  3. KCat

    Doom 3 Pictures

    Except for your graphics card (I've never seen it before), that machine is more than capable. Try out the demo and see how it fairs. Don't forget to get the latest DirectX version and drivers for your video.
  4. KCat

    Doom 3 Linux Binaries Released

    ESD and aRTs suck. They introduce gabs of lag and suck your CPU like no tomorrow. Just get a real sound card (and use the right ALSA driver.. not one that's "close enough").
  5. KCat

    More Doom Movie Casting News

    Isn't Samantha the girl that gets her skull ripped out and turned into a lost soul when you find her in the game? I thought she was named Samantha..
  6. KCat

    Doom Movie Casting

    Michelle Rodriguez (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0735442/) was a better kick-ass chick in the first RE movie than Milla Jovovich. She'd fit well as a secondary/killed-near-the-end character in a Doom movie. Too bad she had to die in RE, though.
  7. KCat

    Doom 3 Beta Patch

    I wonder if they fixed the bug where it won't start up due to certain legal software running on the host machine... </cynicism>
  8. KCat

    Graphics Board for Doom3

    Geforce 2 GTS. As soon as the Linux binaries are out, I'm gonna try it on a Geforce 2 MX. ;)
  9. KCat


    According to the video transmission you get from the sarge right after the initial invasion, it says he stays in Marine HQ, where you got your first orders from him. The only time I could see him getting possessed/mutated is when you're in Hell.
  10. KCat

    Theme song

    I wonder why the theme's audio file is only a 22khz mono ogg file. Very skimpy IMO, especially when the Doom 3 trailer obviously had a higher quality mix. I kinda feel cheated that I bought the game and don't even get a full quality theme song.
  11. KCat


    I'm sure with clever use of lighting, sound effects, gravity, and speed adjustments you can do water.
  12. KCat

    SNES Doom mod

    AFAIK, Randy specificly added functionality to playback SPCs. Look at this filename, right from the v2.0.60 source: zdoom-2.0.60/src/sound/music_spc.cpp
  13. KCat

    SNES Doom mod

    ZDoom can already play SPCs, AFAIK.
  14. KCat


    It's a Kodak moment...