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Status Updates posted by horse music

  1. I wanted to change my user name to "Baseball Bat" to fit in with my other social media's but you can only change your username ONCE A FUCKING YEAR.

  2. hey i'm back from the store what did I miss

  3. hello world wide web i made a doom wad that isn't postal tc because that's canceled 


    its called "Tremors The Doom Wad" this is just a 3 level demo


    thats it here's the link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mGzMkQ9sJ5g9NnqXgMIm_3H2MpZvGxk1/view?usp=sharing


    here's a graboid from tremors

    (btw plan on having  new enemies, better level design and more!)


  4. stickman doom sprites

    Stickman Sprites.png

  5. im still working on postal doom edition but its now called postal tc

  6. still working on postal doom edition

    also i renamed  postal doom edition to postal tc

  7. Postal: Doom Edition Demo


    how to play the one map demo 

    step 1 open the file with gzdoom (gzdoom must have doom 2)

    step 2 play episode 1

    that's all



  8. hello doom world.