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  1. SulfurOccult

    [Remaster WIP] Newdoom Community Project

    Awe, this reminds me of the good old days (and makes me feel old as hell).
  2. SulfurOccult

    How did you set your weapon bindings?

    1. Heavy Cannon 2. Shotgun 3. SSG 4. Chaingun 5. Rocket Launcher Q. Flame Belch E (or Mouse Wheel Click). Melee / Blood Punch R. Switch weapon mods F. Chainsaw Shift. Dash Z. Balista X. BFG / Unmakyr C. Plasma Rifle V. Crucible Ctrl (or Mouse5). Grenade Alt (or Mwheel-up). Switch Grenades Spacebar. Jump Mouse4 is set to the weapon wheel, but I never use it. Mwheel-down is set to previous weapon, but again I never use it.
  3. SulfurOccult

    Doom 64 90's Press Archive

    Those 3D renders look like they must have been the source of the sprites, cool!
  4. Blood Swamps looks like the clear favorite. People have already mentioned the unique stuff on this level, and I found the boss fight really engaging without being too over the top. Visually, Blood Swamps looks like if somebody made an OG Doom map with gothictx.wad and lots of nukage, then ported it to Eternal.
  5. I must agree, none of Hayden's actions in 2016 or Eternal make sense after being revealed as the Seraphim in Ancient Gods 1. I had a theory, that Samur was a makyr in contest with Khan Makyr, somehow exiled to the mortal realm or perhaps also trying to usurp the Father. I thought Samur (as Hayden) developing Argent energy on Mars in D2016 was basically stealing power from Urdak. When the operation got out of his hands, he woke the Slayer to resolve the crisis - then as soon as the invasion was stopped (so he thought) he sent the Slayer away so as not to interfere with his further plots to exploit humanity. Then in Eternal, Hayden helps the Slayer take out the Khan and stop the Icon of Sin from destroying Earth (his body is on Earth as we see in AG1). As soon as that crises is resolved, he sends the Slayer to retrieve his body and then tries to get him to hand over the Father's lifesphere while acting sus as hekk. It would have made sense to me if he was just another jackass makyr false-god tying to make himself king shit. Instead we got... ??? EDIT: Still loved the levels and combat encounters in Ancient Gods 1 tho, very challenging but satisfying.
  6. SulfurOccult

    Still sad we had to kill ... (DLC spoiler)

    My thinking is that the Slayer saw that giving Samur the Father's lifesphere would just be delivering the universe from one Makyr's hands into anothers. Look at Hayden's actions through both games: unseals the Slayer to contain his F-up, immediately sends him away when its contained. Helps the Slayer take out Khan Makyr and save Earth, immediately goes about recovering his body and trying to secure the father's lifesphere. Hayden and the Khan were rivals, fighting over who got to exploit humanity and in what ways.
  7. SulfurOccult

    The Ancient Gods - Impressions and Story Spoilers

    The makyr, earth, and hell dimensions present in D2016 and Eternal constitute a "multiverse" in that they are separate spatial dimensions. The idea that there multiple incarnations of Doomguy in different timelines, such as Doom 1/2 and Doom 3 being contained timelines, would also be a "multiverse" Martin might have meant one of these things, but not the other, perhaps?
  8. I've never understood this "jumping puzzle" complaint. What puzzle? There is no puzzle.
  9. SulfurOccult

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    Just finished the first level so far. Difficult enough to have killed me a few times on UV, but I really enjoyed it.
  10. SulfurOccult

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Demonfear & 1000 Lines 2

    Demonfear UV Map 3 Died to the archvile once. Fun map, shame its really only the one battle and then over with. Best level in the wad so far, wish there was more to say about it. Map 4 I hated this one! Hitscanner fest, small bit of pressure to find cover early on, then it becomes trivial once you have it. The layout is symmetrical and has lots of small rooms connected by many doors, so we again return to the continuous door open/close sounds throughout the whole map. Find the key, run to one side of the map to open the door. Inside is another key, so you run back to the other side again (at this point, all the enemies are dead btw). Inside again is the last key, so you make a third run back across the empty map. BORING.
  11. SulfurOccult

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Demonfear & 1000 Lines 2

    My first time joining, too! I'm playing Demonfear on UV, continuous. Map 1 & 2 Well my first foray into the wad wasn't great. I'm not a fan of it when map authors try to represent "realistic" settings or furniture in Doom. I suppose given the age it was created in it probably was quite novel and impressive for its day. The constant sound of doors opening and closing is getting grating. Combat difficulty has been pretty mediocre so far but I did manage to dip low a few times thanks to the shotgunners. Flush with health and ammo pickups thus far.
  12. SulfurOccult

    Should Unity Add-Ons be considered canon?

    My personal preference is that the Doom Slayer is some kind of dimensional traveler, endlessly fighting demons across every fractal reflection of the multiverse. So all wads are canon, why not.
  13. SulfurOccult

    So about the sword...

    I was somewhat disappointment by the crucible's animations, more than anything. Just wish they were slightly lengthier and more varied. I avoid using the crucible most of the time as it does feel "cheap." I think it would maybe have been better if it worked more like the chainsaw, or was implemented as a direct upgrade/replacement for the chainsaw. Suppose the first charge regenerates, and can be used against fodder and heavy demons alike - but super heavies take 3 charges.
  14. SulfurOccult

    Ultra-Nightmare thoughts

    Still haven't made it. I've gotten as far as Cultist Base. Got to the whiplashes and, well, any minor hangup in movement and you're done.
  15. SulfurOccult

    Battlemode Multi-Purpose Thread

    I feel like I'm a decent Slayer player, but it seems like more and more demon teams are learning their strats and can sometimes take me down really quick. Still, I win more than I loose. Heck, most of the time I ignore non-player demons entirely - the only one that seems to cause me legit problems are Cacos. As a demon, I've spent most of my time playing as the Pain Elemental. Low skill slayers can often be easily dispatched by just staying directly over them and shooting down. Better players I tend to keep my distance from, using dash as often as possible to break line of sight. I like to use summons directly in the slayer's path to hopefully block and possible confuse/disorient them. Most of my slayer kills are from just waiting for an opportune moment to use hazard zone. I seem to recall ID announced they were working on a new demon for Battlemode? What do you think it might be? I'm hoping to play as the Whiplash.