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  1. MikeyDaScrub

    sound stuttering and fps drops in gzdoom [SOLVED]

    i got the problem fixed it turns out that my config made me lag thx graf zahl i think that one of my mods added a line in my config where it messed up the rendering cuz projectiles where doom monster sprites i knew that when i launched doom 2 wad thx for helping me :D now i can resume my plutonia pistol start nightmare run which i got pretty far actually!
  2. MikeyDaScrub

    sound stuttering and fps drops in gzdoom [SOLVED]

    my cpu is not overheating at all its just gzdoom and i didnt change anything in my setup zandronum seems to work fine in high graphics and im using the latest version of gzdoom and i even tried to leave my laptop off for 12 hours and turning it on and testing if gzdoom still lags and it does i tried re installing the whole program and the only way for the game not to lag is to put every single option to off or 0 and setting my res to 640x480 and setting the scale factor to 0.25 but i still get fps drops here are my laptop specs: intel core i5 2450m cpu @ 2.50 ghz 4 gb of ram 2 cores windows 7 laptop model asus
  3. MikeyDaScrub

    sound stuttering and fps drops in gzdoom [SOLVED]

    please help
  4. so i been using gzdoom for a while now and i had no problems i had a smooth 60 fps but for some reason the sounds stutter and my fps drops i tried lowering my graphics but it didnt work here is a video i dont know if its because i have 15 gb if room left in my E disk