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  1. lowenz

    Drought [D4V // 3 maps // RC 2 10/6]

    The Third map is simply impressive!
  2. lowenz

    SMOOTH DOOM [UPDATE 9/25/19]

    Any chance to see in the future items and monsters sprites of Doom 64 along with the already "smoothed" weapons as a gameplay option (like the weapons)?
  3. So the simple solution is to switch to Vulkan? Perfect, you're the programmer :D Ah, maybe in the future release can you bring in the menus the framerate cap as an option? And thanks for your work and kindness! ;)
  4. Ah that's why in old OpenGL applications the gamma regulation in the application alters the Windows one too and sometimes exiting the application you find the desktop brightened-up? :D
  5. Tested only on 19.9.3 (just buyed the card, and RX 570 and I'm searching for its quirks as you can imagine :D Found plenty of them in OpenGL but surprising NOT in OpenGL 1.x!) Windows 10 (and 8/8.1) has no "real" fullscreen mode as seen in Windows 7, only: 1) borderless windowed fullscreen 2) fake fullscreen (GZDoom solution?) 3) an elusive "exclusive fullscreen" but I think it's fake nonetheless Maybe a true "borderless windowed fullscreen" (a window without the borders) can simply solve this issue, in fact in windowed mode all is good. But of course there's no Vertical Sync possible in that mode, only the FPS cap is possible and so the frame de-tearing process is on the Windows compositing engine, the DWM. Is it possible in OpenGL 3.x to implement the Borderless Window in Windows?
  6. No but that fluctuation is really interesting. It tells something about the VSync handling by the driver (and we talk about a "modern" OpenGL 3.3 context, not an old OpenGL 1.x quirk) but maybe about the implementation too by the GZDoom developers. And Windows 10 fullscreen is in the equation too, somehow (there are several "fullscreen mode" in Windows 10). And it's real interesting because enabling an overlay (in my case RTSS OSD, not tested the AMD native one bundled with the Catalyst).....it disappears. And I got perfect stable framerate as you can see. Kind of counter-intuitive behaviour.
  7. And to be precise, that behaviour is related to the Vertical Sync implementation used in fullscreen mode. The problem disappears disabling the VSync and capping the framerate to 62 (but doing so the tearing is of course still present).
  8. Well, but this behaviour is unique. Not the abysmal performance, that's common to other OpenGL engines + AMD, sadly :( But that strange fluctuation solved by an overlay....is kind of unique.
  9. No problem on GeForce GPUs. No problem on GeForce AND Radeon GPUs in Vulkan mode. The problem is related to how AMD's Radeon OpenGL driver handles fullscreen mode (on Windows 10, I can't test on Windows 7) and of course how fullscreen mode handling is implemented in GZDoom (all last versions are affected!) Take a look here, BEFORE activating the RTSS (Rivatuner Statistics Server) OSD you can see it very well.....somehow the OSD activation solves the issue! Frametime heavy fluctuation apart (=massive stuttering playing WITHOUT the OSD enabled).....the performance in fullscreen mode is sometime abysmal (in Quake Champions Doom Edition is totally evident). No problem in windowed mode, no frametime fluctuation nor abysmal performance...... it's all limited to the FULLSCREEN MODE! Pleas devs, fix it!
  10. lowenz

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5.8 [NEW!!]

    Some "Doom 2016" themed maps to play with this beauty? A list ?
  11. lowenz

    Doom Wadsnip Hi-Res v1.0

    Smooth Doom got an update ;)
  12. lowenz

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5.8 [NEW!!]

    So 2.1 incoming?
  13. lowenz

    Dehacked Doom 64 v1.1

    Yes :D
  14. lowenz

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5.8 [NEW!!]

    Thanks man, your work is simply BEAUTIFUL ! Really a lovely crafted masterpiece considering it can run on DOS!
  15. lowenz

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5.8 [NEW!!]

    Got some errors/warning with GZoom.....are they expected? (I load D4V.WAD only) Secondary Fire mode is off limits, right?