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  1. mewbusi

    Old town - my first map

    Just recently took a look at the map, decided to do it earlier than I promised. Video here. (I was unable to get my first playthough as I accidentally did not record it, so this one is much more practiced.) Let me just say, your lighting work is amazing with this map. However one thing that I noticed was a problem was some of the textures are oddly misaligned. Mostly noticeable with the key bars that do not have well aligned textures on them. I also feel the same about the impassible linedef by the church as @Simomarchi, placing a fence there could have better helped the map not seem weird in that instance. The secrets are kinda obtuse however and have no real signposting to them. I personally don't like such secrets but for some such a style is preferred. Ammo is also very tight until you get to the marble column place, which while not a huge hindrance is kinda annoying. You can see me with my prior experience being rather conservative with my ammo to prevent myself from running low during the beginning. Simply allowing me to access the shotgunners on the right at the start could help that problem. However the idea of a castle is well executed here and does a good job with the textures available. There are a couple of very nice tricks you decided to use here for that setting such as the campfire that I rather liked. Overall very nice map, kinda short. However for a first time the lighting work is great while the texture work needs a bit more effort put behind it.
  2. mewbusi

    Old town - my first map

    I'll see about playing this and giving a video of my play through tomorrow.
  3. mewbusi

    VILE- My first map

    Well, here is my playthough. Some notes, it seems as if one of the linedefs in the mancubus cage did not activate the first time through. I also had an occurrence where I was reteleported to the archvile hallway and was unable to get back via the teleport that took me back the first time. This took me an hour to beat, and while I enjoyed the experience it just kept on going when I expected it to finally give up. This map was so large that I would heavily suggest it being split up into two maps if I'm being honest. However for a first time map, this is massively impressive just due to size alone. However it seems as if the texture variation suffered due to the large size. Most rooms are just one texture, and while each room has a different texture for most everything it kinda makes these rooms a bit bland. The massive amounts of traps and ambushes kinda became expected after a bit and while during the first 30 minutes the map did surprise me with each trap after that it became commonplace to me. The two arenas that I did see provided a very unique experience and were nice and massive allowing me to move to my heart's content. I also never really had too much of an issue with ammo and health but never too much which is a hard balance to do. While this is near epic for a first map, if I have any suggestions it is to try something more compact and rich for your next map. That or aim for more detail on the rooms for the next map you make if it would still aim for the same size as this one. For lack of a better word each room just feels like another place to place monsters and that's really it, landmarks would be a great addition for better memorability. As it is each room kinda runs into each other. Still though, impressive for a first time map. However the size might have negatively impacted detail and most rooms feels rather samey.
  4. Alright so I took a look at this map and played it through. As first maps go it wasn't too bad and I was able to use GzDoom to run it without issue. Video bellow. The biggest problem with this map for me was the monster room before the walls opened up and tons of hitscan were revealed. Even playing this on ultraviolence the immense lack of health in this area lead to heavy save scumming and an general unenjoyable experience. However this lack of health and ammo might moreso be due to me only really dipping into the secrets after this which allowed for easy sailing from then on. The secrets that relied on low light levels were nice and I found them to be pretty cool. Also the trap with the two Archviles was rather inventive due to not only the use of and location where it occurred. However I feel like the weaponry and ammo provided without use of the secrets to find the SS was rather thin. Just a little bit more would have made this much less of a, "I can barely manage the ammo even with infighting" to something a bit more reasonable given the already rather difficult encounters. However for all I know however such ammo worries would have been remedied with a lower skill. The way the map opened up was also rather nice and I feel it lead to a great amount of connectivity to the map as a whole. However there is very little verticality in the level and I feel like the majority of this could have been made using the wolfenstein engine. There are many rules that John Romero credits for his Doom mapping but one of the big ones that was ignored here was this. The entire level feels very flat, only three spots having verticality to them. It is also rather tight and then much too open with little decoration. The one area being the exception to the rule being the ending portion of the map that feels large enough but not too big with some simple decoration. Also some areas felt like they should have been more bright given the ceiling textures. However other than that there is a good amount of skill being shown here teleport traps, usable doors, and inventive use of light levels showing good competency with the engine. The biggest thing that I would suggest to focus on for next map being putting effort into making it more vertical and following mentioned John's rules for mapping with Doom. And perhaps some more effort to detail wall textures as most are just one constant texture throughout even when there are options that would allow for near seamless integration.
  5. mewbusi

    interconnected mapping help

    Was legit planning on linking this before Boris did it. :I It does at least a good job of explaining what you are asking about for me, however due to my lack of experience with said topic the majority of what I'm going to say falls under offshoots of said thread. It perhaps might be helpful to hear the same thing just said differently? If you want to get better/started on interconnected mapping trying to map some death-match maps can help. Since you commonly want to design said maps with a more looping design to prevent players from being trapped in a corner said design philosophy should be able to better germinate in said environment. Secondly if you simply want to try making more interconnected maps as a method of practice, preplanning can help quite a bit or you can go with a more iterative design philosophy starting with a start and end goal then slowly adding more complexity as demonstrated by Boris here. Other than that the best way to get a start with interconnected maps is to make more interconnected maps. Perhaps aiming to make 3 interconnected simple maps then stitching them together might be a good exercise?
  6. Planning on taking a look at this Friday or Saturday and recording my play through along with my thoughts. It seems simple but likely fun.
  7. mewbusi

    Replacing starting pistol

    So I have two links that might help this: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=122&t=60985 for a thread already on the subject. and this https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/combos/ewpack for a weapon pack that does what you want to do. Other than that I'm afraid that I have little that I can help with just seeing the code. It might be a good idea to pack the wad that you are making so people can see the whole picture.
  8. It all depends what they actually mean by vampire. As the "mythos" is so convoluted that you can get anywhere from lethargic mosquitoes to superhuman demigods. The most Hollywood variety of Vampire is drinks blood, has an adversity to garlic, sunlight, and stakes through the heart, cannot be seen in reflections, and finally can transform into a bat. Dracula vampires however have a wide variety of shapeshifting powers, have to sleep in their own grave dirt, can't cross running water, and the adversity to religious symbolism to name a few. Its like asking a person whether or not they want a burrito, if you let me pick the contents the only thing holding such a definition together is the tortilla. Given that, if the most debilitating downside would be the problem with sunlight more to like being an albino, sure. If I burst into flames even on a cloudy day I would give it a hard pass.
  9. mewbusi

    My First Map (Don't Click)

    Probably, you should however be able to edit your post so just take some time and make sure it hits the bullet points that the first map posting asks for. I'll see about taking a look later today.
  10. Well, after playing through the wad 3ish times I think I have a pretty good handle on it. Here is the gameplay. The Negatives: The entire thing feels rather slapdash and clumsily made, missing textures, misaligned textures, and the doors side textures are not lower unpegged making them move along with the door. Could have used a little more love in those areas. One door appears to not be set to be repeatable, meaning that I got stuck on the last runthrough when it wouldn't open again when it closed and had to use noclip. While this is a personal opinion it feels rather easy and none of the difficulties remedy this. Just tons of ammo and health lying around. I always had way too much if I'm honest. Color coding the doors for their required keys would be nice. The Positives: I mean, I liked the midi of We Don't Need No Education. Custom music is pretty unexpected in a first time map. There are parts of this that show a little bit more attention to detail and are rather nice, the long window and sewer like area are pretty cool. The monster encounters feel good, the Hellknight behind the boxes was a nice touch. All the encounters kinda flowed and the environment did add to them. Probably the best part of the wad tbh. The Neutrals: It might be a good idea to add secrets as at least one would provide a little bit of intrigue. Putting a cyberdemon at the bottom of a huge pit feels really weird. If you slowed down the ending door players would be pushed more to deal with the Mancubuses, as they are now I can just breeze past them.
  11. What did you test this map on, what doom engines run this map? Do you not want people to jump, use freelook, etc? Essentially Otherwise just from the screenshots it does look like you didn't provide the right size of doors for the textures used. It also looks like you have some texture misalignment. It might help to take a look at Chubzdoomer's map editing tutorials for a greater understanding of the engine. I'll see about playing this later today however so I can give some more informed opinions about the map in question and hopefully a video playthrough.
  12. That I am. I'm actually using GZDoom Builder for my mapping purposes. I'll look into using that flag later today. It is a shame that you cannot have multiple middle textures unless offset however.
  13. I've recently gotten into doom mapping and I was hoping that I could have some guidance on a small idea that I want to implement. I want to make a balcony area with a railing of sorts. However to my knowledge while you can control the vertical position of transparent textures if I made an impassable line for said balcony bellow it on the ground it would extend all the way to the skybox. Is there any way to make an impassable line for only the area above the balcony and not bellow? Even better question, is if there is any way to have a 2 sided line that originates from a 3D floor? The only idea I have how to do something like this is using a thin nontextured 3D wall the same height of the texture for the railing. Or rather using a 3D objects to make a 3D railing rather than a transparent texture. The downside being to my knowledge that bullets would be unable to pass through the railing if using 3D objects. Attached picture for what I mean by railing.