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  1. R9 290 here and no issues, wouldn't blame AMD at this point. Check the power options on your laptop and see that when it's plugged in all options are set to maximum performance - make sure its not throttling your PCIe bus or something.
  2. DEU 5.21's tutor.doc, I still remember the epiphany I had when I figured out how to swap sidedefs to fix unclosed sectors - like I finally understood what a sector was ;) Moved to Wadauthor when working with Doom Legacy in the early 2000s. Doom Builder is so easy by comparison! Almost too easy... I think was more imaginative when I couldn't iterate so quickly.
  3. No problem, I love this port and I'd like to complete a mapset myself, so it's handy to figure these things out. Looking forward to what you can do with it.
  4. Figured it out... The BLAM compiler is reacting badly to any definition in common.txt which has a number in its name:#define Door_CloseWait30Open(tag) 16:tag #define Floor_Raise24(tag) 58:tag #define Floor_Raise24Change(tag) 59:tag #define Floor_RaiseToNearest2(tag) 119:tag #define Stairs_Build16Fast(tag) 100:tag #define Ceiling_RaiseCrush2(tag) 44:tag #define Plat_DownWaitUp24(tag) 66:tag #define Plat_DownWaitUp32(tag) 67:tag As a workaround, use the corresponding number of the action. In your case, simply putting 16 will work instead of Door_CloseWait30Open. #include "common.txt" macro 1 { 16:2; Thing_Spawn(3); } I'll post a bug report for Kaiser/DotFloat...
  5. Sounds to me like it's not including common.txt, does it actually exist at your #setdir path?
  6. Here's mine:#setdir "D:\Games\Doom\Doom64\Builder64\Compilers\Doom64" #include "common.txt" macro 1 { Floor_LowerToLowest(4); Floor_LowerToLowest(6); Sector_CopyLightsAndInterpolate(4, 3); Sector_CopyLightsAndInterpolate(7, 3); } Not that your error points to this, but try specifying your compiler directory.
  7. Weird, I didn't know you could use two skies in one map - I tried once and got the same effect you mentioned. Maybe the ability to use two skies is the bug and further mapping caused it to correct itself? I dunno.
  8. Rushed home from work on my lunch break to play... great level.
  9. Marnetmar: Great E4 vibes there!
  10. I *hope* this support SnapMap so players can create and share their own user-generated content!
  11. That looks great!
  12. Looks great! ZIMMER8 is a sorely underused texture.
  13. It's not what you think: IMO Stronghold 1/Crusader was the best. And the voxel-based terrain was awesome for mapping - not that I ever took it anywhere.
  14. Yes... a cunnilinguortalist.
  15. That looks great! I would create a custom metal strip for the crossbars rather than use that ugly brown step texture though. Imgur will let you link to individual pictures, play around with it and you'll see how.