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  1. iori

    Patch The Doom 64 Re-releases

    Why don't you post your mapinfo, would make it easier to diagnose.
  2. iori

    Patch The Doom 64 Re-releases

    It looks to me like the weapon sprite aspect ratio has been changed (fixed?) to make them wider, that's all. As as side-note I always loved how chunky doom looked in the 8:5 (320x200, 640x400) ratio.
  3. iori

    Post your Doom 64 picture

    I have not had a problem with it in the last few years of using it and Doom Builder by default keeps backups as well. I don't think anyone reported a problem in the Community Project thread either, so far it looks like there's Goatlord's blockmap limit issue for large maps and that's it. Without looking at the corrupted wad there's no way to tell what went wrong and where.
  4. iori

    Post your Doom 64 picture

    I had that poster on my wall when I was 13, I forget which mag it came from.
  5. iori

    Post your Doom 64 picture

    Starting area for a level I was working on for the D64 Community Chest which ran over schedule and missed the deadline. I have a few other tech levels in various stages of completion - guess I am making a mapset now!
  6. Your top image is from an emulator, which is why the HUD and weapon pics look like shit. Doom64 didn't filter HUD or weapon graphics, only textures and sprites were fed through the N64s 3-point filter. N64 anti aliasing appears to have still been applied to the scene pre-HUD if you scrutinize captured footage and look at the sprites (from Framemeister/other RGB N64 mods, thanks to @FirebrandX). @Kaiser was working on a 3-point filter and a fix for sprites clipping into floors/walls which looks amazing. Just need a way to turn off HUD and Weapon filtering and we would be as close to n64 as possible with EX. Fingers crossed... As for conversions to other ports, their goals are drastically different which makes recreation projects for them much more difficult and diminishes the returns.
  7. Oh boy... @simpleton Likely your choice of directory is write-protected and Windows is trying to save you from yourself. Try running WadGen.exe as Administrator which should give it the access to create the file, or just allow Everyone write access to that location. Failing that 'redump your rom' (find another one).
  8. iori

    Community Chest 64

    I'm still working on mine, just taking forever.
  9. iori

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    Woah, awesome! Newcat3 became Altar of Pain not Unholy Temple, but easy to see how it was confused as both have a similar layout.
  10. iori

    Blood vs Shadow Warrior

    Play both, they deserve your attention. I can't say one is better than the other but both are better than Duke3d IMO.
  11. Whoa, back to 1997! The only gripe I have so far is the intermediate exit door closing and not being able to go back and explore the level. I am on map07 and just fell into an 'inviso-pit' of monsters as I was fighting the arch vile by the red key. I am playing on HMP and like the balance especially the armour quantity. And those fire cacos are great at melting your HP -- scary. Used Eternity -complevel 3
  12. iori

    Stimpack or Health Bonus

    I've been <10% before and begging for a stimpack. Arguably Doom is at its tense best when you are doing a no quicksave run and you make it to that one solitary stimpack you knew you left for just that purpose.
  13. iori

    Stimpack or Health Bonus

    Grab the bonuses to hit 100%, then come back for the extra 10% if you need it later