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  1. I have not had a problem with it in the last few years of using it and Doom Builder by default keeps backups as well. I don't think anyone reported a problem in the Community Project thread either, so far it looks like there's Goatlord's blockmap limit issue for large maps and that's it.


    Without looking at the corrupted wad there's no way to tell what went wrong and where.

  2. Your top image is from an emulator, which is why the HUD and weapon pics look like shit.

    Doom64 didn't filter HUD or weapon graphics, only textures and sprites were fed through the N64s 3-point filter. N64 anti aliasing appears to have still been applied to the scene pre-HUD if you scrutinize captured footage and look at the sprites (from Framemeister/other RGB N64 mods, thanks to @FirebrandX).



    @Kaiser was working on a 3-point filter and a fix for sprites clipping into floors/walls which looks amazing. Just need a way to turn off HUD and Weapon filtering and we would be as close to n64 as possible with EX. Fingers crossed...


    As for conversions to other ports, their goals are drastically different which makes recreation projects for them much more difficult and diminishes the returns.


  3. 2 hours ago, 4everDoomed said:


    Why don't you try Doom 64 Retribution then? It's a very well done project and makes the n64 version almost redundant. 


    Oh boy...



    Likely your choice of directory is write-protected and Windows is trying to save you from yourself. Try running WadGen.exe as Administrator which should give it the access to create the file, or just allow Everyone write access to that location. Failing that 'redump your rom' (find another one).

  4. Whoa, back to 1997!

    The only gripe I have so far is the intermediate exit door closing and not being able to go back and explore the level. I am on map07 and just fell into an 'inviso-pit' of monsters as I was fighting the arch vile by the red key.


    I am playing on HMP and like the balance especially the armour quantity. And those fire cacos are great at melting your HP -- scary.


    Used Eternity -complevel 3

  5. 1 hour ago, Doomkid said:

    I think calling it “sadness” may be a bit of an exaggeration because I wouldn’t describe it as sadness but as a mix of fatigue and frustration, for me at least.


    I think there’s a lot of merit to being your own harshest critic, you’ll definitely make better stuff that way, but sometimes being too critical can stifle your progress and that’s when it’s time to say fuck it and just make what you like. I also agree that mapping for praise is contemptible, it’s the ass backward approach. 


    Generally that's the time to take a break and come back to it later. Sometimes weeks to months.


    37 minutes ago, Sparktimus said:

    While I agree that mapping solely for approval from others is probably not the best approach, I don't think not giving a shit about what anyone says about it is the best approach either. Mappers will always get better if they receive actual constructive criticism from their peers and are receptive enough to it. Of course, there's a difference between actually good feedback and calling someone's map a "steaming pile", but that much should be obvious. I'm definitely my harshest critic, but that can often be to a fault since it's very easy to discourage yourself and get caught up in only the negatives. Holding yourself to that kind of standard I think is only going to make you think that you'll never be good enough; that is, if you're actually not an arrogant blowhard and think that every single thing you make is gold and should be worshiped, but I think most people around here are actually more humble and helpful than that ;p


    Yeah, man. It's almost like being a contemptuous dicksnot to people is looked down upon or something.


    My post was mostly tongue in cheek, but there is value to being told to pull up one's trousers and get back to it. Not giving a shit when appropriate. Many maps are subjectively steaming piles, not that I'd ever review them as such. We have others to do that for us ;).


    I've released at least one steaming pile under an old alias, and still have several from over a decade ago that I sit on, probably for historical reasons. I remain grossly dissatisfied by many of my releases, but never to my own psychological detriment.


    Trust yourself more than anyone else. You already know what is right and wrong when you play other's maps, apply that 'review' to your own as well.


    In my early days I used to look at the /newstuff reviews and be in awe of the Wad of the Week screenshot, but I would never feel like having a 'cry' over them. I would definitely wonder how to create such a thing, how ponder how to get there from where I was, but never be discouraged by someone else's good work.


    Maybe an overall lack of confidence from people comes from overall inexperience coupled with Too Much Internet, maybe some nature vs. nurture swinging to the latter, who knows?


  6. LOL @ this emotional support thread! Guys c'mon...


    Bad /idgames reviews are great! Usually the person is jealous, has a personal gripe, decided to be a trollolol that day, or is mentally diseased (lots of them about)! Laugh at them, hohoho!


    If you can't take the peasants jeering at you and throwing rotten vegetables you might as well keep to yourself whatever steaming pile you were planning to subject us all to.

    The safest way to not be let down is to have extraordinarily high standards so that you know all of the possible criticisms before they appear. Be your own harshest critic - I am and will always be. Mapping for praise is contemptible, praise will come when you release something of quality that you yourself recognize to be different and striking and ingenious. I get more dopamine from recognizing various successes in vitro than I do from anyone rating my stuff post release. Those come after the fact and are nice but they mostly confirm what I already know, both positive and negative.


    Back in the good(?) old days trolling was the norm and millennial fefe's were crushed hourly... and it was worse on IRC. ;)


    ...Where's Darknation? He would set you all straight.

  7. Half true. Those standards needed to be posted up front.



    1). Project Leader who's never led a project before

    2). Lots of new mappers who for some reason decide to make their first map for Doom64EX ;)

    3). Project has a lack of mappers vs mapslots available

    4). Look at other community projects for realistic development times vs. this one.


    So far the rules have been arbitrary and that's fine, but expectations will then have to be managed.

  8. 3 hours ago, GoatLord said:

     On a related note, I've had so much fun with this engine/editor, I think I might make a tutorial series for Doom Builder 64. The one video on implementing switches is convoluted, too long and super awkward. There really isn't a much coverage on this and I can make concise, clear videos on instructional info.

    That's the point of this project! EX is such an overlooked port and it deserves to have more love.

  9. My map, about 60% complete. I am working way faster than usual, ignoring texturing, most details, etc. My main goal is getting the mapflow finished so I have some basic macros in place to make things functional. I also have rough ideas in my head for the fights but I am refraining from placing monsters until I get the structure done.


    The big squares are undefined areas that I need to turn into something, and they the final barriers to finishing the flow before I can move on to the fun stuff - texturing, lighting, iterating fights, etc., so expect more nice screenshots when I reach that point.



  10. Awesome title screen but the subtitle is a little silly IMO.


    Why not just Doom64 EX Community Project?

    Let's not make a 'cool edgy' name for something which may very well end up being all over the map in terms of style, theme, quality, etc. It's a collection of maps with no cohesive theme, is it not?


    I think the overall goal of the project should be to bring awareness to Doom64 EX as a sourceport and its capabilities, and there's nothing better than a community project to whip up enthusiasm for the subject.