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  1. I get home from work the other day, and smack my keyboard with my hand as per usual, waking my computer up from its 8 hour nap. I toss my keys on the desk and my vid card fan goes to 100%, my display doesn't initialize and in a panic I flick the power off on my PSU. Shit.

    Turns out my voltage regulators are fucked and my computer won't post unless I squeeze the rear of the card (where the VRMs are) against the main heatsink, bending the pcb. In GPU-Z my VDDC Phases are off, sometimes showing #1 and #3 as working fine, with #2 conspicuously absent of any reading. Sometimes #2 is working but the others are gone. When I bend the card toward the heatsink all 3 show up as normal...

    Freakin' weird, man. So I got a Sapphire 6870 on the way, should materialize tuesday.

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    2. Hellbent


      Planky said:

      The planets must have misaligned on you

      mercury is no longer retrograde, tho.

    3. iori


      Planky said:

      The planets must have misaligned on you

      Planky, get your head out of the aether: Astrology isn't real and neither are you.

      It's a Radeon 4870, Exl.
      I don't know a thing about reflow soldering, but it might be a cool project after I get my new card.

      Hellbent said:

      mercury is no longer retrograde, tho.


    4. iori


      Cool! Here's a guide for reflowing a laptop gpu using a heatgun:

      And here's one for oven baking a 'dead' 8800GTX

      Gonna try this once I get the new card up and running :D