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  1. I get home from work the other day, and smack my keyboard with my hand as per usual, waking my computer up from its 8 hour nap. I toss my keys on the desk and my vid card fan goes to 100%, my display doesn't initialize and in a panic I flick the power off on my PSU. Shit.

    Turns out my voltage regulators are fucked and my computer won't post unless I squeeze the rear of the card (where the VRMs are) against the main heatsink, bending the pcb. In GPU-Z my VDDC Phases are off, sometimes showing #1 and #3 as working fine, with #2 conspicuously absent of any reading. Sometimes #2 is working but the others are gone. When I bend the card toward the heatsink all 3 show up as normal...

    Freakin' weird, man. So I got a Sapphire 6870 on the way, should materialize tuesday.

    1. exl


      What kind of card was the one that died, for curiosities sake?

    2. Bloodshedder


      Perhaps it could be solved by reflowing the solder, using a heat gun or maybe a toaster oven?

    3. Planky


      The planets must have misaligned on you

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