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  1. This is an example of the defensive stupidity you can have with what might be the typical linux user...or just these two psychos.

    DISCLAIMER: I (iori) am just making up random shit here. These guys are feeding off of it.

    17:15] * Acid1x has joined #Legacy
    [17:15] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Acid1x
    [17:16] <iori_> tox, when you submit a wad to WIP, is it always in RED for the owner of the wad, or just when its in the approving process>
    [17:18] <toxicfluff> Just for the approving process.
    [17:18] <toxicfluff> It took 2 days for my wad to get up there.
    [17:18] <toxicfluff> But I did submit it on a friday or something.
    [17:18] <toxicfluff> Hello, windows lover.
    [17:19] * Acid1x gives tox the finger
    [17:19] <toxicfluff> hehe
    [17:20] <iori_> hehe
    [17:20] <iori_> I love windows
    [17:20] <toxicfluff> I don't have time to make a fool out of you today, I'm afraid.
    [17:20] <iori_> Especially windowsME, its almost FUN to use!
    [17:20] <toxicfluff> haha
    [17:20] <toxicfluff> ME blows.
    [17:20] <Acid1x> make a fool of me?
    [17:20] <toxicfluff> I thought you were on 2k now?
    [17:20] <iori_> I like the random crashes, it keeps you on edge!
    [17:20] <iori_> I am on 2k
    [17:21] <Acid1x> I'd say XP now sucks more then ME
    [17:21] <iori_> And I just love it when windowsME decides ive spent too much time on the computer, and shuts down! YAY!
    [17:21] <iori_> Now I wonder if it can cook...
    [17:21] <iori_> XP is marginally better than ME
    [17:21] <iori_> 2k and 98 rule them all though
    [17:22] <iori_> And Linux is just MacOS with a fancy name
    [17:22] <Acid1x> Fedora Core 2 owns all of them
    [17:22] <Acid1x> what?
    [17:22] <iori_> look at me, I habe a mac on the PC
    [17:22] <iori_> have*
    [17:22] -toxicfluff- You go, me buddy :P
    [17:22] <Acid1x> Linux is completely diff from mac
    [17:22] <iori_> Nope
    [17:22] <iori_> theyre the same
    [17:22] <iori_> Like carrots and turnips
    [17:22] <Acid1x> it wasnt until MacOS 10 that mac started to use Linux technology
    [17:24] <iori_> No, I read in my MAC ATTACK magazine that Linux was just a cheap rip off. And franky, I believe them. They sure know their stuff
    [17:24] <Acid1x> no it isnt
    [17:24] <iori_> Yes, it is
    [17:24] <Acid1x> mac and Linux have two completely different goals
    [17:24] <Acid1x> Mac is a desktop OS
    [17:24] <Acid1x> Linux is for server and programming professionals
    [17:24] <iori_> Macs have the power of a small nuke in every tower, so says 'mac attack'
    [17:24] <Acid1x> they cant be different
    [17:25] -toxicfluff- MAC ATTACK ahahaah, you rule.
    [17:25] <Acid1x> G5s are overrated
    [17:25] <Acid1x> the Athlon 64 FX-53 is just if not more powerful
    [17:25] <toxicfluff> Programming professionals.
    [17:25] <toxicfluff> pah
    [17:25] <iori_> Well macs treat their users like royalty, and come bundled with AOL! Sweet Deal!
    [17:25] <iori_> I love the 24 hour tech support
    [17:25] <iori_> because when I didnt know how to print my essay, Tech Support was there!
    [17:25] <iori_> I love them to bits
    [17:26] <iori_> Seriously, If it wasnt for AOL, the internet would be a mystery to EVERYONE
    [17:26] <iori_> AOL opened the doors, and made all things possible. Theyre almost like God!
    [17:27] -> -toxicfluff- I think hes tired of it.
    [17:27] -> -toxicfluff- Too bad, I was having fun
    [17:27]* crazyman has joined #legacy
    [17:27] <crazyman> hey mofos
    [17:27] <iori_> and who art thou?
    [17:27] <Acid1x> mac is not a rip off of Linux
    [17:27] <Acid1x> period
    [17:27] <iori_> Yes it is!
    [17:28] <Acid1x> err other way around
    [17:28] <toxicfluff> Exactly
    [17:28] <toxicfluff> It isn't a rip off.
    [17:28] <toxicfluff> Freudian slip.
    [17:28] <iori_> Macs came before linux
    [17:28] <Acid1x> Linux and Mac are two different OS with two different goals
    [17:28] <Acid1x> Linux came out before windows
    [17:28] <iori_> Quicktime, AOL, macs have it all
    [17:28] <Acid1x> so did DOS 5.0
    [17:28] <crazyman> wow whats the argument in here
    [17:28] <Acid1x> they are ripped off of Linux too then?
    [17:28] <iori_> Dos 5..is that like windows 2 or something>
    [17:29] <Acid1x> well these idiots think Linux ripped mac off
    [17:29] -toxicfluff- Honestly, he is proof against his own arguments.
    [17:29] <crazyman> lol dos 5
    [17:29] <Acid1x> no its not
    [17:29] <crazyman> lol your dumb iori
    [17:29] <Acid1x> lol
    [17:29] <iori_> ..IM NOT DUMB
    [17:29] <crazyman> LOL
    [17:29] <crazyman> this is funny guys
    [17:29] <Acid1x> Windows and DOS are two different OSs
    [17:29] -toxicfluff- I mean, that there is no dumb linux users. Heh, programming professionals and server stuff.
    [17:29] <crazyman> yea
    [17:29] <iori_> No theyre not
    [17:29] <crazyman> completley different
    [17:29] <Acid1x> and Windows didn become an OS until like 2000
    [17:29] -toxicfluff- He's too dumb to even realise he's being led on for the SECOND time.]
    [17:29] <Acid1x> because it ran out of dos
    [17:29] <iori_> and MacOS is better than linux, and linux 3 as well
    [17:29] <crazyman> wtf
    [17:30] <crazyman> linux 3?!
    [17:30] <iori_> My friend has linux 3
    [17:30] <crazyman> you have no fucking clue what your takling about
    [17:30] <iori_> he said so
    [17:30] <Acid1x> I can feel the stupidity
    [17:30] <crazyman> dude do yourself a favor and stfu
    [17:30] <Acid1x> Linux 3 doesnt exist yet
    [17:30] <iori_> My friend works in a library. HE KNOWS THIS STUFF
    [17:30] <crazyman> nothing is better then gentoo (linux)
    [17:30] <iori_> lozers
    [17:30] -toxicfluff- When should we blow them out?
    [17:30] <crazyman> LIBRARY
    [17:30] <crazyman> OMFG
    [17:30] <crazyman> where they use winblows
    [17:30] -> -toxicfluff- im having too much fun
    [17:30] <crazyman> winblows Xetra Penis addition
    [17:31] -toxicfluff- Ok, keep going heh. But tell me when you're ready to tell them what dumb cunts they are, so I can join in.
    [17:31] -toxicfluff- MAC ATTACK!
    [17:31] <crazyman> yea...you have no clue what your fucking talking about iori
    [17:31] <crazyman> or your friend for that matter
    [17:31] <toxicfluff> MAC ATTACK
    [17:31] <iori_> Hey, My dad knows bill gates ex-secretary! I can gat bill gates to shut off linux forever!!
    [17:31] <Acid1x> Linux is only at 2.6
    [17:31] <Acid1x> yeah right
    [17:31] <Acid1x> Linux isnt a company
    [17:31] <crazyman> oh yea....shut off linux
    [17:31] <Acid1x> its a community
    [17:31] <iori_> yes it is stupid
    [17:31] <Acid1x> so if u want to shut it off
    [17:31] <iori_> Linux is a company
    [17:32] <crazyman> linux does not make proffit , no money involved
    [17:32] <Acid1x> you'd ahve to assassinate around 30 million people
    [17:32] <Acid1x> no its not
    [17:32] <crazyman> linux is not a company
    [17:32] <crazyman> they dont make MONEY
    [17:32] <iori_> Yes it is, Linux Inc.
    [17:32] <crazyman> they dont do shit
    [17:32] <Acid1x> there is no Linux Inc
    [17:32] <crazyman> its a community of developers
    [17:32] <crazyman> omg
    [17:32] <crazyman> this is great you dubm fuck
    [17:32] <iori_> Linux community, Inc
    [17:32] <Acid1x> no
    [17:32] <crazyman> its not a company
    [17:32] <crazyman> go to the websites
    [17:32] <Acid1x> there is no Linux *** Inc anything
    [17:33] <Acid1x> linux.org
    [17:33] <crazyman> there is no corporation or .inc
    [17:33] <crazyman> or other shit
    [17:33] <crazyman> linux has no money
    [17:33] <crazyman> no income
    [17:33] <crazyman> nothing
    [17:33] <iori_> And all those workers in their little cubicles do is steal ideas from DoS and Macos
    [17:33] <crazyman> they dont charge
    [17:33] <crazyman> linux is free
    [17:33] <crazyman> oh yea
    [17:33] <crazyman> DOS WAS SHIT
    [17:33] <Acid1x> bull shit
    [17:33] <crazyman> if linux was run off of dos
    [17:33] <iori_> Are you guys stupid?
    [17:33] <Acid1x> DOS was a rip off of Unix
    [17:33] <crazyman> then i wouldnt be using it
    [17:33] -toxicfluff- I bet crazyman is just an anonymous friend acid1x brought in
    [17:33] <crazyman> dos was complete shit you moron
    [17:34] <Acid1x> its only ability was executing programs
    [17:34] <Demis> I think windows rules.
    [17:34] <Acid1x> and if you know anything about OSs thats pretty weak
    [17:34] <Demis> linux is just for dumbasses and retards
    [17:34] <iori_> Anyways, my aunt had windows3.1 on her computer, and she had AOL. It ran perfectly. She even ordered flowers for her husband ONLINE! BEAT THAT LINUX, INC!
    [17:34] <crazyman> no
    [17:34] <crazyman> linux is for hackers and other SMART people who like choices
    [17:34] -toxicfluff- You are killing me. Stop.
    [17:34] <crazyman> windows is for people who like to be taken advantage of
    [17:34] -toxicfluff- hehe
    [17:34] <crazyman> and dont like to make choices
    [17:35] <Demis> yeah, which is why your mother uses windows
    [17:35] <Demis> she just loves to be taken advantage of
    [17:35] <crazyman> my moms a dumb fuck
    [17:35] <Demis> that's how you were born
    [17:35] <iori_> FUCKER!, My sister was taken advantage of!
    [17:35] <iori_> So dont joke about that with me
    [17:35] <Acid1x> it might have been me
    [17:35] <iori_> EVER
    [17:35] <crazyman> your sister was fucked in the ass by me
    [17:35] <iori_> My dad could whip your dad
    [17:35] -toxicfluff- You are kidding, right?
    [17:35] <crazyman> i fucked her
    [17:35] -> -toxicfluff- of course
    [17:35] <crazyman> just like windows is fucking you now
    [17:35] <iori_> ...
    [17:35] <iori_> Seriously, NOT COOL
    [17:36] <crazyman> dude then stfu
    [17:36] -toxicfluff- heh, thank god for the whisper
    [17:36] <crazyman> you have no clue what your talking about
    [17:36] <iori_> God, I pray to you. Stop these people from hurting my poor sisters memory
    [17:36] <crazyman> your fucking praying?
    [17:36] <iori_> ..yes
    [17:36] <iori_> so what
    [17:36] <crazyman> wth...am i in a cirus?
    [17:36] <Demis> Linux users are like the amalgamation of all the down's syndrome chromosomes in the world.
    [17:37] <iori_> God will protect me forever
    [17:37] <crazyman> lol
    [17:37] <Demis> big foreheads, and no brains
    [17:37] <crazyman> demis, your dumb
    [17:37] <iori_> God is on Windows side
    [17:37] <crazyman> your in the matrix
    [17:37] <crazyman> linux users are out of the matrix
    [17:37] <Acid1x> thats why windows sales are down?
    [17:37] <iori_> Linux was made by the evil iraqis
    [17:37] <Acid1x> and Linux piracy as at all time highs?
    [17:37] <Demis> Linux users are terrorists.
    [17:37] <Acid1x> erer Windows piracy
    [17:37] <iori_> I bet theyre all teaching you to strap bombs to your chests and pray to allah
    [17:38] <crazyman> no...there teaching me how to fuck your sis in the asshole
    [17:38] <Acid1x> if God protected Windows it wouldnt crash all the time and be plagued with virus' and worms
    [17:38] <toxicfluff> Goddamn you two fuckers are stupid.
    [17:38] <iori_> God.. Please forgive these poor, deluded people. They just dont know what's right :/
    [17:38] <crazyman> LOL
    [17:38] <crazyman> omg
    [17:38] <crazyman> this is great acid
    [17:38] <toxicfluff> Windows is the most popular OS in the world for a reason.
    [17:38] <iori_> I hope all the best for your soul
    [17:39] -toxicfluff- this is great iori
    [17:39] <toxicfluff> this is great iori
    [17:39] <crazyman> windows is the most popular OS in the world yes
    [17:39] <toxicfluff> LOL
    [17:39] <toxicfluff> omg
    [17:39] <crazyman> you wanna know why?
    [17:39] <iori_> ...
    [17:39] <toxicfluff> Because it's the best.
    [17:39] <iori_> great?
    [17:39] <crazyman> because you dont have to learn shit
    [17:39] <Acid1x> God has blessed me with Linux, thats all I need
    [17:39] <iori_> I know
    [17:39] <iori_> Im doing a good thing
    [17:39] <iori_> and these people cant see that
    [17:39] <iori_> Im trying to help people
    [17:39] <crazyman> your not doing shit
    [17:39] <iori_> and make them go to heavan
    [17:39] <toxicfluff> I know Iori.
    [17:39] <crazyman> you FUCKERS ARE DUMB
    [17:39] <toxicfluff> You are just trying to make them see the light.
    [17:40] <toxicfluff> And become better people.
    [17:40] * iori_ sings a hymn to help the passage of Acid1x and crazyman's souls...
    [17:40] <crazyman> dude, i have winblows on one computer
    [17:40] <toxicfluff> These vales of santa need guidance
    [17:40] <crazyman> and i have linux on another
    [17:40] <iori_> i wish you all the best....
    [17:40] <crazyman> i have both
    [17:40] <crazyman> ive seen both
    [17:40] <crazyman> you havent
    [17:40] <crazyman> your dumb
    [17:40] <crazyman> your ignorant
    [17:40] <toxicfluff> You take it in both holes too, I bet.
    [17:40] <crazyman> your assholes
    [17:40] <crazyman> your fucking stupid
    [17:40] <iori_> ...assholes? ME
    [17:40] <toxicfluff> your asshole
    [17:40] <crazyman> no you are you dumb shit
    [17:40] <crazyman> i hate god
    [17:41] <crazyman> so fuck you
    [17:41] <iori_> Do you want to burn in the fiery pits of hell!?!
    [17:41] <iori_> I DONT THINK SO
    [17:41] <crazyman> yea
    [17:41] <toxicfluff> He hates you too. That's why he cursed you with linux.
    [17:41] <crazyman> actually i do
    [17:41] * Acid1x has left #Legacy ("Leaving")
    [17:41] * crazyman has left #legacy

    Albeit sad, that has to be one of my more humourous IRC chats.
    Its kinda cool that in 20 minutes 2 people can get so religeously defensive about an OS. WTF is this world coming to.

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    2. Frades


      iori said:

      ...or just recognized your posting 'style' (whatever that may be).

      It's not too difficult to realise who's posting when the first topic created by a new member is about NIN's new album.

    3. DooMBoy


      Chat logs are kickass

      I reccomend that everyone should read them

    4. Ichor


      You were banned right after you made that farewell thread, probably as a result of your mentioning that your home PC's IP was banned, almost like some kind of automated response.